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   Chapter 4 04 - Attraction

Babysitting the Billionaire's Twin By Lunaaaaa_ Characters: 5932

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Autumn I saw myself here in front of his mansion, all I could say is this is amazing because the mansion was bigger than the other estate that I saw on the television. Amazement filled me, but I got back to my consciousness when he coughed. “Shall we?” he asked. That made my cheeks red; my face was so awkward. I think my mouth became a little more open than the flies could enter it. I tried to hide my shyness when he opened the door. He offered his hand to me so that I could remove my shoes freely. What a gentleman. When we entered the mansion, all I could say was that it is so gorgeous on the outside, especially on the inside. The equipment and design were so beautiful and unique. Maybe those were limited editions, or they can only be found in other countries. It's my first time to see a mansion. I feel like I've seen this before. I just can't remember where and when.

“Well, I want to tour you around my house, but I need to go to work. Maybe you should wait for me when I get home. Wait for me at the twin's playroom. Is that okay?” He asked. I just gave him a nod. I thought that he had a maid, but it looks like he was the only one who was living here with the twins. I was about to ask more questions when he entered the twin's playroom and gave them a peck. “If you need anything, just give me a call. My number is in the note on the fridge. By the way, you should go around the house, so you can be familiar with it,” he said. I just gave him a nod so that he knew that I understood what he said.

After that, he just waved at me. He opened the door and went to his job. Can I say where are my kids, too? Just kidding. “Ma-ma,” they said to me again. Like what Jaxon did, I gave them a peck on the cheek and hugged them. Well, this will be a tough day for me. I gave them a toy and was about to cook for myself in the kitchen when they cried which annoyed me. I washed my hands and went to carry them. It's like I'm carrying a stone with my two hands. Maybe the most challenging thing in my life is living in the slum area where the sound of crying babies seemed to not end, gossips of people that can ruin your status. That happened to me before I got here. They gossiped that I got a sugar daddy so I could get away from that area. They said that I would get rich because of that. Who wants to be a rich person? But fooling a person is another level.


I was back at my unconsciousness when one of the twins cried. Oh, shoot. I don't even know their names. He didn't even tell me before he left. But if I text him about their names, wouldn't I disturb him in his work? “Maybe we should go out. Maybe you're bored in this mansion because the two of you were always holding your toys,” I said while talking to them. We will go out once they're done eating my homemade cereal. It is a good thing that all of the ingredients are here. “Say ah,” I happily said while feeding them. They clapped their hands. How I

wish to have kids like them. Maybe soon. After a while, I just removed their dirty clothes and got them a new one. It's a nice thing that they have a stroller here. Maybe Jaxon tours them outside. We went to the park and someone greeted me. “You have a beautiful child, ” he said while flirting with me. I sighed because of annoyance. I just pushed the stroller past him. After a minute, the rain started to pour. I pushed the stroller until we're in a building. “What do you think you're doing, miss? Go outside. You're not welcome here,” he angrily said. When I looked at him, I saw the company's name. Parker Company. Who is this guard? Is he a new one? “We will go out when the rain stops. I can't go outside because my children will get sick!” I said. It's getting colder here because of the aircon. But he disagreed with me and started a debate. “You know, miss, this is a business company. If you don't have any business here, go outside because if my boss sees you, he will be angry at me,” he added. I can sense his anger. Some people started to look at us, but even he can't give me an order, especially if it's all about the kids. “No, sir, I will not go outside. How could you fathom the thought of children going to that storm?” I said while confidently looking at him. I am the right one in this situation. Even though it's a big company, I can't sacrifice the health of these kids, or I will be the one who will get scolded by their father. And besides, this is their father's company, too. “You left me with no choice,” he said and started to push us, but a voice stopped him. “What's happening?” Jaxon said while walking downstairs. When he saw me, he hurried to go to us and carried the twins. The people and the guard were shocked. “Sir, this woman is entering our company. She's soaking wet,” the guard reasoned out, but Jaxon just gave him a death glare. “You're fired!” he hissed.

The guard begged, “Sir, I have a family, please.” “What would happen to my children if I didn't go down? Care to explain?” he shouted. This is the first time that I saw him this mad. I tried to calm him down by holding his shoulder. “Jaxon, that's fine. I will protect the twins, and I have a fault, too, because I didn't inform him that they were your children,” I explained, trying to save the guard. “Well, that's an improper manner,” Jaxon said. I ended up protecting the guard who shooed me a while ago. “Just give him a chance, please, for me,” I pleaded. He just sighed and nodded. “Thank you, sir,” the guard said to him, but he just answered with a cold tone.

“Thank her because she was the one who saved you,” he stated. The guard thanked me. I just answered him with a nod. When the guard left, he spoke, “You're truly a kind person. You surprise me, Autumn.

I felt his sincerity when he said that. A strange sensation ran through my body. I felt hot even though it's raining and the aircon is still open.

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