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   Chapter 5 Migraine

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Chapter 5

"WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? Why did you disappear for two days? Did you know I was looking for you? But I have nothing to find except your friend Mariana."

I just stared at him as I accepted his words. I don't know why I'm still nervous that I should not be nervous.

"Are you listening to me? I've been looking for you for two days. Did you have no reaction there?"

I just bent down and smiled a little but it immediately disappeared when he lifted my cheek. The two of us stared at each other. And it seems at these times I feel like I want to jump because of the tremor.

"Lola? Where have you been? As my slave, you need to contact me, if you will be gone for a day or a week, so that I am aware. In that case, I'm not worried about you, " he whispered annoyingly at me.

I do not know if I will laugh because of his stinging or thrill because of what he said. But I remained in silent. He sat down on the bench and leaned over. He stared at me intently.

"Why are you absent for two days?" He asked again.

I smiled at him. I also sat on the bench in front of him then held the ballpen. "Let's just say I did something important."

His eyebrows rose. "What is that?"

It was there that I laughed and he wondered. "What?"

"You also have a gossipy race, Dagger Santiago. I thought you were quiet, you were also hiding something on the other side."

He just stared at me. He did not smile. So I just stopped laughing and then just continued writing. Asual, I was doing his assignments again which I did not do for two days. We are here again in his secret place.

"I'm just curious, tss. . ."

I looked at him in doubt. "What?"

"Are you really curious or do you already like me?" I blurted out.

His eyes widened when he heard my question to him. "What the--"

"Just a joke! Haha. But to be aware, do not fall in love with me. You will only be hurt," I told him. I smiled but I knew I was just trying to smile.

Suddenly his reaction returned to normal. Gently and seriously. He glared at me, then took a deep breath. "Finish what you're doing. What else are you saying there. Tss, then where else will I like you."

I just laughed. "I know, I just said that to make you aware just in case."

I just turned my attention to writing. That smile is only temporary, the smile is not real. It hurts. The fact that I can't love him even for a moment is painful.

Why is destiny so unfair? Why is he torturing me? Am I a sinful person so I experience these?

As far as I know, I am not doing anything wrong. I just love, just love. There is no law that you are not allowed to love a man you love. It is not bad to love. And it is not bad to love Dagger Santiago.

I gasped when Dagger suddenly grabbed my hands. "Come with me."

"W-where are we going?" I wondered to him. He just smiled at me then winked again.

Suddenly my heart beat faster. Why is he more handsome when winking? I am more in love.

"I know you haven't eaten since before because you did the assignments, so let's eat first. I know you're tired."

I stared at him then smiled. My heart beat faster as he smiled back at me. The real smile of a Dagger Santiago.

I SMILE as Dagger and I eat spaghetti at a cafeteria off campus. I didn't know there was a cafeteria here, I just found out it when Dagger didn't bring me here I wouldn't know.

I laughed as I watched him lower his lip with ketchup. He just ate the dirt.

"What? You thought I was just dirty eating? You can too," he said laughing.

He took a teshu then wiped it on my lip. I stopped smiling and stared at him intently. He is still smiling to this day. I enjoy these times because I see a real Dagger Santiago. I was so happy because I also witnessed his smile.

"Oh, maybe that makes you in love with me, huh?"

I suddenly woke up to what he said. I slapped his hand away from my lips. Then laughed. "You're really thick, hurry up and eat there so we can get back to the secret place. I have a lot more to do, if you only knew."

He leaned back in his chair and stared at me intently. "Eat up your food, I'm done earlier."

And that was his wink that made my heart beat faster. I stared at him just to cover the thrill I was feeling.

"Yes, boss."

A few minutes later I finished eating. Dagger stood up, and I followed him. I was about to go to the salesman when he suddenly stopped me which I also stopped.

"Where are you going?"

I pointed to the seller and said, "there. Just pay for what we ate, why?"

"I'll the one who oay, stay here."


"Shh, I don't want to push anymore. Wait for me outside."

I could do nothing but follow what he said. I left the cafeteria. I waited for him outside as he said.

From here on out I watched him inside while paying. I smiled and shook my head. He is really rigid and attractive. Even some old women in the cafeteria are staring at him.

A Dagger Santiago is really different. I just s

hook my head. Suddenly the smiles on my lips were erased when I felt my chin ache a little.

Trembling crawled on my chest and it was like a drum being drummed. I held my heart as my eyes widened. Not now please.

"Come on, Lola. So we can finish my assignments."

I was shocked when I realized he was behind me. I immediately straightened up as I stood and smiled at him as he faced me.

"c-come on," I told him as I walked ahead.

I was sweating and nervous. I hope not now, I hope not now that Dagger is here. I don't want him to know. I do not want him to discover my secret.

I did not wait for him when I entered our campus. I knew he was following behind me so I didn't bother to look back at him and wait. I need to finish what I am doing to get out of here.

I immediately headed to the secret place. When I saw this it looked like I had already run there. I have to hurry before everyone gets caught.

As soon as I sat down, Dagger came in front of me. He looked at me in surprise.

"Are you doing anything else today, Lola? Just tell me, we can postpone my assignments. After all, I still need it tomorrow."

I immediately shook. "No, we'll finish it now." I might not be able to open it again.

He nodded and then sat down on the chair in front of me. "All righ, it seems you have to do something else because you are in a hurry."

Suddenly my hands trembled when I felt the pain in my genitals again. I can feel the weakness of my strength and the gradual fading of my eyes.

He frowned then stared at me intently. "Are you okay, Lola? I guess you're pale? Does your stomach hurt because of what we ate? Aren't you used to eating—"

I immediately withdrew my hand that he should have held. He looked at me in surprise. "I-I'm fine, Dagger. Start there with your other assignments. D-don't worry about me, I'm just getting hot."

He nodded and turned to what he was doing, as I grinned at the pain I was feeling.

I feel sorry for it, not now. Please. Not yet.

I try to fight the pain I feel but I can't. It just spreads all over my head. My sweat is more sticky.

I could no longer bear it and I fell from my seat. "Aahh!"

I writhed in pain while holding my head. I felt Dagger approach me while confused.

"Lola ?! Lola ?! What's wrong with you ?!"

I held him in his arm. "H-help, Dagger. The pain. The pain. Ahh!"

"Shit, Lola ?! Lola ?! What the fuck ?! What ?! Hold on, I will take you to the nearest hospital! This is shit!"

I even smiled because he was worried about me, before I completely lost consciousness.

I gradually opened my eyes. A dazzling light immediately greeted me. I closed my eyes tightly to clear my eyes.

I rolled my eyes all around and rested deeply as I was probably in the place again where I was afraid. My sister Melody just got out of here two days ago. But here it is and I am here.

I added to Aunt Paulina's problem. I was lying alone in bed. I think I was taken to an expensive room. I was about to get up to get out of this hellish place when the door of my place suddenly opened.

Dagger's worried eyes greeted me. I was suddenly nervous and shook my head. Maybe I was just dreaming, but not because he was still here in front of me. Carrying food from McDo.

Back to my memory of how my pain attacked me in front of him. How I begged him to help me, that was so embarrassed.

My gad, Lola.

"You woke up, Lola. You ate, I ordered McDo. I know you are hungry. Your Aunt Paulina and your sister Melody are out there. We are taking care of you staying here, until you recover."

I wonder why he is smiling now as he arranges the food on the small table near my bed.

"I want to get out of here. I-I don't want to stay here. Get me out of here, Dagger." I cried to talk to him.

I did not notice that I was crying in front of him. "I can't, Lola. You need to be healed of that disease. So—"

"No! I don't want to! I'd rather die, Dagger. Rather than suffer here in this hell! Please feel sorry for me Dagger, get me out of here!" I lost my mind as I told him that.

He immediately approached me and stopped me. "No, Lola. You need to get well."

"No! No! I won't be fine Dagger! I only have a few days left. That's all I've been waiting for. P-please, I don't want to. It's too tiring. It's tiring here," I slowly fainted and stopped my loss.

Dagger just stared at me then held my hand. "W-why didn't you tell me you had such a serious illness? W-why, Lola? I hope I didn't make you my assistant if you told me—"

"I do not want to say. Because even during the hours I was with you I felt I did not have this pain. I want to be normal and strong when you are with me. But no, you already know the truth .."

He slowly wiped the tears from my cheeks. He hugged me very tightly.

I cried even more. Why? Why do I feel this way? Why do I feel I am not alone?

"Don't worry, Lola. Starting today. I will join you in your fight."

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