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   Chapter 2 02 - His Proposal

Babysitting the Billionaire's Twin By Lunaaaaa_ Characters: 6539

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Autumn “What?” I asked because I didn't hear what he said.“Can you repeat it?” I asked again but, he just stares at me and started to speak.“Is that the way you talk to your soon-to-be boss?” He said while I started to apologize because of what I did, that's right, I don't have any rights to ask him and the fault is mine because I didn't focus on what he said.

“Ah, my apologies, Sir Jaxon, I didn't mean to not hear the last sentence you said. I am just mesmerized by the view up here,” I said while flashing a smile. He just stared at me in the eyes like he was reading what's on my mind.

“Oh, well, is this your first time to be here in my hotel?” he asked, emphasizing the word my. The truth is, this is my first time to be here in his hotel, and I could say that this is so amazing. Such an honor for me to be here. I know Lea wouldn't believe it when I say that I saw Mr. Parker's office, not on television, but in reality. “Yes, your office is so breathtaking. The view from here is my favorite part. I am sorry for asking, but may I ask why I am here?” I asked. It's too late when I realized what I said. It's like we're going to do something here. I shook my head because of the thought that it is not right. I need to control it and don't think about things that were not about the reason why I came here. The only reason I am here is because of the job. I don't want to lose this opportunity. “Oh, yes, I am the one who will interview you for the position,” he replied. I felt my blood wake up because of what he said. That means the position of being a receptionist is yet taken. And take note, he will be the one who will interview me. “Why do you want to be a receptionist?” he asked while I was thinking of what I should reply. The reason why I want to be a receptionist is that I am tired of being a waitress. It is so noisy and the chef there is so rude. I needed this job so that I could earn money. I dream of having a flower shop in the future. “I want to get this position because I know I will be good at it. I am a very organized person. I can manage my customers and comfortably talk to others,” I answered with so much confidence. I could say that I am qualified to get the job that I want and manage it in my way. “Do you have any experience of being a receptionist?” he added, not showing any amazement on his face. “Sir, I don't have any experience of being a receptionist, but I know how to handle my patience and I can also—” He cut off by tapping his fingers on the table, causing a loud, thump noise. “Don't repeat the same answer on the other question. Can you skip the part of what is written in your resume? I want to hear an impromptu and real answer,” he said. His eyes were looking at the pen he was holding. I didn't know that the interview would be like this. I thought he would just ask what was on the resume. “So, you're a waitress before. Why should I entrust you this position?” he asked. His eyes were looking now in my eyes. I don't know what to answer. “Just like what I said—” He cut off again. What should I say? I felt my cheeks going red because of the anger I was starting to feel. “Tut-tut, if you're just going to repeat your answer, I don't want to hear it.” I tried to cal

m myself because I can't concentrate anymore. “Um, I am a companion before of a professional doctor so—” He cut me off again. I'm about to burst out in anger when he stood up and he leaned his face to me. “Can you stop saying what was on your resume and give me something real?” he said. My anger faded when I saw his eyes. It is so mesmerizing. It is so beautiful, but how can I speak when he always cut me off? I frowned. He gave me a nod that I didn't understand. It seemed like I needed to try again. He was probably testing my patience on how long I can handle it. If he wants a real answer, I will give it to him. He fixed his sitting position, so I started to say a word. “If you want the truth, Mr. Jaxon, I will say it to you. I am just a waitress when my acting parents died in an accident. It's been a year and I still don't know what happened to me or who I am. I don't even know who my birth parents were. The only thing I know is I need to survive every day because no one will do it for me. I need money to feed my empty stomach. Yes, I don't have any experience of being a receptionist, not like the others who are applying. I am just sharing a house with my best friend, but I have a lot of patience because of where I live. You know, in a slum,” I said, realizing what I spilled, I don't know how I can face him anymore. “Did my answer satisfy what you want to hear, sir?” I continued, not giving him any gaze.

“Ms. Saunders,” he called. Shyness spread through my body. How can I talk to him when he already knows the full story of my life? “You're so brave,” he praised me. Is this real? But I felt something heavy in my chest. It was so massive that even my closest friend didn't know what I had been through. “Maybe God put me in this situation because He knew that I could do it,” I said, trying to smile in front of him. “You're so brave to let me know what you had been through. I don't want to waste the opportunity to have you as the caretaker of my twins,” he said, but the words he said didn't sink in my head. What did he say? “Tell me, do you like children?” he asked. It surprised me. What is the connection of it for being a receptionist? “Uhm, what is the connection between children and applying for the position to be a receptionist?” I asked, not answering his question. He just fixed his gaze on me. “The position was taken because you didn't show up in the interview a while ago. They already hired someone,” he explained, but I feel sad. I just let the opportunity pass. I was about to stand up when he held my wrist. “You didn't understand what I said?” he asked. I was left confused while sitting on the chair. “The interview is for being the caretaker of my children. I could say that you have the qualities I was looking for,” he said, taking what he said as praise. The interview that made me cry earlier is for being a caretaker. So it means that he pushed my patience to the limit so he would know if I am qualified for being a caretaker? “Well, if you accept my offer, how about you live in my mansion?” he asked. This time, I am speechless. It's like a boyfriend inviting me to live with him. Am I ready to see him everyday and try not to pay attention to his attractive face?

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