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   Chapter 5 04 - Confusion

The Nerd is the Mafia's Pretending Wife By Lunaaaaa_ Characters: 9252

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Third Person's Point of View

“Boss, please forgive us. We didn't know that she was your wife.”

Louis didn't listen to them. Anger was covering his whole system. His father's instruction was to look out for Elaine because they wanted him to marry Elaine so he could get his inheritance. And that was not his only reason. There's something deeper than that.

And besides, they ripped Elaine's shirt and kicked her. His patience was growing thin. He thought that the woman was not Elaine.

He carried Elaine to his car while Brennon was looking at them. “Sir, she's the woman who—”

He just told Brennon to leave the car and laid Elaine on the seat. He saw her pink brassiere that angered him more. He should be the only one who can see this. If he didn't come early, maybe Elaine, his soon-to-be wife, got raped by them.

He removed his jacket and covered Elaine's body with it. Through the course of his life, this is the only time that he felt pity for a girl. “Brennon, guard her and call a skilled doctor. Stay outside the car and don't ever fucking go inside,” he warned. The sun was scorching hot and his boss didn't want him inside, but he loves his life more than the aircon of the car so he just nodded.

Louis came back to the building. He closed the door when he saw the three men in the living room. “Did you know what you have done? All of you will pay for it,” he angrily said. His voice echoed around the room. He wants these bastards to suffer for what they did.

“Forgive us, boss. We didn't know she was your wife,” the man begged. They even kneeled.

He was right. They're not sorry for what they did. They're just afraid of him. Louis sat on the chair and took out his Sig Sauer P226X5 pistol and wiped it using a cloth on the table. Looks like his pet's going to be dirty again.

“I don't give a damn, you almost raped my wife and you want me to forgive you? Fuck that shit, I will make sure that your family will suffer, too,” Louis said and shot the first man on his legs. The man grimaced in pain.

The two took out their guns to shoot Louis. He was shot on his left hand but he shot them both on their stomachs. “Fuck,” Louis mumbled. These bastards are traitors in their organization. He went outside to order this to others.

“Release the hawks in Del and cut their stomach open to be the breakfast of my hawks,” Louis said. The others went to him to ask him if he was fine. He didn't answer, he just fired his gun. He was used to it. He was used to these kinds of shooting. He can withstand five bullets buried in his body. “Asshole, follow my order and stop asking stupid questions!” he shouted and left the room to see Elaine.

“Sir, are you okay? The doctors were in the mansion already,” Brennon said and opened the door for him. He knew that Louis hates hospitals even if he's critical already.

He sat beside Elaine who was sleeping soundly. He lifted her head and placed her on his lap. She's not wearing her glasses, maybe they fell on the ground earlier in that room, but she's beautiful despite her pimples. He averted his thoughts because has no plans on loving her. He won't let himself have a weakness that can be used against him.

Louis didn't let Elaine be carried by Brennon. He chose to just carry Elaine by himself even with his wounded, left hand. Dra. Pia went to them with a cup of coffee in her hand. “Why are you here? I said a skilled doctor and not her,” Louis said, but Brennon could even answer, the woman walked to him.

“Dr. Qwerty's not available that's why I'm here. And it looks like you have another fling, Montemayor. Are you really like that when you can't still move on with your ex in Florida?” she asked, grinning. She looked like the woman who left him for her dreams.

The woman who chose to go to Florida than be with him. The cousin of the woman in front of him. And besides, he's the one who pushed Mariella so she won't get involved with the organization he was in.


Elaine's Point of View

I woke up because of the noise coming from outside. I slowly opened my eyes to see what it was and I saw a woman talking to Montemayor.

"Why, do you want me to add you to my collection?" Montemayor asked while smirking. The woman who was tending his wounds looked irritated.

"Excuse me, womanizer, I'm not like my cousin who had feelings for you. Until now, I'm still wondering why my cousin liked you,” the woman said. Who are they talking about?

I need to go out, but it's rude to interrupt them.

“Don't ever discuss that woman in front of me,” Louis said and stood up. He took out a cigarette from his pocket.

“Are you still bitter, Louis? Don't te

ll me that that nerd was just your fling? From what I heard from Tita Sherry, she will be your wife because of some reason. I pity her, she'll be with a man who has not moved on yet from his ex,” she said and stood up to face Montemayor.

Oh, so Louis is his name. It suits him well. I shook my head with that thought, maybe this is the effect of what Louis did for me.

"Leave and don't ever insult my wife again because if you dare, I will make sure that your brain will be separated from your body," Montemayor warned and pointed the gun to the woman's head.

My cheeks burned because of what he said, but I shouldn't feel this because the things he was doing for me might be fake. Maybe he's just saying these things because he doesn't want to be embarrassed. I removed the thought from my head and listened.

The woman didn't flinch. She just smiled at him. "Good luck with that. I hope for the best for the two of you,” she said and left. I quickly went to the bed and pretended to be asleep because Montemayor will be entering this room.

The only noise I could hear was the loud thumping of my heart. Someone sat beside me. I exhaled and inhaled his scent.

"I know you're awake. Let's have some dinner, wife," he said. I don't know if I will continue to pretend or just give up and open my eyes. But I need to go home because I'm screwed once my father knew that I slept inside a man's house.

“You're still not going to open your eyes? Or you want me to pleasure you until your eyes turn white?” he whispered. His breaths gave tickles to my ear.

I quickly opened my eyes because of what he said. I was about to stand when he pushed me to bed again. “Let me eat you first,” he said, which made me feel nervous. I'm not food!

“What are you saying? Let's eat, I'm really hungry,” I reasoned. I heard him laugh.

"Okay, I will just change my clothes. You wait for me outside or wait for me here if you want to see my luxurious body," he said. I covered my eyes when he suddenly took off his shirt.

“I'm going outside,” I answered and ran outside the room when he blocked the doorknob. I faced him.

"Don't you want to see my body?" he asked while looking at me. I averted my gaze because I felt shy. Why am I feeling this? My heart's beating too fast.

“B…b-ecause,” I said, stuttering. He walked nearer to me. Is he trying me?

"We will be married next month, maybe we should do our honeymoon now. What do you think?" he asked. I was sweating bullets even though the aircon was at its peak.

But I'm not agreeing yet to the wedding he was talking about. The only thing I know is that my father has debts to them.

“What wedding?” I asked while distancing myself from him.

The reason why I'm in this situation was that I want to know about the wedding. It looks like I'm going to know the answer today.

"Why, didn't your father tell it to you? Oh, that old hag is a headache. Maybe I should kill him," he said which made my eyes widen in shock. I pushed him and screamed.

"Don't ever try to do that. I swear, I will call the police to sue you!" I shouted but he kissed me. I slapped him hard. Does he think that I'm someone he can kiss anytime he wants to?

"Fuck, why did you do that?" He held my hand tightly. I whimpered in pain.

"I’ll tell this to you once. Never try to run away from me because from now on, you’re my property and if our marriage will not happen next month, I will kill your father because in order for him to pay his debt, you should be my wife," he said. My body has gone weak because earlier, he was nice to me. Now, he's scary because of what he did.

He went outside and left me gaping. Until now, I still don't know the whole story, but it's clear to me that I'm the payment to my father's debt.


“Ma'am, Sir Louis said that you should eat with him. He also said that don't wait for him to carry you,” she said while her head was lowered. I didn't realize that I've been thinking about the wedding for a minute now.

I didn't mind what she said and let her leave. I need to go home and just push my father to talk about this.

I was shocked when the door suddenly opened. It was Montemayor with his furrowed forehead.

"Let's go, you should eat now to gain your energy," he said and carried me like a sack of rice. My father will be angry if I will not come home tonight. He will surely tell this to Kaizer.

“Put me down! I need to go home!” I shouted while moving relentlessly so he would put me down when someone spoke in front of Louis.

"Elaine. . .," he said.

I turned my gaze at him and saw Kaizer standing there with his hands in his pocket

What is he doing here?

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