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   Chapter 1 01 - Twins

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Autumn I've been spending hours checking myself in front of the mirror to see if my decision to wear a skirt was just right. I matched it with a long-sleeved top for today's interview at a company called Jaxon. Days had also passed when I got fired in a restaurant as a waitress. It's a good thing that I got out of there since I can't stand the anger of the chef whenever he's not in the mood. Add the fact that my back already hurt by resting on Lea's couch. I started to roll my hair out in front since I've been blow drying it for quite a while. I also sprayed a bit of perfume and got out to wait for a tricycle that'll take me to the place of the interview. “Tricycle!” I shouted. A tricycle stopped just in front of me. Looking at the guy, I think he's only around my age. “Where to, Ms. Beautiful?” he asked. I didn't pay attention to his question because I'm used to being praised. Especially if it's about physical looks. Because for me, the beauty of the heart is better than what can be seen by the eyes. I've been working for so long for myself when the doctors who took care of me died. They were the ones who helped me when I didn't remember anything from my past. They said that they saw me in Europe, alone, and had no one to pay the hospital to discharge me. The couple pitied and helped me. “Parker Company, please,” I answered and listened to the noise outside. Within a few more minutes, we stopped in front of a tall building. It's taller than the ones I saw on television. The one who owns this is undoubtedly loaded with money.

I gave the tricycle driver 20 pesos worth of money. “Miss, it's 30, not 20,” he said harshly. I rolled my eyes. We did not travel that far, but he's overpricing it. I gave him a 10 peso. He immediately left as I walked inside the building. Instantly, a guy with blonde hair came over to me. He also had great features, if not for his uniform, he would be mistaken as a model. “Good morning, ma'am. Welcome to Parker Company,” he greeted with such a lively vibe. I greeted him back. “So, you're the new person who will apply as a receptionist. The interview will happen in room 316. Just be careful because it's close to our boss' office— our boss if you'll pass,” he reminded me. Instantly, I smiled and thanked him. It's good that he told me that their boss' room is close to the interview room. I should stay quiet when I go there. I hope I'm still not late for the interview or else, I'll lose this opportunity that I've been waiting for. I pressed the elevator button. As it moved up. I feel nervous about what will happen in the interview. I hope that I'll get accepted. When the elevator dinged and opened, I immediately got out and searched for room 316. When I saw it, I instantly knocked, but nobody answered. I looked around and saw a newspaper on a chair. Jaxon Parker. The picture and the name were highlighted. This guy, even though he's just inside a photo, still looked handsome. What if you meet him in person? I bet that's going to be a whole, different level. My friend would probably laugh at me if she knew that I'm here at Parker Company to apply. “Mr. Parker is known as the youngest businessman from the Philippines who has 20+ businesses that are top-selling; 50+ partnerships all over the world. And he is also always on the news because of his inspiring story about how he became a successful man. He turned a simple apartment that he had before to a now biggest hotel that you can find anywhere in the world.” He's terrific. With just a simple apartment before, now it's a hotel. And it's not only a simple hotel but the biggest one in the whole world. He has so many achievements. Maybe I'll also be like this if I chose to be a doctor like them. I was about to sit when I heard a sound coming from the side of the second floor. I went outside to investigate what's there when I saw twins, which, I think, were only one-year-old. I quickly went to their side, worrying about what might happen to them. I wonder who their parents are. I hope they realize where they left their children. When I was about to stand up, the twins cam

e close to a vase. It fell and broke. The child was just about to touch it when I shouted help. That frightened the twins. I went to their side to calm them down when they cried. They eventually calmed down, I'm sure that their parents are lovely. They're too young, yet they're already beautiful and handsome. Nervously, I decided to carry them both down to the receptionist. Their parents might be searching for them. Once I'm at the reception area, the other ran away. I immediately ran and carried the child. “What do you think you're doing with my children?” A voice so cold came from behind me which startled me. He looks so handsome that my jaw would drop. I realized he's the one in the newspaper. Don't tell me that's Mr. Jaxon, the one who owns this company? “Can you stop staring at me? What do you think you're doing with my children?” he repeated that put me back to my senses. Once I made the baby face him, the child immediately called him da-da. The baby clapped and the other eventually did the same. Worry was evident on his face. He instantly took them from me. “Don't worry, da-da is here.” He gently patted the child he was holding. It's clear that he loves them. His heart is just so soft when it comes to his children. He's far from being the cold CEO of the company. “How did they end up with you? Where is Janice? She is their watcher, fuck,” he cussed. I'm still not looking at him. Does he think that I have bad intentions? “Excuse me, sir, but I want to defend myself. I saw the twins at the corner and carried them to give them back to their parents. I didn't know that you're their father, so please, understand,” I answered, smiling at him. He ignored me. Suddenly, one of his children held onto my leg and spoke, “Ma-ma.” I felt their father's stare as I carried his child that was clapping in joy. “Da-da,” the child said, causing me to look at him. “Sir, the twins are missing—” The woman's sentence cut off when she saw the twins that she was talking about. “You're late, what was my order to you?” Sir Jaxon said to her. She immediately bowed her head. “Sorry, sir,” she answered. I don't know her, but I need to make sure that it's not her fault “Sir, don't blame her. I'm sure that it's hard to handle two kids; the reason why she lost her attention to them. These two were alright, no bruises or anything,” I told him. Even if he wasn't that convinced, he still nodded. I saw Janice, rolling her eyes at me. Did I say anything wrong? “Uhm, I didn't know that you're already married,” I shyly said. A soft laugh came from him. He's still handsome even when he's laughing. “You didn't read the newspapers, did you?” he asked and I nodded. “I'm not married. I just have two children to take care of,” he mentioned. I nodded again. When I looked at the clock, I realized that I'm too late for the interview. “I'm sorry, but I need to go now. Good morning, Sir Jaxon and Ma'am Janice,” I said and rushed to get to the elevator. I knew it. I'll be late for the interview. My hunch was right when I saw the word closed. I slumped on the floor. I was about to cry when someone spoke behind me. “Sir Jaxon wants you to meet him in his office, room 318,” Janice said. I quickly stood up since I didn't have any reason to meet him. Janice once again rolled her eyes at me. Thoughts ran in my mind. How would I find another job now? “Don't try to do anything that you'll regret,” Janice reminded me before leaving me alone when we got to the office. I was amazed by the beautiful decorations around me. But what caught my attention was the view up here. Perhaps, Sir Jaxon does love the country where he grew up, but I guess he didn't experience living in a place that has too much noise. Amazement was what I felt while I watched vehicles move, looking small like ants from here. “Ehem.”

With my heart beating fast, I turned around and saw Sir Jaxon. He was relaxed while leaning near the door. One of the buttons of his polo was screaming about how sexy he was.

“Sir, why did you call me here?” I ask him.

He smiled before answering me, “To interview you.”

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