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   Chapter 3 03 - Tyron

Babysitting the Billionaire's Twin By Lunaaaaa_ Characters: 7395

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Spring One year has passed when I was catenated to become the heiress of a business. Everything that happened to me was frustrating this past week. I was busy doing my PowerPoint presentation but suddenly got interrupted when my secretary knocked on my office door. “Give me some good news,” I abruptly said to her when she entered my office. “Ma’am, the CEO of the Reign Company, wants to pull out their investment,” she gently uttered. I abruptly held my temple and massaged it. My day has been hell, and she just heightened it up. “Get out!” I yelled at her. She got nervous because she ran away from my office. When she closed the door, I fell on my seat. I need to relax, even for a short period. I honestly do not know what I am going to do. Our sales declined this past month because of the newly opened flower shop in France that hauled our customers. That’s the reason why those investors decided to pull out their stocks from ours. I know that later when I get home, my dad will dispute me again, and will just repeat all the things they have done to me. I don’t even know that this company will be like this! I think it is better if I meet Ajax. He’ll surely obliterate all my frustrations that I was feeling. I bought a beer for us to drink. I don’t have the eagerness to attend the board meeting now because I know that something good will not happen. I have a key to Ajax’s condo because I always sleep there. We have been together for two years. I don’t want to be chained to a man, but my father wants me to marry to boost up our company. He already did this before, but the man decided to divorce, and I had the chance to be with my fiancé, Ajax. When I opened the door, I saw two shoes on the floor. What angered me is the other pair of shoes that has a heel. It's a stiletto. I don’t want to believe what my mind was suspecting unless I saw everything. I slowly entered with beers in my hand. The door is slightly opened. My whole body stiffened from what I saw. This usually happens to a girl who caught their man having sex with another girl, but I can’t believe that this will happen to me. I don’t know what I am supposed to do. I now know what that it feels like when heaven and earth fell upon you. This day has been a bad, fucking day. A company pulled out their investment stocks, and then this happened! My fiancé just cheated on me. What a fucking day! I chose the thing I want to do. I threw the two beers I’ve been holding to the painting above the headboard of the bed that shocked him. He abruptly pushed the girl, whom I recognized as Amore, the girl I’ve been jealous of for a long time, even before. He told me that they don’t have a relationship. They’re just workmates. I don’t know if I'm supposed to laugh because they got wet from the beer I threw out to them, or feel the pain. After all, I didn’t listen to my sibling when he said that Ajax is a cheater. I laughed when he just suddenly hugged me, looking crazy wearing his shirt like nothing had happened. Some men do things that looked like they didn’t even care for doing perfect shits. “Babe, let me explain. What you saw was wrong,” he said while hugging me. My tears were deliberately falling to my cheeks, like a hare running in a race. “Wrong! Can you see this ring?!” I said while pushing him away. I immediately put my ring off my finger and threw it at the girl. “You are too stupid! And you, girl, you will be blessed! Here’s my palm!” I rushed to her angrily and slapped her face with full exert of effort. She did not fight back. I hurriedly went out of his condo and threw his keys somewhere. I immediately rode to my car and drove it fast. I

don’t know where I am going. If I go to our house, I’ll just see my parents' faces who will scold me because of my stupidity. I stopped at a park and abruptly went out of my car when suddenly, there’s a man I bumped into. I fell off the ground. I could've shouted, but I felt more pain from what I’ve experienced today. I saw him panicking because many people were already looking at us. That’s why he offered his handkerchief to me. “Miss, are you hurt? I’m sorry. I was on my phone,” he said, asking for forgiveness. I’m shocked when he suddenly turned his back on me and looks like he wants me to ride on him. Looks like he’ll carry me on his back. “It is embarrassing if you cry here. I know someplace for you to pour that out,” he added from what he said. I do not know if I’ll trust him, but I just saw myself riding on his back. I can even smell his perfume. I can tell that it is a Tom Ford Noir because my dad also has this. “What happened to you?” he asked. I also don’t know if it is okay to open up to a stranger. However, he looks trustworthy. I also want to pour these things that happened to me today. And we will not see each other because I have loads of work in our company. We stopped in a quiet place, with no people. What you can only see are the river and some plants. Is this the place he was talking about? “You know what? This is my favorite place because every time I go here, the pain, hatred, and sadness that I feel fade. They always say that if you want to lessen all your burdens in life, just shout it out loud. Don’t you want to give it a shot?” he asked, smiling. He is a gorgeous man. He is handsome. “You go first,” I told him shyly while wiping my makeup. “I don’t even have—”

I tried to turn my back at him. He sighed. “Okay, okay,” he said, raising his two hands as a form of surrender. “I don’t want this. I don’t want to become a CEO because I need to marry a person I don't even know. How can I love a woman when I don’t know anything about her? Tell me, Mom and Dad, what’s your problem? Why do I need to marry that woman? Why me?!” he shouted angrily. My mouth fell because we have the same situation. I immediately tapped his shoulder. He even smiled slyly at me. “Hey, that also happened to me. Karma got back to me because I chose the wrong person. He cheated on me. I even have a problem with my sibling because of that man,” I told him. “I had a girlfriend before. We went to the States. I asked her to marry me, but her answer is no because she doesn’t want a life connected to a business. She wanted me to be the only one who had to work because she doesn’t know anything about business. I understand her, but not my parents. They told me to break up with her because I won’t get anything from her. But I fought and proposed to her. She just hugged me and said that she got pregnant by another man while I was in the States for our business,” he continued and started to cry. This is my first time to see a man cry. Not even my dad. We slowly felt each other’s vibe, and later on, we started to laugh. They’re right that it’s better to open up with someone you do not know because they won’t judge you. “By the way, what’s your name?” he asked me. I stopped talking. “It is okay if you will not tell it. I’m Tyron, son of the owner of Seeds Company,” he said. He reached out his hands to mine, asking for a handshake. I slowly accepted his hand and smiled at him. “My name is Spring Saunders. We have a Flower Company,” I told him. And from that moment, all my frustrations fade away. P.S. Autumn and Spring are twins. I wrote her point of view because she has involvement and connection to the story.

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