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   Chapter 1 Prologue

The Nerd is the Mafia's Pretending Wife By Lunaaaaa_ Characters: 9178

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Elaine's Point of View

The bag slipped from my hands when I saw a woman lying in the pool. It's like the woman was drowned by a person. I can't stop shaking while going down to confirm who the woman was, but when I saw her, she looked like she just lost her consciousness.

For me, it's not a big deal, but Louis will get mad when he sees who it is.

Because it's Mariella, the woman that he loves the most.

It's been two weeks since Louis brought her into the mansion and every time that they were here, I felt like I'm just a bubble.

I let out a sigh when I realized that it's also been a year since I signed the contract as proof that being his fake wife will be the payment of my father's debt to him. The contract will last until he gets an heir from me so he could get his inheritance from his father. And besides, he married me because he doesn't have any choice. It's his parents' order, not because he loves me.

“Mariella, wake up. It's not good to play around!” I yelled while shaking her. We weren't on good terms especially when I'm disturbing her lovemaking with Louis by knocking on the door repeatedly so that Louis will get annoyed and exit the room. After that, he will just sigh and take one of his cigarettes.

Maybe I can consider my life as lucky because he never laid his hands on me. Besides, I didn't know why I'm affected when we made a deal that he can have flings and have sex with them, while I don't have any freedom to do it.

“What happened here?” a masculine voice said that shocked me. I slowly turned my head and as expected, it's Louis. His eyes turned to Mariella who lost her consciousness before turning his head to me. He was confused about what's happening. Before he spoke, he jumped into the pool to get Mariella from my hands.

“What did you do to her, Elaine?” he shouted at me. His jaw clenched, but I didn't do anything. Besides, I only saw Mariella in the pool.

Why do I feel like I was framed?

“If something happened to her, I don't know what I would do to you. Mark my words,” he said. His forehead furrowed and gave me a death glare while I ran to get close to him. I want to explain my side, but when I got near to him, he just pushed me away.

My butt fell on the floor but I didn't mind it and stood again. I didn't do anything to Mariella, but why is he pouring his anger on me?

“Wait, Louis, I didn't do anything to her. Can you just listen to me?” I yelled at him, but he didn't look at me. He just walked outside while my tears started to fall on my cheeks.

Why can't he just listen to me for once? Does Louis believe that I'm that desperate to kill Mariella just to be with him?

“Ma'am, you should eat your food, it will be cold later and the taste of it will be different,” Sarah said while worriedly looking at me. I just stared at the table and all of the food looked so delicate, but I don't have any appetite right now.

It's been a minute since I was carried away with my thoughts. The thing that happened earlier was something that I couldn't explain. But I'm sure someone framed me.

“Can you put it aside for now? I don't have an appetite,” I uttered while forcing a smile at her.

I went to my room. I badly need to rest and calm down my thoughts.

Until I heard someone open it forcefully.

“I said, I'm going to rest. Who are you to—” I said to someone who opened the door, but my voice cracked when I saw him standing at my door seriously.

It's Louis. He came back. But he's with men in black at his back. Who are they, are they his new personnel?

“Bring her to the basement,” he authoritatively said. The two men came in and held me on both shoulders while dragging me down.

“Get your hands off me, what are you going to do with me?” I growled while trying to struggle from their tight grip. We reached the basement of the mansion where Louis hides all his deadly weapons which he was using if an enemy enters his mansion.

They threw me on the bed that made me frown. I held my butt that was now sore.

I was about to complain when Louis entered the room. His eyes narrowed at me. “Leave,” he said. The two men just bowed to him before they closed the door. I was about to run when he forcefully pushed me into the bed that scared me. What was he planning to do with me?

“Louis, if it's about what happened earlier. I will explain,” I said, but he just hushed me using his index finger to stop me from talking. I swallowed because he was so near to me that I couldn't even speak a word.

"You almost killed Mariella and our baby in her womb. That's why I’m going to punish you," he said. That brok

e my heart into a million pieces. What he said echoed in my brain.

They are going to have a child?

Then what is still my purpose here? If Mariella can give the heir he wanted from me.

“C...c-ongrats,” I stuttered while stopping my tears from falling on my cheeks when he kissed me aggressively.

I didn't kiss back because of the anger I felt, but his right hand traveled to my panty. It made me growl and he slowly entered his tongue into my mouth.

When he got tired of what he was doing, he slowly stood up and undressed while I couldn't help but swallow because of the size of his private.

He started to climb on the bed while kissing my lips. "Uhm," I muttered sharply as he started to touch my chest.

"I will punish you tonight and I'm assuring you that you will not be able to walk tomorrow," he said. His breaths tickle me.

He gently massaged my left breast while kissing me violently.

"Ah," I muttered between our kisses. When he was fed up with my lips, he slowly descended towards my neck and put a mark on it.

"This mark will prove that you're mine. No one can steal my property," he said. He seemed to be saying that I was only his. To be honest, what can I do? We were married, but nothing would change that he could do what he wanted while I could not.

"I'm not a land for you to claim, Louis!" I shouted. He just frowned his head because of what I said while he grabbed my dress and started to tear it apart.

"You're my property because we are married. No one can have sex with you. No one but me!" he said as he slowly lowered my panty which made me feel shy.

How could he say something that seemed so simple to him?

He slowly opened my legs and began to adore my femininity. I moaned when his tongue went in and out of my vag*na.

“Oh, Louis!” I moaned while raising my butt to accompany his tongue that was driving me crazy. It feels good.

When I felt that my orgasm was going to come, he immediately stopped which disappointed me. What was he doing?

"Louis, why did you stop?" I asked. He laughed.

That sexy laugh, I couldn't afford to have Louis Montemayor in my life if I leave him.

But I don't have a choice either.

"Why, wifey? Do you want me to continue? Beg for it," he said which made me frown.

And why would I do that?

"And why should I do that?" I asked him. He suddenly put on his T-shirt that surprised me.

Does he intend to leave me like this?

"Okay, okay, please!" I shouted but he just smiled at me.

"Louder!" he uttered. I covered my face in embarrassment.

"Please, Louis, can you continue?" I pleaded. I was surprised when he suddenly pointed his huge pet at my pearl.

I just hope I can still walk after this.

We were both exhausted when we're done. I was surprised when he suddenly kissed me on my forehead, but I slowly closed my eyes because I'm so tired and I couldn't hear the last thing he said.

"Sorry, wifey."

It had been a few weeks since that “thing” happened. I already decided that I will leave the mansion for the sake of their future child.

I picked up the ballpen in the cabinet and began signing the divorce papers. He included it in the folder in case we wanted to split apart.

My hand trembled when I signed it. I have no responsibility here because Mariella already gave everything to him.

I placed it on the table and finally picked my suitcase. But all of a sudden, my stomach hurt so I hurriedly went to the bathroom and vomited.

Suddenly my feelings worsened, but it didn't stop me from leaving the mansion. I went down to say goodbye to the helpers because they treated me kindly.

When I got home, I immediately went to my best friend, Venice.

"Are you sure, girl? You're not going back to Montemayor? His cousin, Sherford is handsome, too. Why don't you just have a relationship with him instead of Louis?" she asked while eating potato chips. I will continue my plan to leave the Philippines and work in France so I can move on quickly with Louis.

“What are you talking about? I don't like him. If you want, then flirt with Sherford,” I said while avoiding her gaze. I'm sure she'll tell me I'm an idiot.

I also met Louis' cousin, Sherford. He’s also a billionaire. It’s just that, I don't want to use a rebound to move on with Louis. I couldn't imagine myself with anyone aside from him.

Soon, the gynecologist came out while holding the papers and smiled at me.

"Congratulations, Miss Elaine, you're two weeks pregnant. Starting from now, you should take care of your health,” the gynecologist congratulated me which surprised me. I am pregnant? With Louis’ child?

What should I do?

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