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   Chapter 2 It Is Him

Mr President, We Meet Again! By Cradle Reads Characters: 6663

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“It’s time for both of you to meet! I will introduce you to him later!” Granny Wang said as she rubbed gently on Lin Wen Xin’s shoulder.

“Thank you Granny Wang.” Although Lin Wen Xin was smiling respectfully at Granny Wang, only she knows that deep down in her heart, she is very reluctant to marry her grandson.

To her, a rich and handsome man did not matter. All she wanted is to marry a man who would truly love her and treat her well.

The opening ceremony of the auction is about to begin. Being the esteemed guests of Granny Wang, Lin Gao Hai and Lin Wen Xin naturally had the opportunity to sit in the front row, alongside with the Wang Family.

As DT’s new president, Wang Shen Ze had the honour to make the opening speech. He is wearing a suave blue custom made suit from France. His hair is styled neatly and his shiny black leather tailored shoes were making the “click-clock” sounds on stage, entirely dominating the noise in the grand ballroom.

As he walked towards the centre of the stage, many girls gasped at his looks and charisma. He has been on the most eligible bachelor’s list for years, and has made the public curious about what he looks for in his future wife.

“It is him?!” Lin Wen Xin widened her eyes, unable to believe in what she is seeing. Her heart was beating rapidly, and she was unable to conceal the happiness on her face.

Lin Gao Hai looked over to Lin Wen Xin and saw her unconcealed interest in Wang Shen Ze. He was naturally happy and nodded his head with satisfaction.

The long awaited auction has started and throughout the event, many number plates were being raised. The charity auction was once again a success and hundreds of millions were being donated to the charity.

Although the auction has ended, it also marks the start of the networking session as the guests swarmed out to the large private foyer outside the ballroom.

This was an opportunity for the guests to meet new business partners to broaden their network or to socialise and strengthen relationships with their existing partners to close business deals.

Lin Wen Xin could not help but feel nervous as she thought about meeting Wang Shen Ze for the first time after six years.

“Oh no! What should I say to him later?” “Should I ask him about how he has been?” “What has happened to him?” “Why didn’t he contact me?...”

She had so many questions to ask him as her collection of memories in high school flooded her mind.

“Dad, let me go to the washroom first. I will come and find you later.”

“Alright, be quick, I will be waiting for you there.” Lin Gao Hai smiled and went over first to speak to the Wang Family.

As Lin Wen Xin was in a hurry, she reached to her bag for her lipstick as she walked. She did not notice that there was someone in front of her.

“Ouch!” Lin Wen Xin hit her head against the man’s broad and muscular chest. Her bag dropped on the floor and she hurried to pick it up and immediately apologised to the man.

“I’m sorry, I was careless and did not see you...” As she lifted her head, Lin Wen Xin was shocked when she saw the man standing in front of her.

Lin Wen Xin was stunned and speechless at that moment.

As she continued to stare blankly at the man, he simply walked past her, not bothering to give her a second look.

Lin Wen Xin quickly reached out her hand and held o

nto the man’s arm, “Shen Ze...”

The man sneered coldly, and ruthlessly removed her hand from his arm. “Get lost!”

Yi Fan, who is Wang Shen Ze’s secretary, had noticed the situation and quickly walked over, together with a group of directors and executives behind him.

“President Wang.” Yi Fan bowed to Wang Shen Ze and walked towards Lin Wen Xin.

“Miss, our president does not like to be touched, especially by women. We will let you go this time but this is also a warning to you.” Yi Fan spoke to Lin Wen Xin with a stern tone.

Lin Wen Xin was still in a state of shock, as she continued to look at the group of people who have already left her sight.

“Ring ring...” Lin Wen Xin hurriedly picked up her phone and saw that Lin Gao Hai was calling her.

“Wen Xin, where are you?” Lin Gao Hai asked worriedly.

“Dad, wait for me, I’m walking over now.”


At the centre of the grand foyer, the entire Wang Family is present. Wang Shen Ze’s parents, Wang Li Xun and Xu Jia Li were happily chatting with Lin Gao Hai.

“We are looking forward to becoming a family with you soon! Don’t be too courteous!” Xu Jia Li smiled and toasted to Lin Gao Hai. Wang Li Xun also reached out to toast to him.

But before Xu Jia Li’s wine could touch her lips, Wang Li Xun took it away from her and said dotingly “Li, you have drank enough wine today, I will drink this for you”.

Xu Jia Li rolled her eyes and refuted, “This is only my fourth glass. It’s not like you don’t know that I can drink 20 glasses and not get drunk!”


Xu Jia Li shot Wang Li Xun a fierce look, which has also successfully interrupted his words.

He immediately nodded his head in agreement and gently patted her back, for fear of angering his wife. Which person in the capital did not know that Wang Li Xun is a wife slave at home, but a ruthless businessman at work?

“Mom... Dad is doing this for your own good. Who was it that complained of having a splitting headache after 4 glasses of wine that day?” Wang Yi Ning could not help but bring this matter up as a reminder.

That day, Wang Yi Ning saw how Wang Li Xun was so dedicated in massaging Xu Jia Li’s head that he only had a couple hours of sleep.

Just when Xu Jia Li was about to retort to her daughter, she saw Wang Shen Ze walking towards them. “My good son! You are finally here! Look at how your father and sister are bullying me, hurry help me out!”

Wang Shen Ze turned to look at the both of them, only to see them shaking their heads and shrugging their shoulders helplessly.

“Mom, you are the main female host of this event, what will people think if they keep seeing you frown? Hmm? Give your most brilliant smile tonight okay?” Wang Shen Ze held on to Xu Jia Li’s shoulders and rubbed it several times, gently.

“Humph, my son knows how to talk. Okay, I shall let this matter pass.” Xu Jia Li then turned to Wang Li Xun and said “But don’t you dare to provoke me again! Otherwise, even if you beg me, I will never forgive you!”

“Okay wife, I will listen to you.” Wang Li Xun immediately responded by holding onto her slender hand, as though making a promise to her. Xu Jia Li then snorted and smiled with satisfaction.

Granny Wang saw Lin Wen Xin walking over from a distance, and excitedly waved to her. “Wen Xin! Come over here, I will introduce you to my grandson!”

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