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   Chapter 2 TWO

Her Obsession By Lillith M Kennedy Characters: 7384

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Dakota POVShe has been at the beach every day watching me. Well, At least I feel like she has been watching me. She is much older than me. I bet she is the same age as my mother, but I do not care. She is smoking hot. I want to get to know her. She seems to have some sort of interest in me. She comes out of her beach house every day at the same time and gets as close to the volleyball nets where all of the guys that work at the resort go to blow off steam after a hectic shift. The guys have been giving me hell about her. I finally got up the nerve to talk to her today. I told Tony to throw the ball over her way on purpose. I wanted an excuse to go over to her without being too damn obvious. If she was not watching me, I did not want to seem like a creepy man trying to talk to her. She was watching me today more intensely than usual. So I made my move. I talked to her. I even got the nerve to go to her beach house and ask her to come to the bar tonight. I was not expecting her to come to the door in a towel. I should have gone in and took that towel off her and fucked her. I bet that is what she wants from me, just a quick fling and toss me to the side. There are women all over this beach, but she is so sexy. I feel like she wants me to. Hell, I know she does after she came to the door with nothing on earlier. I need to be at the bar a little earlier tonight. I did not tell her what time I would be there, only that I would be there tonight. That was stupid of me; I should have been more specific. Hell, I could have offered to walk with her to the bar. I go back to my room—one thing about working the resort during the summer they give us nice rooms for the entire summer. I have to share it with one other worker, but he is neat, and the room is enormous. I go in and take a shower. I need to get ready for tonight and be there early waiting on her. I do not want her waiting and possibly leave before I get there. I get in the shower and do what I need to do quickly. I wonder if she is thinking of me or if I am just crazy thinking that she might be thinking of me. I get out and towel off. I brush my hair and teeth. I put on some cologne and deodorant. I like the rugged look, so I do not shave. I get a pair of jeans from the closet and a tight shirt. I want her to see these muscles. She seems to like watching me, so let me give her something to look at tonight. “Where are you heading out to, Hot date?” my roommate George asks. “I do not know yet, maybe,” I answer him.“I will be down to the bar in about an hour. Why are you going so early?” George asks.“I need a beer,” I answer him.“I can hurry up and go with you,” George offers.“No, that is okay. I am kinda meeting someone, I think,” I say to George.“You think you are or you are?” George asks.“It is that woman from the beach, Tonya,” I say to him.“Oh, so you finally got her name,” George says.“Yeah, I did today, and I asked her to meet me at the bar,” I say.“Isn’t she a little old for you?” George asks.“Yeah, maybe, but it is just a beer,” I say to him.I leave George to ponder his thoughts while I go down to the resort bar to meet the sexy Tonya. I need a beer or two before she gets there. Women have always made me a little nervous, and she makes me very nervous.I go down to the little bar at the resort. It is outside with a good view of the beach. I can even see Tonya’s beach house from where I am sitting. I watch her beach house waiting to see her leave coming to me. I order a beer, and I wait. The sun is going down over the water, and it is beautiful. I look over to see this beautiful creature approaching in a white sundress. Her sun-kissed skin under the b

eautiful white sundress is so sexy. She walks through the sand, taking her time. The waiting for her to walk her is killing me. Why do I want her so badly?She finally comes to the beachside entrance of the beer. I smile at her as she comes in looking for me. She walks over and sits beside me. “I was afraid you wouldn’t come,” I say to her.“Why would I tell you I was coming and not come,” Tonya says.“I don’t know, but I have been sitting here anxiously waiting for you,” I say to her.“You have, well, my sweet boy, you should have given me a time to meet you then,” Tonya says.“Yes, I guess I should have,” I say to her. “What are you drinking?” She asks me.“It is just a beer. Would you like one?” I ask her.“A Tom Collins, please,” Tonya says.I wave the bartender over and order her a Tom Collins. I want to talk to her, but I have no idea what to say. She makes me unbelievably nervous. “Do you live here at the beach? I mean, is that your beach house, I mean, or do you stay here during the summer?” I ask, stumbling over my words.She reaches out and places her hand on my knee. “I own the beach house and a house in the city,” Tonya says.“Dakota, how old are you?” She asks me.“I am 24; I know I am young, but I would like to get to know you,” I say, still stumbling over my words.“You do realize I am in my forties?” Tonya asks me.“Yes, is that a problem?” I ask her.“Not for me,” Tonya says.“I am sorry. I am very nervous. I have never dated much, and women make me nervous. Especially ones as beautiful as you,” I say.“Do not be nervous with me; I am very gentle,” Tonya says.I bet she is not gentle at all. I bet she is a fucking tiger in bed. Not that I have had many experiences with women, but I bet she could teach me everything I would ever need to know about women.“I will try not to be nervous,” I say to her.“Maybe you need tequila instead of a beer,” Tonya says.“Are you trying to get me drunk?” I jokingly ask her.“Only if that is what you need to calm down,” She says.“Do you want a shot of tequila?” I ask her.“Sure,” she says.I call the bartender over and order two shots of tequila and coke to chase the tequila. He comes back promptly with two shots and a coke. Tonya takes her shot and goes back to her Tom Collins. I take mine and chase it with the coke.“You do not drink much, do you?” she asks me.“Just a beer with the guys after work,” I answer her.“No wild women while you have been working here at the resort?” Tonya asks.“No, I have tried to be a good boy,” I say to her.She begins rubbing my leg. “Look, Dakota, why don’t we go to my beach house. I have a bar on my patio. We can drink there and watch the water in private,” Tonya says.“Okay,” I say.We get up from the bar and begin to make our way to the beach exit. I follow her down to the beach and to her beach house. I love watching her walk in that white sundress. I am getting hard watching her beautiful body walking in the sand. The waves crash against the sand, making such beautiful noise, but the only thing I want to concentrate on is her.We walk up the steps to her patio. The patio is right over the water. She has a nice bar set up. She hands me an ice bucket. “Fill this for me please, my ice maker out here is not working properly. The kitchen is right through that door,” Tonya says.I go inside the kitchen and fill the ice bucket up for her. I come back out, and she is making us a drink. I hand her the ice. She puts a couple of cubes in our drinks and then puts the bucket in the micro-fridge outside. We sit down close to one another on a small lounge chair. “You can come close, and I promise not to bite,” Tonya says.Oh damn, please bite!

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