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   Chapter 4 Four

Her Obsession By Lillith M Kennedy Characters: 7081

Updated: 2021-04-10 19:19

Dakota POVI awake the following day, but Tonya is not in bed with me. I have to get to work by six, or my ass will be in some serious trouble. I check the clock, and it is 515. I have just enough time to get back to my room and get ready for work.I put on my clothes and go out of her bedroom. She has cooked me breakfast to go. “I was about to wake you,” Tonya says.“I need to get to work,” I say to her. She hands me my breakfast and kisses me on the cheek. I go out the door but stop. I peer through the door at her sexy ass in the kitchen. “Hey, can I see you again?” I ask her.“You know where I am,” Tonya says to me. I smile at her and run out the door. I run as fast as I can back to the resort. Fuck I cannot be late. I run all the way to my room. I go in the door, and George is up getting ready.“Didn’t see you at the bar last night,” George says.“No, I wasn’t at the bar long,” I say to him.“Well, you were somewhere,” George says jokingly.I slip into my uniform and then sit down to eat my breakfast Tonya made me.“Hmm, What is that?” George asks.“Food,” I snap back at him.“You must have done something right to get breakfast in the morning,” George teases me. I roll my eyes at him and continue eating. When I finish, I get my shoes and slip them on. I run out of the room and make it to the time clock at precisely 6 a.m.All of the guys are staring at me as we get our assignments for the day. I take my assignment and go to the pool area. I hate working the pool, but at least we rotate it out. All day, I will be passing out towels and listening to people scream at their kids. When it is over, I can get back to her. I am aching for her. I spend my day trying not to think about her sexy body and her huge tits. I have always been obsessed with tits. She let me suckle her as long as I wanted. I want to just hold her tit in my mouth while I fuck her pussy. I have to stop thinking about her while I am at work. I cannot have a hard cock while I am standing by the pool, passing out towels. I have never been this happy to see the next shift coming to relieve me. I want to go back to her. I want to dive into her and stay there forever. I need to touch her. What the fuck is wrong with me?Cory comes up to relieve me. “Hey man, how was your day?” Cory asks.“Everything is gravy, same shit as usual over her. I got to go,” I say to him. I hurry up to get to the time clock and clock out. When I get to the clock, the guys are waiting on me. “You are going to the beach with us?’ One of the guys asks me.“No, I have somewhere I need to be,” I say to him.“I bet you do,” George says jokingly.I brush it off and head up to my room to shower and change. I did not even get her number last night. I rush into my room and take off my clothes and put my dirty clothes in the hamper. I jump into the shower quickly. I cannot stop thinking about how she felt. She was so patient with me. She showed me exactly what she wanted and gave me precisely what I needed. I get out of the shower and towel off. I quickly brush my hair back. Fuck I need to trim my beard. I will do it tomorrow. Fuck I need to hurry.I put on my jeans and a button-up short sleeve shirt. I hurry into my shoes and race out the door. The guys have already changed and are headed to play volleyball. When I get out of the resort and back to the beach, I see her in her usual spot lying in the sun. She is so sexy in that tiny bikini. Her tits fill the top, and I want to pull it off her and suckle each of them.I stroll over to her. Wh

en I get to her, she looks surprised to see me. “I came out here to watch you play volleyball, but your sexy ass disappointed me,” Tonya says.“I thought I would skip volleyball today,” I say to her.“Oh, you got something else you would rather play besides volleyball,” Tonya asks me. “Actually, I have been thinking about you all fucking day,” I say to her.“Strange, I have been thinking about you all fucking day too,” Tonya says.“Really, what were you thinking about?” I ask her.“I was thinking about how much I would like for you to be buried inside of me again,” Tonya says.“I can help you with that,” I say to her.“I bet you can, but first, why don’t you let me cook you dinner,” Tonya suggests.“You want to cook me dinner?” I ask her.“Yes, I am going to feed you, then I am going to fuck your brains out,” Tonya says.“I have no problem with that at all,” I say to her.“Then help me get my things, and let’s go back to my house,” Tonya says.I help her gather her blanket and beach bag. I follow her back to her house. We go into her beach house. “Do you want me to fix you a drink?” Tonya asks me.“I can do it,” I say to her. She puts her blanket in the wash and sets her beach bag on top of the table. She removes her top and puts it into the wash. I am immediately on her tits. “I want them so bad,” I say to her.“You want to slide your cock in between my tits and cum on me,” Tonya asks.“Yes, please,” I say to her. Tonya goes to her knees. She unzips my pants and frees my cock. She begins sucking me, allowing my cock to slide deep into her throat. She pushes her tits together for me and lets my cock slide out of her mouth and in between her tits. Her tits feel amazing wrapped around my cock. I slide in and out of her tits as she holds them tight together. “I want you to cum all over my tits,” Tonya says.I slide in and out faster until I begin to cum. She rubs my hot cum all over her tits and then sucks me off to make sure I am finished. I help her to her feet. My cum glistens all over her tits. “That was hot,” I say to her.“Anytime you want that, just ask. Don’t be shy,” Tonya says.She leaves to go clean up, and I go to the patio bar to make us a drink. I make the drinks and bring both into the kitchen. I put ice in our drinks while I wait for her. She comes back now naked to cook dinner for us. She puts on an apron. She begins cooking in nothing but a white apron. She is so fucking hot!I come up behind her and put my arms around her. “What are you cooking for us?” I ask her.“Beef bourguignon, I hope you will like it,” Tonya says.I reach under her apron to feel her pussy. I push my cock right up against her ass. “I will love anything you make for me,” I say to her. She takes a sip of her drink I made her. “That is perfect,” Tonya says.“I did a bar rotation when I worked at the resort last year,” I say to her.“Well, you are a great bartender,” Tonya says to me.She puts the food on to simmer. “It needs to simmer a few minutes, and then we can eat,” Tonya says.“I am hungry now,” I say to her.I go to my knees and begin licking her pussy. I want to taste her now. I need her juices now. I push my tongue inside her. She feels and tastes delicious. She moans as I finger and licks her pussy. I want her to cum on my face. I need to taste her sweet cum.“Will you cum for me slut?” I ask her.I push my fingers into her hard and lick her clit. She begins to cum for me. I let my tongue dive back inside her. I want all of our juices for myself. I lick every ounce of her.

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