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   Chapter 3 02 - Indulgence

The Nerd is the Mafia's Pretending Wife By Lunaaaaa_ Characters: 9376

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Elaine's Point of View

“Leave my apartment, you worthless people! You guys are a burden! You need to pay for the rent today, not tomorrow!” Mang Pedro angrily shouted at us. The truth is, we don't have enough money to pay for the rent. My father only works as a tricycle driver because he was laid off from his previous job.

They told me that we had a good life when they're still working for the Montemayors. But unfortunately, they were replaced by workers from France, the reason why they have a ton of debt to the Montemayors. When my mother died, my father changed and spent his money aimlessly. The only thing that was left in me was this necklace my mom gave me.

“Mang Pedro, can you give us another chance? We're going to pay today, please,” I pleaded while kneeling. I will find a job that will pay me even if it's little. My father's salary is not enough for both of us. It's a relief that I'm a scholar, but in return, I had to study hard, get an extra curriculum. In the end, I looked like a nerd because of studying hard, because for me, education will save us from being poor.

I took up an education course because I love kids, and I want to share the knowledge that I have. Other than this, I also want to teach my child in the future.

“I've been giving you chances for months now and you're still going to ask for another? You're not my obligation, I also have a family to feed so leave!” he said and opened his fan and fanned himself.

“Leave now. Someone's going to rent this house!” he said and went to the man who was walking towards us.

But what can I do? It looks like Mang Pedro had already made up his mind. He's not going to give us another chance, and this is the fourth time that we will look for another place to rent. I just hope that they would still accept us.

“Wait, Elaine!” the man shouted and went to Mang Pedro. Oh, he's Kaizer! My crush!

“Kaizer, what are you doing here?” I asked. I was holding the bag Mang Pedro threw at us.

“Bless, uncle!” Kaizer said to my father who was behind me. He was glaring at Kaizer that made me laugh. He's always like that, he doesn't like seeing me with Kaizer.

“Why are your things outside?” Kaizer asked. I was about to answer when Mang Pedro snaked his hand on Kaizer's arm like a leech.

“I told them to leave so you could rent, handsome. Are you going to rent?” Mang Pedro asked. He took a lollipop from his pocket and ate it. I cringed.

What was that?

“I'm not going to rent. Let them have the apartment,” Kazier said and resigned from Mang Pedro's grip. He was cringing at Mang Pedro and I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

“What's funny? They don't have money so they are free to go!” Mang Pedro shouted while pointing his fan at the exit. I still have class later, I need to settle this now.

“What did you say? She's my fiancée. If you still want to have a house to go home to and keep your business, let them stay. Don't worry about the payment. I'll pay for them,” Kaizer said. That shocked me. What did he say? I'm his fiancèe?

I couldn't stop myself from smiling because of what he said. My father who was glaring at me earlier elbowed me. “Fix yourself, daughter. That's not how your mom acted before.” I just nodded. I thought he's going to scold me because of what Kaizer did.

“Why would I be scared of you? My friends are richer and you can't get this apartment. You're handsome, but you're arrogant. I'm sorry but you won't get a discount!” he shouted. Kaizer took out something from his pocket and gave it to Mang Pedro. Those were folds of 1,000 pesos. A paper holding this amount of money says ₱100,000. I was so shocked. This is just too much.

“Kaizer, you don't have to do that!” I shouted, but he just smiled at me.

“If you will excuse me, my fiancèe and I need to find a good apartment,” he said and we're about to leave when Mang Pedro stopped us.

“Wait, I'm going to give them the big room here,” he said and pushed us inside the apartment. I was about to protest when Mang Pedro shouted.

“Bonjing, Patrick! Carry these bags here!” Two, yawning men came out while looking at us. Mang Pedro smashed them with his fan and they quickly carried the bags we're holding.

Kaizer went to us and whispered to my father, “What, Uncle? Is my handsome points increased?” he asked. My father avoided his gaze from him. Too bad my father didn't like it just when Kaizer was making his move. “Kaizer, thank you. I'm going to find a job so I could pay you,” I said with my head down. My father went in first.

“If we're already married, you don't have to do that, but if you're meant for someone else, is one million fine? I'll add interest so you need to be my wife. Is that c

lear?” he said. I was left dumbfounded. What did he say? I jumped happily because of what he said and when I realized the time, I said to them that I'm going to school.

“I'll bring you there,” Kaizer offered. I was about to say no when my father nodded. I said yes to him.

“Kaizer, I'm sorry I disturbed you,” I said when we're inside his car. Kaizer and I met at Aling Kikay's panciteria. I used to stay there to eat my favorite noodles when Kaizer pulled and kissed me. I was so shocked that time that I slapped him. He only answered me with, “What? Don't you want it?” That made me crazy. Months passed and we got closer. We always go outside with Venice and Elena who's gay whom we always support when he's in gay pageants.

“That's fine so long as it's you,” he said while driving. He turned his head to me and gave me a flying kiss.

“Yes, yes, and if we got into an accident, you won't be able to do that!” I said. He laughed. “Chill, madame,” he answered. After minutes of teasing each other, we reached the school.

“Bye, and thank you, Kaizer!” I said while opening the door of the car. I was shocked when he went outside to open the door for me, he also kissed my hand.

“What are you doing? Bye!” I said and ran because my cheeks were getting red. I need to hide it from him because he will tease me again.

Venice and Elena were doing their makeup while waiting for me when I entered our room. “Rapunzel's here,” Elena said and combed my hair.

“Tell us what happened. Elena and I saw when that man kissed your hand. And you're blushing!” Venice said while poking my waist. I sighed because I have no choice but to tell them what happened.

“He offered to drive me here because you know, Mang Pedro forced us to leave the apartment,” I started while putting my bag on the chair. The two were following me. After that, they sat on the chairs next to me and I continued my story. “And Kaizer saved us from Mang Pedro. He said that I'm his fiancèe,” I said while covering my face. The two squealed like they have just seen a ghost. Our classmates even looked in our direction. “What was that for?” I asked them.

“Stupid, we're just happy for you so push it for Fafa Kaizer. I told you, he likes you, too,” Venice said while poking me.

Am I not assuming? But maybe he just did that so Mang Pedro would believe him. But why am I happy?

We're going to go home together because the road to our homes was the same. They're pushing to have overnight to our place because our apartment was big and paid for by my fiancè. I was about to protest, but they blackmailed me. They're going to say to Kaizer what I truly feel for him if don't say yes.

“Are you guys going to get some clothes first before going in our place?” I asked them. They nodded. I still have a job in a restaurant. It's a relief that they hired me so I could pay our debt to Kaizer.

“Look! Look at that car. Shit, a handsome guy is standing there, but he looked like he's going to poop,” Venice said. We laughed. She's right, there's a car and it looked like it needs fixing.

“The driver's handsome, but he looked like he's going to poop. Are there people inside? C'mon, let's wave at them,” Venice said playfully. We all laughed and waved our hands. I even did the oppa heart even though I don't know what I was doing. We only stopped when the man went inside the car. We left and pretended that we're just talking.


“You know the job of a waitress, right? Go and get their orders, okay?” the chef said. I nodded. I heard them laugh before I could even go outside.

“She's so ugly, right?” they whispered. I just smiled while going outside the cooking room. I'm already used to it. They used to call me a rug because of my appearance. Venice, Elena, and Kaizer we're the only ones who never called me such things even though it's true.

I shouldn't let my expectations up. Kaizer will never like me with this physical appearance. I already lost to the actress he was partnered with.

“Waiter!” the woman shouted. Her body can make her a model. I quickly attended to them and wiped the tears from my eyes.

I need to focus on my job, not on other things.

“What's your order, ma'am?” I asked her. She flamboyantly turned the page to choose her order.

“Steak, and you, baby?” she asked the man she was with who was looking at me. Is there any dirt on my face? But he's handsome. His blue eyes added more to it, it seemed like those eyes can hypnotize anyone.

“Baby?” she asked again. We're both waiting for his answer. But we're both shocked when he answered something out of the menu.

“I want to order you,” he said. My mouth gaped open. What did he say? What's happening? I don't even know him!

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