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   Chapter 3 Three

Her Obsession By Lillith M Kennedy Characters: 7676

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Tonya POVHe is so nervous. I am trying to put him at ease with small talk. We watch the water for a while and drink a few cocktails that I make for us. He is exceptionally polite. “Dakota, can I be forward with you?” I ask him.He looks nervous as he tries to figure out how to respond to me. “Dakota stop being so damn nervous, “ I say to him.“I am sorry, Tonya, I have to be honest with you, I really do not have much experience with women,” Dakota says.“Yes, you told me that at the bar, remember. What do you have experience with?” I ask him.“Not much of anything. I have fooled around with girlfriends, but I have not went all the way with one. I did think about how much I wanted to come in and fuck you when I saw you in that towel, but I have never slept with a woman before,” Dakota says.Well, well, well, Dakota is a virgin. This is going to be interesting. “Dakota, Come with me,” I say to him.I take his hand and take him into my beach house. I lock the door. I lead him back to my bedroom. He looks so nervous. Once in my bedroom, I touch his rugged stubble and then kiss his lips. I take his hand and put it on my breast. “Do you want to feel them?” I ask him.“Yes,” he says.I take off my sundress and stand before him in only my panties. “Now you can feel my tits,” I say to him. I continue kissing him. He forces his tongue into my mouth, a little awkward at first, but then he begins to kiss me more smoothly.He plays with my breast. “You can kiss them if you like?” I say to him.He leans down and begins to suck on my nipple. “Such a good boy,” I say to him.I take my hand and rub his cock from outside his pants. “Why don’t you undress for me?” I ask him.He takes off his shirt first. “Don’t be nervous,” I say to him. I unzip his pants. I can feel his cock growing for me. He finishes taking off his pants and trousers.“I am going to lie on the bed and let you explore my body,” I say to him. I take off my panties and get on the bed. He gets on the bed with me. “What do you want me to do?” Dakota asks.“I want you to explore me, use your tongue, your hand, or whatever. Get familiar with every inch of me,” I say to him.He kisses my lips first, then my chin, and then my neck. He is so nervous I almost feel sorry for him. He makes his way to my tits. He suckles at my breast. He begins kissing my stomach. I can tell what he wants to do but is nervous about trying. I spread my legs and pull him towards my pussy. “Why don’t you see what I taste like?” I say to him.He begins to lick my pussy gently at first, but then he wants more after he gets a taste. He slides his tongue in me. He licks my pussy lips and my clit. He is all over the place tasting me. “I want to fuck you,” Dakota says.“Not yet,” I say to him.He continues to lick my pussy. He is getting better as he continues. “Why don’t you come here and lie on your back and let me pleasure you?” I say to him.He does exactly as I say. He takes one more lick of my pussy then lies on his back. His cock is erect and waiting for pussy. I get between his legs and begin sucking his cock. I hold onto his ass, rubbing his ass as I suck his cock. He moans loudly as I rub his back hole with my thumb. “I cannot hold out,” Dakota says.“I want you to cum for me now so we can play a long time,” I say to him.I swallow his cock and let it hit the back of my throat as I push my thumb inside his ass. He explodes in my mouth. I consume every ounce of cum he gives me. “I am sorry, I wanted to fuck you,” Dakota says.“Oh sweetie, you will,” I say to him. I am back on his cock, sucking him, but I reverse myself and put my pussy in his face. He eats me as I suck him. I slip my cock back in his ass. He comes to attention for me as my thumb goes in and out of his ass. He devours my pussy. The more excitement he experiences, the more

he licks and suckles my pussy. I turn myself around and face him. I lean down and kiss him. “Are you ready to be fucked?” I ask him. “Yes,” he says nervously.I slide his cock into my pussy. He begins moaning as soon as I start sliding up and down his cock. I put his hands on my outer thigh. I rock hard back and forth on him. His cock feels so good inside me, and I love being the one on top and in control of it. He reaches up to touch my breast. He plays with my tits as I fuck him. I begin fucking him harder. I need him deep. “I want you to fuck me from behind,” I say to him.We change positions. I am on all fours, and he is behind. He pushes into me and begins to thrust in and out. “Fuck me hard,” I demand. He begins fucking me harder. “Like this?” he asks.“Yes, fuck my slutty pussy,” I moan.He dives in harder and deeper. He holds onto my ass as he pulls himself into me. I push back, trying to get more of him. I need him deeper. I pull forward and turn over. I put my legs on his shoulder. “Fuck me hard!” I say to him. He positions himself to go back in me. He thrust into me. He has his eyes on my tits. I let my legs down off of his shoulders so he can suckle my tits. I wrap my legs around his back, and he begins to suck my tits while he is fucking me. “Hard Dakota, I need it hard!” I scream at him. “Yes, ma’am,” he says to me.He plows into me hard, just like I like it. “Tell me to cum for you; I need to hear you ask me to cum for you,” I say to him.“Cum for me slut,” Dakota says.That is just what I needed to hear. I begin to cum hard for him. Without me even asking him to, he pulls out of me and starts eating my pussy while I cum. I rub his head as he dives all in, making me explode hard on his face. “You are so good at that, now give me some more cock. I want to feel your cum dripping out of my pussy,” I say to him.He licks me a few more times. He seems to enjoy my taste. Then he is back inside me, pounding into my pussy harder than before. “Is this how you like it?” Dakota asks me.“Yes, just like that,” I say to him.He begins to groan and slow down as he cums in me. He lays his head on me and suckles my nipple as he cums. I can feel him dripping out of me. He continues to suckle my nipple while I rub his head. My pussy is throbbing. I let him lay on me and suckle my breast for a while. I have never had a man do that before. It was different yet exciting. He seems to be obsessed with my huge tits. He finally moves off of me and lies beside me. “Can I stay here with you tonight?” Dakota asks.“Sure,” I answer him. “Do you care if I shower?” Dakota asks.“No, go ahead,” I say to him.He goes into my bathroom. He stays in the shower for a while. I lay in the bed, waiting for him to come back. He finally comes back. He is wrapped in one of my huge towels and has my vibrator in his hand. He gets in the bed and lays beside me. He takes my nipple in his mouth again. This is strange, but I allow it. “I love these tits,” he says.

I have completely forgotten he had the vibrator until I feel him sliding it up my leg. “May I ?” He asks.“Sure,” I say.He inserts the vibrator inside me. “I want you to show me how hard you want me to fuck you,” Dakota says.He begins thrusting the vibrator in and out of me. “Harder,” I say.We continue on until he gets it going at just the right speed that I like. “That is it,” I say to him.He keeps thrusting the vibrator in and out of me. “I want you to cum for me slut,” Dakota says.I begin to cum hard when he calls me a slut. He dives back between my legs to make a meal out of me. He licks my juicy pussy until I finish cumming. He lays his head on my stomach. “I felt I owed you one,” Dakota says.“Why?” I ask.“Because you got me off twice,” Dakota says.He lies back beside me. He holds my tits as he falls asleep.

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