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   Chapter 4 Strange Man

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She reached the man in no time.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She now believed it was all true. What she felt right at the moment was like a mother whose child had been bullied by the big wicked monster!

"What a daring person you are! You, strange guy, what have you done to my baby!? Don't you know you can't touch someone's possessions? I must say you have an audacity to do this. Wait, just let me call someone here." The man was flabbergasted to see a girl dashing toward him with puffed cheeks.

It was normal for him to receive proposals from the foreign girls whether the adults or young ones, when he was abroad studying, and would be approached with peculiar strategies which could make any male have shivers, but this time this girl's eyes had nothing but wrath for him.

He felt addled for a moment, but then he realised the little flower pot in his hand. Oh so, it belonged to her, but what was it doing here in this house?

The flower looked so beautiful, so he decided to take the whole small pot with him to take a look at it closely in the sunlight. Pure and fragile. Like if someone touched it with force, it could break and scatter around in the air.

He was about to go inside and ask where was this flower from as he only saw it in his stay in abroad. It was unwoted here in his nation land. It looked appealing to the eye.

"So, it's owner is you." He smiled beautifully. He could be narcissist sometimes.

He believed his outstanding smile could melt her anger in a second or two, but Zaria Smith was not moved at all.

The audacity of this man! He dared to smile at me when he is at wrong!

"Yes, it. belongs. to. me." She enunciated each and every word with a glare. She hated it when someone snatched her things, but she had to admit this man was quite attractive.

When he smiled, it was like an enormous amount of light rays had disseminated in the environment.

With jet black hair almost dark as night, eyebrows sharp as swords, attractive black dragon eyes who could even tear a soul apart, and a chiseled jaw, totally a perfect walking sculptured figure of a Greek God.

Not to forget his towering height of 6'2 when compared to her frame of 5'2. Much less to say, he was someone young girls would say 'Prince Charming' material. Who dared say no to him!?

No one, but Zaria Smith, herself.

So, what if he was handsome! Her childhood sweetheart was more prepossessing than him.

He was one in a million. No, he was only one in the whole universe.

Yes, she had not seen him for past six years and without contact, it was impossible for her to keep her relation intact with him, but she was sure that he was the most handsome male in her heart. Even if he was not, she would love him wholeheartedly. Would love his soul, not only the apperance.

If she became determined to accomplish or have something, she would be hell-bent until she had made that happen or gain it. But, It was not a thing, but a person this time. Elian Anderson. Her Elian.

So, how could she be shallow?

No, Zaria Smith was not that shallow.

She believed in the inner beauty of a soul, but her obsession with cute things could really be an obstacle for her sometimes. Only Elian was different.

No one could come between them, but if her uncle and aunt would object her relation with him, then she would remove herself from that path. Loving him was the best thing she had e

ver experienced, but the favours Anderson couple had done on her far exceeded it. She respected them a lot.

The gratitude to have them brought her up in their family would be forever in her heart. She could never pay it.

If he married someone else who was not her, she would never appear before him again. This was one of the oath she did to herself when Elian left for his studies. It was the time she realised she had strong feelings for him and not those fleeting ones. Girls of her age, when getting at the point of coming of age, would have little crushes on the opposite gender.

She thought it was just a crush, but no. It was not just a crush.

The man was scrutinising her with a guarded expression. His eyes were sharp and without haze, she sighed inwardly. Maybe, she was really rude just now, but she could not prevent her mouth from saying things.

Thank God, she still had the space for an apology.

She was glad that she had not made an enemy out of him, yet. She hoped so.

"Look, please, hold it gently. It's innocent." She refused to say anything else to this man. Firstly, this man was really handsome. She should not look at him or else, she will feel like cheating on Elian.

Secondly, it was not in her to plead. Her ego did not permit her to do so. She admitted she sounded rude, and she really did not want to mess things up for her uncle, so she had to soften up her sharp tongue and her temper.

What if she said something which could affect his business with her Uncle John? She would hurt Master Anderson which she did not want. Not at all.

It was torture for her to see her young baby in someone else's hands. It was like the baby lavender was calling out to her.

Mama! Mama! Please save me.

"Okay, you can have it." The man gave it to her willingly with ease and without saying anything bad to her.

She quickly examined it thoroughly and sneaked a peek at the handsome intruder. His eyes were not hostile at her and his lips were quivered up. Was he smiling at her without holding a grudge?

He looked amiable. She should not have accused him like that!

Can't you just refrain your mouth from saying anything stupid, Zaria!

The girl with teal pink colour dress in front of him looked spoilt, arrogant even, but there was this innocuous spirit coming out from her, making her look like an almost child.

Her hair were tied in a high ponytail, some of her strands were covering her both sides of her face. Her white cheeks were puffed up still. She seemed like a teenager who was only fifteen or sixteen of an age with the way she was dressed.

He thought that she was definitely from an affluent family that was why she reacted like that.

Young ladies from the prestigious families tend to act like that. It was futile to fight with her. He was mature.

So, instead of bickering with her, he only smiled lightly.

His smile only made her feel guilty.

Kicking away her high dignified attitude, she pushed the rebel and stray strand that kept blocking her sight behind her ear.

She would do it when she felt extremely guilty about something she had done.

Be the wise person, Ria!

"I apologise for the way I acted before. Please, forgive me." With that being said, she bowed her head deeply and strode directly in the Anderson mansion without looking back. She did not want to feel humiliation anymore.

Her friends would laugh at her.

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