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   Chapter 4 Condition

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Chapter 4

I OPENED my eyes. I feel heavy. The dazzling light of my room greeted me. It's morning. I immediately got up and grabbed my head as it ached a little.

I frowned.

I rolled my eyes around. I rested well when I could not see Aunt Paulina and Melody inside. If so, they have no idea what happened to me. I closed my eyes firmly then prayed.

God, thank you. Thank you for not abandoning me. Amen.

I got up from my bed and then went to the bathroom. I need to act that I am okay so that I can go to school. I'm sure Dagger is waiting for me in his secret place again for his assignments.

"Shit! I should be on time!" I shouted in the bathroom.

I was gloomy as I walked to the secret place. My whole body trembled with the weight of my steps. What will I do? What can I say to Dagger? What will I excuse ?! He will kill me!

I almost broke my hand because of my tight grip on it. I look like this when I am nervous, my whole body is shaking, even my hand and lips when speaking.

Why didn't I wake up last night or early this morning? I wish I had done Dagger's assignments. Why did I wake up just this morning? Huhu! I must be on my dead path! Dagger will angry with me, I'm sure!

I felt like I was running out of blood when I saw Dagger's back on the bench. He sat in a chair and waited patiently. His bag was slung over his shoulder, it looked like he had been there ahead of time. I looked at the watch I was wearing, and nervousness pounded my chest when I saw what time it was.

I approached him with my eyes closed and then I called him in my trembling voice. "D-Dagger. . ."

I bent down when he suddenly stood up and faced me. "Haist, why are you doing and you are late now? I guess it's a miracle that you are now half an hour late? Do you know that I have been waiting here for an hour? It's just amazing that this just happened, that you were the one who is late, that I should. "

"I'm sorry, Dagger. . ." I sobbed apologizing to him.

I do not know why I cried because I did not do his assignments. I do not know about the weight of my feelings that I felt. Maybe I got used to doing his assignments all the time and now I failed to make it.

"Hey, Lola. Shit! Why are you crying ?! H-hey, don't cry! Maybe someone will see us, they will that I made you cry. Tss, sorry okay? I'm not angry," he told me. He even caressed my back.

I stopped sobbing but the tears still flowed through my eyes. "D-dagger, sorry. I-I didn't do your assignments. I fell asleep last night. . . s-sorry."

He stopped caressing my back. He fell silent and then silently returned to his seat earlier. "S-sorry, Dag. . . I'm going to do it now, I don't have any work anymore. I'll finish it. W-when will you pass these?"

"Let me do it . . ." he suddenly whispered, making me wonder.


"Give me my notebooks," he repeated as he said earlier.

I could do nothing but take his notebooks from my bag then I laid them on the small table in front of him.

"Are you crying because you didn't do me an assignment?" He asked me again causing me that stopped by what I was doing.

I looked up at him. Our two eyes met. I swallowed and then nodded. I could see how a small grin drew to his lips.

"That's how you love me, Lola? You just cry over a simple thing when it comes to me. Do you love me like that?" He asked me amusedly amused.

I, on the other hand, do not know what to say to him. I lost something to say and suddenly my mind went blank. I did not answer his question instead I just chose to be quiet.

"You don't need to waste your tears for me, Lola, 'caused I am not worthy of those tears of yours. And when I see you crying because of me, I felt that I am not enough to be with you," he said seriously while still staring at me.

At those times I looked like that my blood had run down my face. I was suddenly nervous.

What does he mean? Will he finish all this? Will it all end here? All my suffering?

"W-what do you mean, Dagger?" I asked him nervously.

He got up from his seat then approached me. "I mean, don't cry over the things I make you do that you didn't do. Because it just doesn't matter to me and it doesn't count anymore. And I don't need your tears, Lola."

"But, D-dagger—"

He immediately touched his index finger to my lips causing me to stop speaking. It seemed like slow motion.

"No buts, Lola. From now on, don't cry anymore. I don't want to see people around me crying, even you Lola. I don't want to see you crying."

Gradually his hands came down and he covered my whole cheek. He stared at me intently.

"I don't want to see your beautiful eyes full of sadness, Lola. Because when I see that, I can't help but be sad and hurt too."

Although I was confused by what Dagger was saying, I did not ask him what he was confessing. The only thing that comes to my mind is the rapid beating of my heart, the melting of my knees, the flying butterflies in my stomach, and the running rats in my chest. The warmth of my heart, and my smile without hesitation.

"Starting today, Lol

a. I need you to smile every day," he said while winking at me.


UNTIL NOW I still can't believe what Dagger was saying earlier, everything seems like a dream. Shit! I am thrilled, I am thrilled with what he is saying! Huhu! Is that how a Dagger Santiago gets amused? sh*t! It's deadly!

He doesn't want me to cry, which means he doesn't want me to be sad. Omg! What does that mean? I did not pay attention but I was already itching and sinking into my pillow. I can't help but think of what happened this morning, tonight.

But all of a sudden my smiles disappeared from my lips when my sister Melody suddenly came to my mind.

Yes, I will admit. I've been wanting Dagger for a long time, but I just can't show it to him because of my sister Melody. I do not want to hurt her. I love Melody and I will do everything to make her happy.

I got up from my bed, went to my study table. I stared at a box full of my sister's love letter for Dagger. I was holding my chest when I felt it tighten. I was sobbing.

I do not want to lie to my sister but I have to hide from her what I feel for Dagger. Even if I get hurt just don't my sister hurt. So I will do everything, just to convey to her beloved man her love for it even if it is very painful.

I wiped my tears from my cheeks when there was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Sister? Are you still awake?"

I headed for the doorway and opened the door. "Of course, come in. . ."

She smiled as she entered my room. She immediately approached my study table and dropped another love letter in the box.

"Sis, how are you giving my love letters to Dags? Is he already accepting?"

I approached her then I held her hand. "Coming soon, Melody. He'll accept that too when I finish what I'm doing."

"Omg ~ Ate ?!" The size of his smile as she jumped in front of me.

I smiled too. Those are the smiles I don't want to lose just because I love the man she loves too. I don't want to lose those smiles she also gives me pleasure. I don't want to hurt her just because of me, just because I love her man too.

"Yes, Melody. Come here, I will do everything. You can just send all that to Dagger."

She approached me then hugged me tightly. "Thank you very much, sister. Thank you. I love you."

I close my eyes when tears well up in my eyes. "I love you so much too. . ."

After a few minutes, she disappeared from my embrace.

"Am I the one to be thrilled --- ugh!"

My eyes widened when I saw how Melody writhed in pain as she clung to me tightly.

"S-sis. . . I can't breathe— ugh!"

I panicked and pulled her out of my room. I cried out loud. "Auntie! Help! Melody! Auntie!"

I FELT Tita's weak pat on my shoulder. We are now outside Melody's room. I looked at her.

"Your sister is still asleep, thank God she is fine."

I smiled then looked up. "Yes, aunt, she doesn't leave us alone."

She held my hands. "Let's just be strong, Lola. Let's not despair. Melody will get better. Your sister will get better," Tita encouraged me.

I nodded then smiled at her loosely. "I promise you, aunt. My sister will recover, she will never suffer from that disease again, ever."

"I hope so, Lola. I hope so."

I couldn't help but close my eyes when Tita hugged me. Tears were already dripping from my eyes.

I promise you, Melody. Everything will be fine as well. Lola promised that to you. Just be brave, don't do it now. Not yet.

"WHY DIDN'T you showned up in two days, Lola? Did you know that Dagger was looking to you? Did I look like the one who kidnapped you? Am I being accused!"

"My sister was attacked by her illness, Mar. So that I am gone for two days. . ."

She grabbed her by the mouth and her eyes widened. "My God! I do not know about that!"

She immediately approached me then held my hands. "How is Melody? Is she okay?" I nodded at her question then smiled.

"How about you, Lola? How are you? Is nothing wrong with you?"

I withdrew my hand from her. "I'm fine, Mar. Don't worry about me. What are you? I'm more worried about my sister. I don't want to see her hurt."

Mariana rubbed my back as I started to sob. "I saw her when she was attacked, I could not help but get hurt and worry. I do not want to see her look like she is writhing in pain. I do not want her to suffer," I continued.

"Come on, Lola. I know you can pass it on to siblings. Just don't give up. Don't do it now," Mariana let me cry.

She hugged me causing me to cry even more. "I don't know if I can still do it all this, Mar. I don't know if I can still do it, especially since all the facts are too heavy."

"Keep fighting, Lola. Don't think of the truth, think that no disease exists. Think everything is okay."

"How I can not think of that, if every day when I wake up that its opens me up?"

She squeezed my hand. "Think of it for what we depend on you, Lola. Even if only that, be steadfast."

I just kept staring at Mariana when she finished what she said. I just cried. I don't know if I can handle everything. Especially now that everything is slowly starting again.

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