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   Chapter 2 Lola

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Chapter 2

"ALL OF THIS ?! Are you serious about what you are going you want me to do?" My eyes widened as I stared at him.

I can't imagine and accept that he will give me so many assignments and he will need them tomorrow. I shivered when he did not answer and only stared at me without emotion.

We are now in his secret place behind the school. At first, I did not know where he called the secret place is. I had almost wandered the entire campus before but I could not find it.

Fortunately, he sent me to one of his friends, so I am now in front of him.

"What? You already accepted my condition, didn't you? You will be my slave in one month, in exchange for the love letters you give me. Simply tell me if you don't want to. Address me easily," he said, seriously while still crossing his arms.

My eyes glaze over as I stare into space. I think I am slowly torturing his notebooks in front of me.

If only I could have done it earlier! Maybe I'm celebrating now because he's gone. But that is not going to happen, and that is what I hate the most.

I stood up then put away his notebooks and put them in my arm. I glared at him with annoyance. "Tomorrow morning, seven-thirty (7:30), you will be here in your secret place. Don't be late." I commanded to him.

"Yeah, of course. I'll do it. Just go!" he said, without any emotions in his eyes.

I ignored what he said and turned away from him. I stopped for a moment then looked at the notebooks I was holding, then I realized something that made me smile secretly.


"MY GOSH ?! Are you serious, Lola? This is so much! Thirteen ?! Thirteen assignments?! But you also had thirteen! Just in one night? Can you finish all of these?" Mariana reacted hysterically when I told her that I had a conversation with Dagger earlier.

We are going home now since our school is just a walking distance. We do this every day. Mariana is living next door so the two of us went home at the same time.

"I can do it, Mar. I will. Don't worry," I said with a wide smile.

She shook her head and then stared at me as if she could not believe it.

She took a deep breath first. "Are you going to kill yourself, huh? That so much, think about it, Lola. Ugh! It just because of that love letter!”

"Mar, relaxed. It looks like you don't trust me. If you are acting like that, it looks like you don't know me," I said sadly as my mouth pouted.

She punched me in my shoulder. "You! Give me half of those. I can take care f them.”

I gazed at her in disbelief. "Are you serious, Mar? Aren't you kidding? Have you eaten something today? I hope it doesn't melt and stay there in your stomach."

"Are you crazy? I'm serious! And what are you saying that I had eaten something? I haven't eaten anything! You see, you might have lost your mind. Give me half of that. I will only offer once, Lola, don't miss it, there will be no next time. "

I quickly gave him half of it and then smiled at her widely. "Oh, thank you very much, Mar. You're the best," I said while having a big smile on my face.

"Tss, don't thank me. I won't do this again. I do this because I'm in the mood," she artfully replied.

"Whatever, still, thank you, Mar ."

She just patted me on the shoulder and we continued our walk.

When she arrived at their house she immediately said goodbye. "All right, Lola. I'll give these to you tomorrow. Six (6:00) in the morning, okay?"

"All right, Mar. Thank you. I'll wait," I smiled, said goodbye then waved at her.

Marian entered the gate and I was left alone on the road. I breathed out deeply then stared at the sky. I felt that the cold air touch my skin.

It's getting late, I'm sure Tita is looking for me now.

I instantly went upstairs to my room when I arrived. I put Dagger's notebooks on my study table and prepared the things I would use later.

I went to the bathroom then put on the uniform I was wearing at home.

"Lola! Are you here?!"

I hurried out of the bathroom when I heard Tita's voice outside my room.

"Yes, Tita! I'm here!" I answered from inside. I headed to the doorway and opened the door. Auntie's worried face surprised up me.

"Where you from earlier, Lola? Melody and I were looking for you before. I was worried about you, did you have your dinner?"

I smiled then held her hand. "I'm sorry Aunt if I make you worried about me. Mariana and I went to the library earlier, so we had dinner. I won't do it again." I lied, hiding the truth.

I can't tell her that I met Dagger to get the assignments he asked me to do. I'm sure Tita will be mad and confront Dagger tomorrow! It's good for Tita doesn't know about it.

She took a deep breath then squeezed my hand she was holding. "Next time, text me, okay? So that I don't have to worry like this anymore. I can't forgive myself when something bad happens to you and Melody."

I nodded then held her hand tightly. "Yes, aunt. I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

"That's okay, as long as next time, you will say goodbye to Melody and me first. Arrange your things now, then go downstairs, when you're done so we can have dinner together," she said with

a smile.

"All right, aunt. Thank you."

When Tita came down the stairs, I rested deeply.

Aunt Paulina is the only one left in Melody's family. After mama died because of heart disease and Papa because of a car accident, Auntie Paulina is the one who cared for us, she even helped us.

She was a good sister of Dad and a good aunt and stepmother for Melody and me. He already treated us like his real child, maybe because he didn't have a child so she got closer to Melody and me. I am very grateful to her, for all her sacrifices and hardships barely filled Melody and me with the need for education and everything. She is also filled with love and longing. So my sister er and I are very lucky and she is our partner now.

Even though I know that Tita is having a hard time, she still tries to cope and shows us everything is okay, even though I know it is not okay when it comes to her.

I wiped my tears from my cheeks when I felt them dripping again. I wish that one day I would reciprocate her sufferings, for Melody and me.

I stared at the picture of Mom and Dad smiling. Melody and I were together. It's been two years when my mother left, and my dad left. Melody and I lost our lives almost at the same time.

I am only fifteen years old at that time, and Melody is thirteen. We were too young for them to leave but we could do nothing but accept that painful event. It's God's will, and we need to accept it even if it hurts. Time will heal us, but until now it still hurts to the point that I think about it.

I held the picture frame then stared at it.

"I miss you, mama and papa. I hope you are now happy, wherever you are. Don't worry about Melody's condition. We are fine, then Aunt Paulina does not leave us alone."

I wiped the tears from my cheeks again. A tear led to sobs. "I miss you so much, you will always remember that Melody and I love you very much."

I kissed the picture frame then hugged it. I just found my shoulder shaking from crying.

"Sis? Sis? Are you done with the removal? Tita is calling you, we are going to eat," I heard Melody called me outside my room.

I pretended quickly. I put the picture frame in its original location. I wiped my tear-soaked cheek.

"Yes, I'm going down, Melody. Please tell, aunt, that I'll be right next. I'll just finish this and the rest!"

I immediately arranged Dagger's notebooks and then sorted them. I will probably have another big eyebags tomorrow.


I gasped as I laid Dagger's notebooks on the small table when I arrived at his secret place. Quarter to seven I came here. And I shook my head when he is nowhere to be found. At least, I told him to meet me here at seven-thirty (7:30).

I looked around. This place looks like a secret place because students like me rarely passed by. Then you will not notice that there is such a view behind the University.

Why didn't I see this right away? Maybe I'm the one who's always here and not Dagger.

How did he find it?

I was gloomy and looked at the clock on my wrist. I have been waiting for half of an hour. Why didn't I have my breakfast first?

I touched the bottom of my eye and I was just breathing deeply when I realized how big and deep it was. "Hayts! It won't happen again, Lola. This is the last."

Fortunately, Mariana helped me if she didn't, I just don't know if I can still get in now because of my eyebags. I did not realize that I had fallen asleep waiting for Dagger to arrive.

I felt a weak tap on my shoulder. I moaned then I locked my head even more in my arms. I still want to sleep, especially when I having lacked slept last night because of Dagger's assignments.

"No ..." I muttered as I avoided my shoulder from the person who is tapping me.

I was about to smile when that person stopped tapping on my shoulder when I stood up in no time when I felt something cold dripping down my cheek.

My eyes widened when I looked at the person who did that. I touched my cheek and I felt it wet with water.

I could see Dagger's wide grin as he looked at me. "Sleeping beauty was awakened by her prince charming .."

My eyes narrowed then I blinked. I pointed my forefinger at him. "Hey! You! Why did you pour water on me, huh ?! Don't you know that I am sleeping? Do you know I have no sleep because of doing your assignments? Then now, you woke me up? Do you have no mercy? And what— you say that prince charming ?! You have a big face! You are not my Prince charming! "

He stared at me with full of amusement. He lets me scream. I stopped myself talking and I felt my cheeks thicken with shame.

"W-what are you staring at me ?!" I asked him nervously.

Instead of answering me, he just teased me and then sat on the bench. "Hey! Answer me!"

"Why? Isn't it? I am your prince charming right? You are in love with me, because of the love letters you give me. Don't you say that you like someone else besides me?"

I was stunned by what he said. I can see how dark his face is after he says those words.

What does he want to convey?

"W-what. . . I don't give anyone else a love letter. Just you. Did you hear that? Only you!"

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