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   Chapter 2 How About You Find That Out

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As Zaria made her way to the kitchen, she saw the kitchen maids hurriedly working like machines. She was baffled.

It was not like that the maids slacked off usually, but it was strange today.

What was going on?

"Hey, Felicia, what's going on?" She asked another maid who she considered her friend, but Zaria's relation with her was not that strong as that of hers with Lisa. They were bosom friends.

Felicia, a sweet little girl with orange hair and chubby cheeks full of freckles, was a seventeen year old, working as a maid at Anderson's to unhinged the economic burden of her parents. She was a high school student, but her hard work still could not be compared with the most of the people. She really worked hard to earn with good and fair means.

Felicia was startled to see the young miss up so close. Not that her young miss looked like a creep who was smiling so big at her, but rather she was nervous to face people from her childhood.

"Y-young miss, you should've called me. I could have come to y-you." Felicia looked down. Zaria smiled and shook her head. Did Felicia know how adorable she looked right now? She really had an obsession for cute things.

"It's okay, Felicia. I was just asking which important guest is coming today? So much preparation has been done for that guest." Zaria looked around. She was feeling jealous. Such special treatment!

Guess she was wrong considering the guest as random.

Even the kitchen seemed new. She did not need to ask about the living hall as it could be seen how the whole hall was decorated with beautiful curtains. Sofas were new. The table set was new, too. The white tiles were shimmering like diamonds.

Staircase also was polished. Just how much hours of sleep had she gotten to see this big of a difference around her surroundings?

Now, Zaria wanted to know who was so important to the Anderson couple that they even changed their decoration of years for him.

"Young miss, t-that-" Felicia was cut off by Madam Anderson, Zaria's aunt, Mia Anderson.

"My dear, you're awake." Aunt Mia looked so energetic today like she had become as young as she used to be when her son, Elian Anderson was present here with them around. She was wearing a decent and graceful light purple dress which gave her a beautiful glow.

How much time had passed since he went to abroad for his studies? Zaria had heard that now he was handling the business branch of Anderson's there. His studies were almost completed, but she did not know when he would come back.

In some years, the whole business would belong to him, too, as there were no other Anderson heirs. Elian was the sole heir.

How much he had grown up now? Was he still that playful and sweet boy of her memories who used to tease her when she wore pigtails? Who would ask her t

o tidy up his room for him.

Aunt Mia and Uncle John teased her one time saying she looked more like a wife than the helper. At that time, even Elian had said that anyone would be lucky to have a little wife like her.

At that time, Zaria was new to the idea of being a wife, she knew this word's meaning but she never had heard anyone saying that to her. Only Elian said that. She became so embarrassed that she did not let anyone see her blushing face for days, and that anyone was Elian Anderson, himself.

She did not want to be teased by that playful troublemaker anymore!

Little Zaria did not know when he came to knock on the door of her heart. From her childhood, she seemed to love only one male who was him, Elian Anderson who was six years her senior, other than her father and her uncle John.

Her father Alexander Smith and her Uncle John were the people she looked up to.

Her Elian was someone she looked forward to spending her rest of her lifetime with. She hoped he could accept her.

Solely, these three males were the most significant males in her life. Rest of them in the world were not as important or a least bit concern to her.

Zaria did not realise that she was smiling when thought about her love of the life. Just the mere thought of Elian made her smile involuntarily. It happened every time.

He was always good to her, cared for her, protected her, cheered for her, and encouraged her in what she wanted to do.

Every girl wants these qualities in her knight in shinning armour, and Zaria Smith was no exception.

She seemed to be awaken from her reverie when she sensed her aunt looking at her with a warm smile.

Her aunt always smiled at her and would tell her that she was as beautiful and sweet as her mother. "You look so much beautiful, honey. May you always be happy forever." Aunt Mia squeezed Zaria's hand in hers. Where Aunt Mia looked so energetic in work, she also looked quite soft and emotional. She seemed to be wearing her emotions on sleeves today.

Zaria Smith was really confused.

What was happening with everyone? Such change was getting her disturbed now.

Zaria offered her aunt a smile and asked: "Aunt, why everyone is working extra hard today? Is it because of that guest?" She really wanted to ask who that highly valued person was. As for him, the whole place seemed renovated. Even she, the person living in the mansion did not get this treatment.

Her jealousy meter was really high now!

Aunt Mia did not reply but her eyes said it all.

Her eyes were twinkling with delight, laughter and playfulness. Figure it out on your own, child. You will be so much excited later.

"How about you find that out?" With a pat on her head, Madam Anderson left with a smile. Let us wait till she find out!

Oh the fun.

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