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   Chapter 5 Five

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**Annabelle** I cleared my throat to get rid of the awkward silence that reigned in the room. I just walked in on them having sex and watched as they rode each other to orgasm. Great way to start up a contract.The girl covered up properly throwing mean glares at me while Fallon struggled to get dressed.

"Who the fuck are you and why the hell are you here!" She shrieked, grabbed her shirt and tried to put it on frantically.

"What sort of bitch are you walking into a room without fucking knocking like you own the place or something !" She exclaimed testing my patience.

"The only bitch here is you ." I retorted. she stood up immediately forgetting she was naked below. I held a chuckle, she glared before rushing to put her pants on.

"I will rip you apart." She threatened. Fallon stopped her immediately, standing in between us shirtless.

"Hey babe, it's okay. She's the girl I told you about."

"This bitch." She cursed.

"Call me that one more time and I swear I...."

"Isabelle..." I could hear him grunting, I was forced to stare at him from behind. Six years ago I would drool at the sight but right now, I felt disgusted.

"You know what, I came here because I thought you're serious, on second thoughts. I'll go!" I shrieked.

"No, wait! Babe calms down, she's here to help." I saw her huff seating on the bed.

"Wait, babe? And she supposedly knows I'll be here?"

"Miss Jeremy." He called out, I folded my hands before seating on a table.

"As I said, I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend while my real girlfriend finishes up with some things, it's preventing us from getting married. She'll be away for a while and my parents would be playing matchmaker and I can't have that happening, I just need a quiet and peaceful life until she returns, that can only happen if they think I have you"

"Or...because you know you might succumb to temptation and leave that bitch." I replied with a chuckle, she rushed at me and Fallon ended up restraining her.

"And besides, if we're together for some time don't you think your parents would be suspicious that we broke up and the next day you're with someone else, much less getting married."

"Miss Jeremy, that's my problem to worry about. Your job is to focus on playing your role."

"Alright. How much do I get paid and what do I do?" I asked in a hard tone.

"Glorified prostitute." She retorted while hissing.

"Why thank you, want my business card? I need referrals" I grinned which only seemed to make her angrier.

"Would you two stop it!" He fired and I scoffed.

"Alright, so when do

I start?"

"Today, right now actually but first I need you to do something for me...." He trailed off.

"Alright," I responded and he got his cheque book.

"Here, get yourself something pretty, we're meeting my parents." I froze as he handed the cheque to me. His hands were outstretched but I couldn't take it.

"Fallon might be blind, dumb and utterly stupid but I can't say the same for his parents. There's a very high probability that they might remember me."

"Well take it, you need it. Haven't you seen that much money in your life?" She chuckled mockingly.

"I'm sorry Fallon, I can't. I'm extremely busy today. We'll reschedule for any time." I gulped and he smirked.

"You have to be committed to this job or whatever you want to call it, go buy yourself something because we're leaving soon." He stated in a firm tone, grabbed my arm and placed the cheque in my hands.

"Now get lost, I have to say goodbye to my boyfriend and you're in my way." She held his shoulders and I nearly gagged.

"Give me your house address, I'll pick up by six pm." He stated, I nervously scribbled it on a piece of paper before standing up.

"How am I gonna get out of this?" I thought closing the door behind me. I stared at the cheque and it was a lot of money. With it, I could buy a wig or something to disguise myself and makeup will help too. It was very dangerous for me to be out there with them, they would recognize me. I had to do something and get out, just usual greetings and I would leave.I sent a text to Ava informing her about the changes in events before heading to the boutique.


A few hours later, I was nearly ready to leave, I just needed a touch of makeup. My doorbell rang as Fallon arrived. I walked downstairs to open the door, he walked in and surveyed the house, his eyes darting off to every corner.

"Why are you wearing a wig?" He asked looking confused.

"You said I should look my best, that's exactly what I'm doing," I responded with a straight face.

"I'll be right back, just need to do a few things first." I walked to my room to finish getting dressed.

Just then, I heard the door open and he followed me in.

"What are you doing here?" I asked smacking my lips and rubbing my lipstick properly. He didn't respond, he only moved closer towards me.Suddenly, he took off my wig gazing at my face intensely.

"Annabelle...." He called out softly. Recognition flashed through his eyes. I couldn't speak, thoughts were running through my mind but the most important one was...

"How the hell did he recognize me?"


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