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   Chapter 5 The Plan.

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Knocking on the door of the study room, I heard my dad answering to let me come in. Lazily sloping down in the sofa i relaxed my head on the back support with eyes closed, saying "how was your day father?" sighing loudly he said, " I'm fine son, the pain in my legs have eased alot thanks to the care of your mother"

Enunciating each word slowly I answered coldly, "My "MOTHER", is dead. That gold digging mistress is young enough to be my sister. "

with a bang he hit his fist on the desk ,yelling : " WATCH YOUR MOUTH BOY"

To avoid making him more excited and suffer, I tried changing the topic asking ,"dad is there something important you need to discuss with me ? I'm tired ,tomorrow's a big day at work so I'll like to return home soon."

With his slightly aged face and worried expression he looked at me as if pleading for something, being suspicious I immediately stood up and asked " what is it dad???"

He hesitated for a few minutes before saying, "Matthew I know things will be difficult for you at the office and there's too much ground to cover......"

when he called out my name instead of addressing me as son, I now knew for sure that something big is about to happen so I cut him off mid sentence, " no need to worry I can handle it, besides I have Peter there to assist....."

But he continued, "actually Matthew I was thinking that you could use a capable secretary by your side and well ummm, I know you may not like the idea but this person is the most qualified to be by your side ...... "Dad there's no way!!!" I blurted out quickly, fearing he might say what I didn't want to hear.......and as expected, he still did.

"Matthew Zack Miller, this is an order......Jane is going to work as your right hand at the company from now on, she will be your personal secretary, end of discussion"......he said firmly in anger.

Not wanting to hear another word I stormed out of the study ,headed back to the first floor and out of the villa.

Very soon I reached the comfort of my own three bedroom condo. Although, it is not as extravagant as the family mansion, it's more of a home to me. I enjoy the peace and quiet here, with my personal gym on one flat and an office opposite my room. Usually two maids would come clean and prepare meals that is stored in the refrigerator, so before and after work I'll just reheat and eat. But ,no one is allowed to be around by the time I'm there.

Living alone has become apart of who I am.

After eating my fill ,I took a quick shower did some preparation for tomorrow's work and headed to be

d.Eventhough I was extremely angered by my father's arrangement, thinking about it for a while, the only compromise i could come up with to put my mind at ease is that this way I'll be able to keep a close eye on that wicked witch ,making sure she doesn't plan anything crazy to get what she wants. At least now I will get to know her each and every move.....

Finally feeling relaxed I closed my eyes trying to sleep ,but to my surprise I kept imagining that beautiful arrogant smile and those chestnut brown eyes that seems to contain innocence and mysteries ,her delicate peach lips.......wonder how sweet they must taste....." I let my mind run wild thinking about that princess without even realizing it.....

Suddenly a taught popped into my head, i stood up ,took my phone from the bedside table and gave Peter a call. It was already 11:30 pm ,when he hazily answered with obvious annoyance.

"yes, what's the matter? this better be urgent "

Ignoring his displeased tone I ordered, "check the surveillance video on 5th Avenue, Marble park at the intersection around 5:30 this evening, I want all available information on the person that hit my car at the stop light, make sure it's ready by the time I arrive at the office."

Not waiting for him to respond I hang up the phone, put it back in place and finally laid peacefully to rest , closing my drowsy heavy eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.


Miller's Family Mansion.

"Honey, what did Matthew say? will it be ok if I work at the company?" Jane ,said in an expectant and shy manner.

looking at his wife lovingly Andrew Miller (Matthew's dad) replied with a soft voice "Don't worry sweetheart I have dealt with it, just be prepared to start tomorrow, I know you've given up a lot because of our love and didn't get a chance to experience working and being independent and I'm so proud of you for wanting to support our son at the company ,he could really use some motherly guidance."

Hearing this, Jane smiled brightly like a child who got the last piece of her favorite b candy, saying , "ohhhh thank you ,thank you my love", she became excited and gave him a light peck on the cheeks.

Both had a different view at this moment... one appreciated the effort made by his wife to become close to their son so that the family can be at peace .... The other however, was occupied with taughts of how to get closer to her handsome "stepson" with her undeniable beauty and charm.....

There was a huge gap in motives involved......



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