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   Chapter 5 05 - Want

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Autumn After the guard incident, we made our way to the elevator. I pushed the stroller inside the elevator and stopped outside it. Sir Jaxon raised a brow in confusion, “What are you doing? Get in.” I shook my head and smiled shyly. “I'm wet. I don't want to mess up the elevator as well.” He chuckled. “Such a caring heart, but I don't mind. You're my children's caretaker, after all.” “But, Sir Jaxon . . . .” As I was about to protest, he looked me straight in the eye, which stopped me to continue what I was about to say. “This is my company. You follow what I say. Now, get in,” he reasoned and made a hand gesture for me to get in quickly. I'm soaking wet. Water started dripping from my clothes down to the elevator floor. This is so embarrassing. His children on the stroller were reaching for me, but I moved away. “No, sweeties. My clothes are still wet, and I can't carry you guys. I might spread sickness.” From the corner of my eye, I saw Sir Jaxon's lips move up, but when I looked at him, he's back with his stone-cold expression. Was it just my imagination? The elevator door dinged. I pushed the stroller out. Sir Jaxon was walking right behind me. “Let's go to my office,” he ordered, and of course, I nodded. When we entered his comfort zone, he carried his children to the sofa and loosened his necktie. The children, I assume, felt the warm comfort of the room because the heater was turned on, which made them sleepy. I shivered and hugged myself, I got soaked in the rain in exchange for the kids to be dry, I'm happy about that, but at the same time, I'm suffering because I feel cold even if the heater was already turned on. “Take your clothes off,” he ordered. I stiffened and my whole body heated up. In just a minute, he took out a polo and gave it to me. “Take your clothes off and wear this, I don't want their caretaker to get sick,” he said with a serious face, but when my gaze shifted to his ears, those were pinkish red. Well . . . that's weird. “But I don't have any skirt or undergarments as—” He cut me off and asked. “Is your lower undergarment wet?” He averted his gaze from me. “No . . . not really,” I answered and looked down. I can't look at him anymore because of such topics. “Don't mind the skirt, my polo is pretty much bigger than you. It's enough to cover your lower half. Take a shower as well,” he answered and turned around, and pointed to the bathroom. “Yes, sir,” I whispered and hurried to his office's bathroom. The bathroom was big enough for three people. I guess you can get a double-sized bathroom if you're rich. You could even sleep here. I giggled to myself and locked the door. I slowly stripped before entering the shower. Everything here had a golden lining, making me feel like I'm a queen by just bathing. I never thought that bathrooms could be in so much luxury. I turned the shower on using the red

knob, which means that warm water will come out. As warm water rained on me, I felt better, and it feels like I'm in a sauna, a shower sauna, I guess? Yep, I don't know how to describe my surroundings that much, it's just a great feeling. Once I was done, I used the only towel, which was Sir Jaxon's towel, and wore the polo he gave me. I reused my underwear and hung my wet clothes on a pole. I stepped out of the bathroom and saw him doing his work on his desk. The children are still playing on the sofa. When he noticed me, his eyes went wide, and averted his gaze from mine. I guess it is embarrassing when a woman wears your clothing. I walked over to his side for no reason and watched the view from up here. Below, the rain is scary, but up here, it looks like the sky is crying and it wasn't its intention to hurt anybody. I touched the glass window as I looked at the rain continuously pouring over the city. I guess storms weren't that scary if you watch it from a better view. “Scary, but beautiful as well, isn't it?” Sir Jaxon spoke behind me. “I agree, sir.” I smiled at him and unexpectedly, he gave me back a smile, a genuine one. My heart started beating fast when he stood beside me. He didn't talk nor touch me, but we were just inches apart, and his body heat was affecting me. I was just about to say something when the door opened. “Sir Jaxon.” Sir Jaxon and I turned our heads in shock. A guy who is a staff member looked at us with wide eyes. “I might be disturbing you, sir. I'm sorry.” “It . . . it isn't what you think!” I shouted and looked around for a place to hide, but the sofa is just too far for me to run to. I panicked, but Sir Jaxon placed a hand on my shoulder. “Get in. What do you want to say?” Sir Jaxon casually asked. “You have an urgent meeting, Sir Parker” the man replied, looking down. “Alright, I'll be leaving then, please take care of my children.” He nodded to me and I bowed my head. He walked over to the man and started explaining that it isn't really what he thought it to be. The man nodded and bowed to me as well as an apology. After that, they walked away, leaving me and the children alone. “Why did it have to be like that.” I sighed and made my way to the sofa. Well at least . . . Sir Jaxon doesn't have a dirty mind. Just a professional kind boss. Smiling at myself, I skipped my way to the cute children who looked tired from playing. “Ma . . . ma.” They reached out to me with such sleepy eyes. I gently pat their heads and laid down for them to use my arm as a pillow. Because the pillows here were too big for them to use. The other hugged then faced me, the other one held my thumb. These two kids are so lucky to have Sir Jaxon as their father. I continued to stare at their faces and within a few minutes, my eyes slowly closed, feeling a warmth in my chest. I would want to have children like them.

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