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He stared into my eyes, red against blue.

Slowly, he lowered himself down on me until I felt his upper body pressing on me, his skin so smooth and so warm. He supported himself with his forearms, then he gently placed his lips on mine.

I melted, I shivered and I was lost.

I was lost in his heat and my heartbeat. I was lost in his light touch and his heavenly lips that were shaping against my own as if they were solely made for me.

I could only feel him and even though he was pressed against me, I still wanted him closer.

Except, I didn’t know what to do and that frightened me.

“No... stop.” I pushed my lips away from his and turned my face to the side, feeling his lips press on my left cheek. His lips were hotter than before and mine felt the same.

“What is it?” He licked my left cheek slowly and repeated the action, bringing me uncontrollable shivers. His sweet doings made my heart race and he didn’t even know it.

“Why do you do this?” I murmured silently.

He froze. He pulled back and raised a hand, grasping my jaw and turning my head to look at him. “You don’t know?”

I shook my head.

His brows furrowed, an expression similar to a sulk taking over his features before he shook his head as if to dispel his thoughts. He rolled off of me and landed on his side beside me, covering me with his silk robe.

It was like a huge blanket on my little form.

I blinked at his silence. “So…”

“What we’re doing is intimate.” He gazed into my eyes, a storm of emotions swirling in his eyes. I couldn’t even begin to describe one.

“Intimate?” I frowned. "As in friendly?"

The corners of his lips curled up into an amused smirk. His hands reached for me, then I was hauled and placed on top of his stomach. Eon gripped my waist securely, and he looked up at me with an emotion I couldn’t unravel.

I couldn’t unravel him.

“You can’t be touched the way I touch you by any other male but me, and I can’t let any other female touch me the way you would. See?”

He pulled me down to him and snaked his big right palm behind my neck before our lips met, moving together slowly and so tenderly. His tongue caressed my bottom lip, an action so foreign it had me making a low sound of excitement.

Much to my dismay, he pulled away, leaving me in a swirling daze that refused to let go as I stared at his lips. I lifted my eyes to his reluctantly. The way our noses and lips brushed made me feel so warm.

“Whatever you and I do together, we can’t do with anyone else but each other,” he whispered, his voice pleasantly husky.

I shivered and looked back to his lips. They were so soft and they felt great. I wanted them on my lips again. The feelings he stirred within me were exhilarating.

I whined rather loudly when he caressed my pointy left ear with the fingers of his right hand. I fell limp on top of him, briefly panicking as I found myself voicing my content and rubbing against him, trying to mix our scents together.

He was still and stiff under me but he continued to toy with my ear, his heart beating wildly as I whined and called out for him without any words.

Eon's actions seemed hesitant and calculating as he tilted my head back by my hair, exposing my throat to him. The next thing I felt was his hot tongue dragging up my skin, from the dip of my collarbones to just below my chin.

I squirmed more, my small fingers curling over his wide shoulders. He licked my throat again, this time with less hesitation.

He let go of my hair, and my head fell back to him, eyes staring into his before my attention was back on those red lips.

As if knowing what I wanted, he craned his head up and connected our lips, but he separated them far too quickly. I made a sound of protest.

It wasn’t fair. I was becoming too fixated on him and his touch and he wasn’t giving me what I wanted.

“Do you wish to kiss me again?” he asked.

I shivered at how deep and gravelly his voice had grown, my fingers itching to grab and touch.

I assumed his earlier action was a kiss so I nodded my head slightly.

“Then kiss me.”

I hesitated for a moment, glancing into his eyes for permission. He nodded his head, and with all my nervousness, I softly pressed my lips to his.

It didn’t take long before the kiss turned into something more, something less soft as our tongues clashed and repeatedly tried to win the battle they had. Each time his tongue attempted to slip into my mouth, I’d push back with my own tongue and attempt to take control.

It was almost a game, a game I was quickly growing addicted to.

My hands travelled on their own until they finally had the freedom to feel his silky cherry-red strands. A soft, low sound vibrated at the back of my throat as his hair slid through my fingers. So soft, it tempted me to pull on it, and I did.

Eon mirrored my happy sound but deeper. His lips became rougher but I didn’t mind. One hand gripped the back of my neck, keeping my lips attached to his while his other hand slid down my body and went to my thighs. His wandering hand slid under my skirt and that was when he flipped us around so that I was beneath him once again.

I had never acted like that, never felt so wild and so demanding and needy, but he was all I could think about, all I could feel. My small palms were exploring his strong, wide chest, my memory working to memorise every curve, every dip and everywhere those muscles would tense when they’d feel my palms.

I couldn’t think about anything but his heat, his solid form on me, his large hands keeping me close, his warm lips and his wet tongue and his quick breathing.

My lungs wailed for air. He must have felt the same because the next thing I felt was his lips licking under my jaw. I arched into him, unknowingly baring my throat to him while my hair got messy and slid away from my ears. His hot lips left a burning trail as they travelled to my left earlobe and when he licked it softly at first, I squeaked.

Not the ears, not the ears.

He did it again, this time with less softness as he carefully nipped and tugged on my earlobe with his teeth. I was trembling and whimpering beneath him, unable to stop my voice or my body’s unexpected jolts.

His hands fell down my body like fire, leaving warmth and tingles in their tracks as they gripped my hips and pulled me down to him until my legs were forced to encircle his waist. He was leaving space between us and he was doing it deliberately for some reason.

“Leave m-my ears a-alone!” I stuttered, blinking quickly as my eyes watered.

“Why?” he murmured against my skin, tugging on my left earlobe with his teeth and massaging my right one with his fingertips. I closed my eyes and made a long, high-pitched sound of objection, my body almost becoming numb on the ground, almost surrendering to him.

“E-Eon, please!” I hurried to grab his hair, tugging on it lightly and hoping he’d move back. He didn’t. He toyed with my ears with more pressure and I completely and utterly fell weak under him. Even keeping my eyes open was a difficult task.

“Where else should I touch then?” He smirked, and it was because I was so defenseless and so weak at the moment.

That was unfair. He was using my weakness against me.

“Not the e-e-ears, please!” I whined loudly, shutting my eyes tightly. I hoped he would stop touching my ears and find another place.

I should have thought that through.

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