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   Chapter 3 Slave

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Chapter 3

"THAT'S IT! ONLY THAT, listen carefully ..." I said while teaching him about his assignments.

Dagger's forehead was now furrowed as he stared at the paragraph I was pointing at him. He is good at Math but he is weak when it comes to English. I am weak when it comes to Math but good at English. It's the other way around.

He let go of the ballpen he was holding. We are now in the library, he suddenly pulled me somewhere and brought me here.

But it looks like I've been explaining this for an hour and he still hasn't learned anything yet. How could he not understand if he did not seem to be listening?

"Tss... I don't understand. You should the one who fix that. Stop teaching me," he also complained.

I stared at him wickedly. "You are unbelievable! Why aren't you listening? If you had been listening earlier you would have understood all of this."

I sighed heavily. "Tss, okay listen. Let's go back to the beginning."

He could do nothing but listen to me. I just smiled as I saw him frown. He is still handsome even his forehead furrowed. I giggled because of that.

I was in the middle of my writing when he suddenly stood up. I looked at him. "Oh? Why did you get up right away? We're not done yet, you might finish that first."

I heard his breathing deeply. "This is what I hate in English when it comes to paragraphing and sentences .." I heard him moaning.

I raised an eyebrow when I heard what he said. "You hate English but if you are speaking in English." I reasoned out, hardly.

"It is not that difficult to speak English, but it's complicated when it comes to the lesson and subject,” he admitted.

I nodded. I've been Dagger's 'slave' for almost a week, and I don't think I can get over everything he does. This is too much, too much that I want to kill him right now.

I have eyebags every day. Not only that but also having physical pain. Will he always send me his heavy bag out of the gate to his pickpocket.

I want the end of the month to come easily, but I can't avoid what is my real reason for doing this. I also couldn't help but be happy because I was able to get closer to him even with only a little time left.

"Let's go," he whispered as he finished putting away his belongings.

I frowned. "Where are we going? I'm not done pointing you out--"

I did not finish what I was about to say when he put away my belongings and put them in my bag lying on a chair. He picked it up and slung it over his shoulder.

He took my hand then pulled me out of the library. My eyes widened as I stared at his hand holding my hand.

"D-dagger ..."

"Don't ask me, if you want to ask."

I smirked and stopped myself from talking. I let him pull me wherever he wanted to go. My mind was buzzing at these times. I couldn't think properly.

I couldn't stop my heartbeat from speeding up. I could not help but shudder, especially in the fact that Dagger was now holding my hand.

He stopped walking when the two of us arrived at his secret place. I laughed suddenly causing him to look at me. He let go of my hand.

"Why are you laughing?" He frowned.

He was laying my belongings on the small table in front of the bench. He sat on one so I sat on the other, in front of him. I have already begun unveiling my need to re-educate him.

"No, I thought where we were going somewhere, but it ends up here."

"Tss ... why? Where do you think are we going?" He also asked me back.

I just shook my head and then just stared at the notebook I was holding. "Nothing, where did we stop earlier?"

He frowned, then took his notebook from me. He stared at it too. "There, we are in the sentences of mythology."

I was gloomy and stared at him seriously. "Do you believe in myth?"

"No .."

I frowned. He sparingly spoke and answered.

"Did you know that Hades is not a man but a woman?" I asked.

"What do I have to do with that? I don't care if she's a girl or a boy. The important thing is, I'm still handsome,” he answered proudly.

My eyes widened when I heard what he said. And this one is arrogant. I sighed then stood up. "What?! Are you handsome ?!"

He grinned then stared at me seriously. "Why? Is

n't it? How do you like me if I'm not handsome, right? Then women won't chase me if I'm not handsome."

It was as if my blood ran out of me when he winked after he said that. I just closed my mouth and then sat down quietly again.

"Just answer the questions there," I said as I averted my eyes from him.

Omg! Am I trembling ?! My gash! This is not happening!

I hid my face in the book I was holding. I close my eyes and bite the bottom of my lip as I try to keep it out of time.

Am I that vocal with how I feel? As far as I know, the love letter I gave him did not come from me but my sister Melody? Then I didn't tell him that I liked him!

He has had a thick face! Then he has not even read the love letter I give him, how can he tell me that it came from me? I could just be ordered to give it to him! He is assuming!

"If I became Cupid, I will choose you to be my Psyche."

I looked up at Dagger when he said that. I was stunned by my deep thought. My hands trembled as our two eyes met.

"And when I am Cupid, I will not let the woman I love disappear from my hands," he added.

I just gasped like that while just staring at him. Did he mean something in what he said?

"Is that okay, for the sentences I will answer here, Lola?" He asked me with a smile.

"Huh? D-don't ask me!" I was embarrassed as I shout at him.

Almost all of my blood flowed to my entire cheek when I heard his loud laughter fill around the secret place where we were.

"Thanks for making me laugh, my slave." Dagger said goodbye to me when we reached the exit of the gate.

I still can't look at him now, after what happened earlier in the secret place.

I handed him the bag I was carrying while I bent down. He still does not take what he took from my hand.

I looked up at him. "Won't you take it? My hands are numb! Do you think your bag is not heavy? It's so heavy!" I complained as I looked past his back.

I saw how he grinned at me. "Did you tremble before? Did you think you were the one I was talking about then? I just found out what you are assuming, Lola."

That was the reason my eyes widened again and he let go of his bag. Fortunately, he caught it immediately. My hand trembled with annoyance. He overreacts to me. It's not funny anymore!

"You're assuming! I'm not!" I lied.

"Well, see. . . that's why your cheek was already red," he laughed.

My eyes glazed over at him. "That's blushing because I'm disgusted!"

He grabbed his chin then stared at me with full of amusement in his eyes. "All right, I believe in what you ever reasoned out, I guess," he asserted and then winked at me.

I WAS STUPID as I stared at the emptiness. I also do not understand what Mariana is saying. I'm not in the right perimeter of mind right now, because I can't still forget what happened yesterday. I was embarrassed in front of Dagger Santiago.

"Ahh!" I shouted causing Mariana to stop her blabbering.

She looked at me unbelievably. "You don't want me to tell you now ?! After all, I did to you ?! You don't owe me anything ?! Just tell me if you don't want me to be your friend, I will stay away from you, Lola. I'm easy to talk to and-- "

"Get out."

She got up from her seat on my bed when she heard what I said. "A-are you serious?" She asked, trembling.

I nodded. "Yes, I'm serious."

She immediately knelt in front of me then smiled broadly. "Oh, that's only a joke, Lola. Hehe. That's not true," she smirked at me even more.

My smile looked even better.

I stared at her. "Leave my room first because I'm thinking. You go downstairs first. Wait there for me," I explained to her.

She breathed out a sigh of relief when she heard what I said. "Hey, I thought you were afraid that you don't want me as a friend anymore."

"That will not happen, Mar. You will be my best friend forever, and no matter what happens it will not happen.”

She hugged me tightly. "Me too, Lola. Me too."

"Come out first, we might cry here later."

We both just laughed because of what I said. "Okay."

After a while, she came out of my room and I was left alone while taking care of the pain I was feeling while holding my head.

Not again, please.

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