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A sly smile curved my lips as I strolled through the land of the Fairies, my steps almost smug. I hardly got to visit the other worlds, especially alone, but today I had snuck through the arched portal with the Amethyst stones and the violet glowing entrance, all without anyone noticing. It was odd how neither Faelyn nor Ayen had followed me since they were always monitoring everything I did, but perhaps they had things to do today.

Either way, I was incredibly grateful for the freedom.

There was nothing ordinary about the world of the Fairies. The trees and plants were enormous and had variant shades of violet, pink and other bright colours. The mushrooms were huge and some bounced around, skipping from place to place. Here, some plants hummed and others sang enchanting melodies. The rivers that flowed in this world were magnificent, some of the purest of blue, others soft like pale pink. Seeing gigantic butterflies in this realm wasn’t unusual, neither was seeing a pegasus.

“Perhaps we should have asked for permission,” Keia chirped in my head, resting on my right shoulder as I made my way through the Fairies market.

I shook my head, careful to keep my pointy ears hidden. They wouldn’t have allowed me.

“But the Werewolves are staring,” she stressed, picking on my hair, tangling herself in it.

So? I replied mentally again, shrugging. They’re the funny looking ones, not us. Besides, we’re not offending anyone. What do you think of this red bracelet?

I held it in my hand for her to see, pretending to inspect it. Before Keia could respond, the Fairy responsible for the stall said, “That will cost you thirty Aspalathus linearis roots.”

I gasped. “Thirty?! That’s preposterous!”

The female Fairy frowned. “It is the price, lady Elf.”

I pursed my lips, placing the bracelet back where it was. “Fair, then. Enjoy your day.”

“You as well, lady Elf.” She inclined her head.

“That was expensive,” Keia agreed, letting out a shriek as she settled on my head this time. “Pretty as it was, it was costly.”

“Right?” I huffed, stomping away. “It was so pretty! Why thirty Aspalathus linearis roots? That plant takes a while to grow!”

“Ironic that the price for a red bracelet was a red plant.”

I rolled my eyes at her comment, stomping all the way out of the marketplace. Outrageous! Why thirty roots?! Of all plants she could have asked for, she asked for that? And why thirty? Why not five or ten? For a mere bracelet—as wonderful as it was—thirty Aspalathus linearis roots sounded unfair.

Then again, she could have asked for something even more outrageous.

“Curses,” I muttered.

As the portals came within my sights, my spine began to stiffen. Slowly at first, merely straightening my back, until my rigid bones and stiff muscles began to ache. My ears twitched, and that was enough to have me stiffening even further.

Is something behind me? I asked Keia, attempting to remain as nonchalant as possible.

“Yes,” she verified, her tone just as startled. “Spider.”

I halted without thinking, my eyes wide and terrified. I heard nothing behind me nor sensed anything, and that was perhaps more frightening than the knowledge of having a predator following me.

A monster that could not be noticed was far worse than any.

Wh-what breed? I asked, resuming my walk even though my legs were shaking now.

“Silver-Storm. He’s watching us.”

Silver-Storm. Second most dangerous breed. Clever troublemakers, my brain supplied, flashes of gruelling lessons settling in my head.

I gulped, the sound far too loud for my liking. That, along with my pounding heartbeat, had to have been audible to the monster stalking behind me.

“You can’t go through our portal,” Keia warned, outwardly quiet but mentally chaotic. “He will follow us and bring devastation to the village.”

I know, I replied, eyeing each arched portal in front of me carefully.

The first portal was made of glittering Opal stones, the entrance an image of a whirling white fog. Vampires.

The second portal was framed by stones of all the shades of nature. Blue

, brown, green, yellow, clear. Ours.

The third portal was framed by solid Moonstones, the entrance showing a large moon. Werewolves.

The last portal was decorated in Brecciated Jasper stones. However, the entrance of the portal had white fog forming shapes of what looked to be nets. Definitely the Spiders.

I panicked the closer I got to the portals, not knowing which one to pass. The Werewolves would kill me for trespassing. The Vampires would feast on my blood and the Spiders would feast on all of me! Mother, why was he following me?!

“He’s getting closer, Kenia!” Keia chirped loudly, then she began screeching. “Hurry!”

But which do I choose?! I screeched back, picking up speed.

Based on the direction of my walking, I was closest to his portal, but I didn’t want to go through that one no matter what. But I couldn’t risk going through my portal! That would be like leading a starving wolf straight towards a farm full of sheep.


I sprinted, closing my eyes as soon as the white, blinding light of the portal surrounded me.

Warmth filled my body, and the instant I was in another world, I opened them, rushing to head towards my portal while the Spider was still transporting.

But he was already behind me.

I swallowed down the frightened screech bubbling in my throat, succumbing to my instincts as they guided me straight ahead. I did not have time to observe or admire or perhaps faint at my surroundings.

All I knew was that I needed to dash and dash fast.

Luckily, my speed never failed to amaze me when I was afraid.

I shot forward like an arrow flying loose, evading hanging branches and snakes that dipped low to see the intruder. I nearly screamed at the sight but stamped that down, knowing that my silent fear was enough to stir the Spider chasing me. His rumbling steps echoed in my head like the beating of an execution drum and I nearly whimpered.

Keia had no problem keeping up with my pace, even when I decided to jump into the trees when I thought the Spider would have captured me. I heard him let out a terrifying sound that resembled a snarl, and that was more than enough to have me launching from branch to branch.

A little further ahead, I saw a tall rocky mountain—the tallest mountain on this layer of the world. The rocks were a midnight blue, a blue so dark it appeared black. The waterfall that fell from the top was so clear that it perfectly reflected the blue sky, and against the colour of the mountain, it was captivating.

The Spider chasing me seemed more desperate the closer I got to the dark mountain. And even as he was desperate, his steps began to slow down, almost like he was reluctant to continue following me.

Realising that this was my only way out, I launched myself forward without thinking. A high-pitched yelp echoed from my lips as my body collided with the sharp rocks, something jagged poking my exposed belly. Hot pain erupted from my ribs and I winced, whimpering, but keeping my grip on the mountain. I gasped for air, wincing even further as my lungs expanded and pressed against my injured ribs.

When I calmed down enough to look behind me, I noticed the Silver-Storm Spider looking agitated, pacing on the land below with his greedy eyes on me.

Seeing that the only way for me to move was still forward, I turned and used my remaining energy to climb up.

In the back of my mind, I wondered if I was only escaping one death for another by climbing higher, but the sight of a waterfall lured me into thinking that there was a lake or a pond ahead. My collision with the hard surface of the mountain had wounded me, even if it hadn’t caused severe damage, and I needed to surround myself with water for me to heal.

I grabbed on to rocks, vines and anything else that helped me up, my face scrunching with disgust at the webs and threads that I found, grimacing as some of them refused to leave my skin.

By the time I reached the top, I was puffing, and when I looked below, the Spider was gone.

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