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   Chapter 1 Dagger

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Chapter 1

"DAGGER! Wait for me!" I shouted at a man who was in a hurry to get out of the gate of the school we were studying at.

His face showed annoyance and irritation when he heard my voice calling him again. He ignored me and just kept walking.

I did not stop chasing him. I don't even care about my fellow students I bump into. Someone is complaining and I feel bad. Someone was shouting at me. But I have nothing to say. What is important to me now is that I can chase Dagger Santiago.

"Dagger! Just a moment! Dagger!"

I immediately grabbed his hand that was tucked into the pocket of his pants. He stopped walking and turned to me.

"What do you need from me ?!" He hissed.

It was obvious in his eyes that he was irritated by my presence. I have no idea what he is showing me.

I smiled at him with sweetness. I handed him a love letter at the same time. His gaze followed that. "What's that again? How many times that I tell you not to— "

"Take it! Stop making arguments with me,” I cut him off.

He stared at me in surprise. It was my first time that I answered him while he was still talking.

Dagger is handsome, the truth is, most of the women here on our campus are chasing him. He is smart, good in soccer sport, good at Math, good at singing and most of all, he is handsome and has a good physical aspect, and he is also s blessed with height.

But there are opposite from those I mentioned. He was stubborn and stuck. Not only that, but he is also a snobbery. It like he is not in this world, a loner or a mysterious type.

"I can't accept that," he denied directly in front of me.

I pouted. I know this will happen again. I know he will reject my letter again because he already rejected some of my letters.

"But Dagger, accept it. . . please. . ."

He stared me in the eyes. "I am sorry, but I have to go.”

He took my hand holding his wrist then turned his back on me. He left me dumbfounded.

He didn't accept my love letter again. What is his problem?


"Sis Lola! Did he accept the letter?" Melody happily asked me when I got to our house.

She is my sister, and we are only two. She is in third-year high school while I am in fourth-year high school.

And Dagger is my batchmate but we are in different sections.

My sister's smile suddenly faded when she saw the sadness on my face. And it looks like she can read that in my eyes.

She sat on the sofa as her tears flowed. "H-he never accepted again.”

I immediately let go of my shoulder bag and approached to comfort her. But she cried even more. "S-sorry, Melody I didn't force him again. . . sorry I did nothing.”

She nodded while sobbing. "It's okay, sis. I know he won't accept it again. I just can't help to get hurt.”

I hugged her and caressed her back so she could stay in her crying. I know it hurts for her when she finds out Dagger rejects her love letter again.

"Don't worry, youngest. I will take again another way so that Dagger will accept your letter.”

She stopped from whimpering and looked at me. I could see hope in her eyes. "Sis? You will take away?"

I nodded at her while smiling. "Yes, I will take away."

She hugged me tightly, and at that moment I could feel her joy. "Thank you so much, sis, thank you very much.”

I could not destroy and deprive her of happiness, even though I was in so much pain.


THE morning I went to school easily and brought my sister's love letter again to give to Dagger.

Melody has long admired Dagger, and that is why she always sends letters to Dagger. Where I am the bridge to get that to the man she loves.

But even in one of her letters, Dagger did not accept anything, he always refused the love letter I gave him. So my sister feels very sad. And I do not want to see my dear sister unhappy.

This time I will not allow Dagger to reject the love letter I will give him again. Because this is the only way to bring joy back into my sister's eyes.

I can't blame my sister for falling in love with that man. Dagger is mysterious, thus Melody admires him. Dagger smiles captivate women. Even though he smiled once, he could make the panties of women dropped.

Dagger's eyes melted. His red lips seemed to taste good. He has brown eyes that I can't get enough of but to stare at.


slapped my forehead because of my thoughts. I shouldn’t have done that, what would Melody just say to me when she found out that I thought about Dagger?

When I saw Dagger coming out of a room I immediately appeared in front of him. I looked surprised at him because his eyes suddenly widened. I would have laughed if he hadn't just shouted.

"You again ?! Then now you are shocked ?! What do you need ?! If it is again about the love letter you give me every day, I tell you. I will not accept that ... "

He should have passed me by when I spoke instantly. "Anything I will do for you, as long as you just accept this love letter I give you! Please. . . Dagger."

He turned his back in front of me, and I did not know if I would be happy when he did that.

"You are willing to do anything? Just for that love letter?"

I nodded, even if, I couldn't too! For my sister, I will do everything, just to make Melody happy.

It's up to Batman, Ironman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, everyone that has a man.

"All right," he said, unexpectedly.

My eyes widened and I couldn't help but smile broadly.

I approached him and stared intently. "Really? Aren't you kidding? As in ?!"

"Do I look like I'm joking, Miss Lola Maximo?" He angrily asked me again.

I jumped because of satisfaction, then I suddenly hugged him. "Thank you very much, Dagger. You do not know how you made me happy. Thank you!"

I can feel how he straightened when I hugged him. But I was not isolated because of that. I'm so happy now, I don't feel comfortable anymore. I'm sure my sister will be happy with my good news to her later.

I let go of him and he still looked stunned by what had happened. "Here, please read it right away, Dagger."

But he just stared at what I was handing him— the love letter. He sneezing before looking away from me.

"I said, I agree to accept that love letter when you have done everything I will ask you to do."

"Huh? What do you mean?" I wondered, did I mistaken for what he meant a while ago?

Does that mean he can't read my sister's love letter for him yet?

"You will be my slave for one month, in exchange for the love letters.”

My eyes widened because of what he said. Is he saying that I will be his slave for a month in exchange for Melody's love letters for him? Does that mean that after a month he will receive the love letters ?! What ?!

"No! That couldn't be!”

He slammed into his pants. "That is my condition, Lola. If you don't want to, then it's okay. I will not accept that love letter of yours."

Why is he so nasty? Do I look like a servant to him? Then, a slave for one month? How could he?!

He was about to leave when I spoke with my eyes closed. "All right, I agree to be your slave for a month in exchange for the love letters I will give you."

He smiled annoyingly at me. And in those moments, I seem to regret my sudden acceptance of his condition.


Mariana was very upset with me when she got to the bench where I was sitting. Usual, she brought her intriguing face again.

"What did I hear from our classmates, Lola? You said you were being a slave by a Dagger Santiago, is it true?" She immediately asked as she sat down next to me.

I took a deep breath then continued reading the book I was holding. Why would I even answer her question if the statement is true? Nothing will change if I lie to her.

"So, it's true. Silence means yes," she is the one who confirms and nods.

I did not answer her again. "Are you doing this again because of your sister and— "

"That's it, Mariana, so I hope you understand. You know the reason why I do this for my sister."

She took a deep breath then tapped me on the shoulder. She stared at me gently, "go ahead if that's what you want and want to do to your sister. I'll support you."

I smiled and then hugged her. Sometimes, Mariana can count on, when it comes to serious conversation. And I am glad that she became my best friend.

"Thank you, Mar. Thank you," I said as I hugged her tightly.

"Just promise me you will be safe, Lola. Promise me."

I nodded then smiled greatly. "I promise, Mariana. Promise, I will be safe. Don't worry."

"It's good then, I'll give you some coke and a sandwich later."

I laughed then stood up and followed her.

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