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   Chapter 2 Implement a change.

Love And Business. By inntri Characters: 5377

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Matthew prov.

As I walked into my office and sat down resting my arms on the chair's armrest and slightly tapping each finger, I asked my assistant Peter in anger, "what the hell was that out there, is this what has been going on here? are they been paid such a high salary just to stand around talking bullshit, working hours means time to focus their ass on getting their job done . Not a time for finding ways to get into my pants......"

"bro. just chill ,it's not your fault all the ladies want to throw themselves at you, I mean dude you got it all, Money to last a lifetime and a body women would drool over......"

"shut the f*** up Peter!!! you maybe my best friend but right now we are here for business ,so do your god dam job as my PA, OKAY?"

" yeah yeah, whatever dude" ,Peter answered with a smirk......

" And besides I don't need another gold digging slut by my side, I'm never going down that road again " i said, to which he rolled his hazel brown eyes.....


Hi I'm Matthew Miller , unfortunately recently my dad had fallen ill and could no longer oversee the operation of our highly successful multibillion dollar industry, so being the eldest son naturally it was up to me to continue the family's business.

My mom passed away a few years back, shortly after my dad remarried a woman half his age ,saying he's in love and how young she makes him feel ,like seriously ,except for him everyone else can see what she's after........his fortune..... obviously..

But that's not going to happen unless I'm buried six feet under or burned to ashes and I'm not planning on either anytime soon, so I'll just have to deal with that calculative b**** slowly.

All the women in my life I've ever know are deceptive and only have one goal in their wicked minds, that is to suck the living soul out of you and leave nothing but a dried up shell.

I use to think my mom was the only pure loving woman there is left in this world ,but later found out that she had an affair with another married man for just as long as she had been married to my father.

How ironic..... Despite all this ,young and naive as I was, there was a point in time that I didn't judge others based on her actions, but later regretted it. I was once madly in love and taught i found the one.....

well i found the one alright, the one that brought me misery and heartache, the one that ruined me .That woman who made me this unreasonable.......

I use to have the hope of marrying a loving wife and a house filled with children ,with laughter and peace flowing in our happy home ,but now I can't stand being anywhere near a woman ,no matter how beautiful she maybe

or how pleasant she may seem because it all appears as a scheming act to me. Today's the first day of officially being the new CEO. The welcome was terrible, atleast I know what to expect from the female staff's as well. ' Hmmnn, things are about to undergo a huge change here ',I thought to myself as I flipped through the piles of document on my desk. Although my dad was in charge of the daily operation in the open, at home I was busy getting acquainted with the family business after completing my studies in the US, ultimately he would make the final decision ,but all the planning and execution was done by me in the shadows. so it wasn't difficult to deal with pending projects, the challenge was making sure that these idle employees learn their places.....

Therefore, I gave instructions to Peter to inform all department heads that there will be a progress report meeting in 30 minutes in the conference room ,anyone that arrives a second late will be dismissed immediately. Peter knows me well and is more than aware of my temper ,especially when it comes to business matters, so he didn't waste another minute and hurriedly went along to deliver the message to the necessary personnel.

As expected, right on time all were present at the meeting hall with fear clearly visible on their faces. with a smirk I announced the start of the report from the planning department followed by the design, production, marketing and sales. since we specialize in jewelries, clothing and accessories the discussion took over six hours and I could see the sweat emitting from their almost soaked bodies after the overall presentation was done and they were awaiting my final assessment.

with a bang!!!! I smashed the screen of the presentation board and furiously yelled "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT????"You can't be serious, no wonder we have been ranked second in the business world, what a load of crap, why are the designs not according to specification ,are there visually impaired bats overseeing the process making the outcome of the design this flawed in comparison to the original piece????" No one dared to answer.......

I continued ,"both the marketing and sales strategies for all our products needs to keep up with the shifting demand of consumer and with the advance of technology, I need to see a new plan of action that is well thought out at the end of the week or else there will be consequences " I said in a stern tone and with that the meeting was concluded. Instantly everyone scattered as if a volcano was about to erupt .........

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