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   Chapter 2 01 - The Mysterious Woman

The Nerd is the Mafia's Pretending Wife By Lunaaaaa_ Characters: 6143

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Third Person Point of View

“Shit, why now that we're almost near? Wait a sec, Boss Montemayor,” Brennon said as he quickly got out to check the car, but Louis Montemayor hates waiting. Today is the only day that he would be available to scrutinize the person they captured who was stopping their business. The person was not admitting what he did yet, and it angered Louis more.

Brennon scratched his head while looking at the car. He was Louis' assistant in the organization. He's a racer who can avoid bullets while driving. He opened the door, still scratching his head because he knew that Louis would be angry. “Bossing, I'm sorry. But we need to bring this car to the nearest repair shop to be fixed.”

“Fuck, what do you want me to do, fix the car?” Louis angrily asked. Brennon got nervous and reached for his phone in the compartment and called Kaizer.

“Fuck you, mate. You need to go to Shevereign Street. The car needs fixing!” he shouted on the phone. Louis looked at the time and fixed his gaze at Brennon again. He looked like he wanted to kill Brennon for his slothfulness. He hated this kind of situation.

“Asshole, why would you involve me in that? Fix that yourself, fuck you,” Kaizer answered while laughing.

Brennon got more nervous with the fact that Louis would turn his anger at him. He called Volstrige. “We need help. The car needs fixing. We're at Shevereign Street and you need to come before a bullet could travel through my skull!” He heard a woman's moan over the phone.

“I'm busy!” Volstrige shouted. The moans got louder that made Brennon cringe. Volstrige really is a fucker. He's with someone new again.

“You can do that later, fucker! You need to come here before sir could even kill me. You guys don't love me,” he dramatically said, but Volstrige only dropped the call. He last heard the words, “I'm coming!” which came from the woman he's banging. His last choice was Alex that he's hoping to finally help him, because if this issue wouldn't be fixed sooner, Louis will get more angry and possibly kill him.

“Alex,” he said when Alex answered the call. He can say that Alex was driving because of the background noises he heard.

“I already know, Brennon. I'm on my way there to bring sir to Montemayor Building,” he said, which made Brennon smile. It's a relief that Alex is a hacker. He's sure that the CCTV camera of Severeign Street was connected to his phone, the reason why the car was detected.

“Okay, okay, I was just about to say the situation to you. Bye, love you!” Brennon teased.

“Fuck you!” Alex answered and dropped the call. Brennon happily opened the door of the car, but before he could even sit inside, Louis pointed the gun at him.

“Who is that woman?” Louis asked. Brennon gulped. What was he saying? Does his boss think that he called a woman?

“W…w-hat, boss?” he asked. Louis looked at the woman in front of their car. The woman was wearing big glasses, braces, and her hair was messy. She was holding books, too. Brennon gaped, is this his boss' type?

Louis Montemayor was known as cold and ruthl

ess when it comes to work. He was also known as a womanizer because he's always with a new girlf after getting what he wanted from the previous one. And besides, it's impossible that Louis will fall to a nerd one. He knew Louis, he likes beautiful, fashionable, and sexy women, far from the girl Louis was talking about.

“I don't know her, boss. Do you want me to ask her?” Brennon asked. It was also Brennon's chance to ask the beautiful girl beside the nerd. But maybe it's the girl beside the nerd that his boss was pointing at.

“No, don't mind me,” Louis said and reached his phone to read messages. Brennon only leaned on the car's seat while waiting for Alex.


“Good morning, boss!” his staff happily said and bowed when Louis walked past them. Louis doesn't know why that nerd caught his attention when she's not even his type. But he chose to stop himself from asking her name, because if not, Brennon will think that he's not on his right mind.

“Where is he?” he asked authoritatively.

A man went to him and pointed the room where their captive was being held. “He's in there, Sir Montemayor, the man who prevented our shipment to Mister Rainier,” he said and opened the white door.

Pox who was guarding their captive turned to Louis. He bowed and said, “He's not yet admitting it, boss.”

Louis walked to the man who has bruises on his body. “Release him,” he said that shocked Pox and Axel.

“But, boss—”

Louis glared at them. They quickly released the man.

“Leave,” Louis commanded. They're about to protest when Louis pointed the gun at Pox who quickly left the room.

“Speak,” Louis said to the man who was glaring at him. He looked weak. But it was evident that he's not going to speak.

“You're stupid, Louis. I'm not going to say anything to you!” the man shouted. Louis pointed the gun at the man's arm and shot him. He grimaced in pain but the man still managed to speak.

“Are you sure that you won't tell me anything?” Louis asked again while holding the man's arm.

“Fuck you, Louis Montemayor, you're so evil!” the man shouted. Louis grinned that scared him.

“Then send my hello to your father in hell,” Louis said.

The man was shocked. “So you're my father's killer! My decision was right to side with Zap!” he shouted. Louis shot the man through his mouth that immediately killed the man.

“That's the information I want to know. Too bad, you have just known who killed your father,” Louis said while grinning and left the room. His staff looked at him. “Clean the mess,” he commanded and left the building. Looks like Zap was challenging him. Louis needs to outsmart Zap. Because if not, his organization will fall and he doesn't want that to happen.


Louis invited one of his flings to a restaurant.

“Waiter,” Perry flamboyantly said. Perry has feelings for Louis. But he was only using Perry for his lust.

“What's your order, ma'am?” a woman with glasses asked. When Louis looked at her, he realized that she was also the woman he saw earlier.

Destiny is really playful. He saw the woman again while he's with Perry.

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