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   Chapter 30 Angel- as a cook

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Angel's pov,

I lived two days with Siya. She is better now and I can finally have a relief. I came back to my home yesterday evening.

As its sunday, everyone is at home enjoying at poolside. Rehana chachi told me everyone would have lunch in our so called temporary home including Sen's. God, I am missing my home. I wanna go back. When will this drama end and I can go back.

As I went downstairs, Ashish pulled me, "dii, do you know who is cooking today?"

I shrugged my shoulders as we sat on sofa.

"That dayan Nisha", he said and I laughed.

"Have you given her new name?"

"What's new? She was dayan from before." Yeah...the words also chime for this couple, dayan and dinosaur...

"Well...when did she start cooking?" I asked.

"She is practising from few days in the kitchen" Ishaan said and sat beside us.

I nodded and filled a glass of water for myself that was placed on table.

"My Nisha is too good at learning things. She learned very quickly and is cooking very tasty food...."

"Look at this dii...mami again Nisha this and my Nisha that..." Asish mimicked mami and we laughed.

I just drank water when mami said, "Angel, why don't you also cook for us today?"

I choked and coughed heavily. Ishaan passed tissues and I wiped my mouth but still I couldn't speak. All the mens came in the hall and sat. Even Mr.Dinosaur came today.

"Don't you think Rehana, Angel should also cook something for us? It's rare that we all have lunch together." Mami said to Chachi.

Before chachi could say anything, Nisha interjected and said, "Mom, actually Angel didn't know cooking."

"Yeah...I know but she can learn from you and can cook a small dish or anything sweet. Don't you think Inayat dii?" Mami finished and asked my mom.

My mom looked at me again with those cold eyes and my heart sank, "you can cook something for everyone, you can take Nisha's help."

As Sen's were also present, she didn't speak in her usual cold voice but didn't she knew I don't know cooking and taking help of this Nisha, I would prefer YouTube.

"Bua, if Angel didn't wanna cook, then it's ok. I already cooked lunch for everyone." Nisha meekily said and tucked her strand of hair behind ear glancing towards Mr.Dinosaur who was actually engrossed in his phone.

Nisha's words are called as adding salt to the wound and I can't admit defeat that easily.

"I will cook." I declared and my family looked at me with popped out eyes.

"Princess, you don't have to." Kishan chachu said but I interrupted, "don't worry, I will cook chachu." and made my way towards kitchen.

"I will help you little sister." My so-called cousin said with a soft expression. I wonder where did she learn acting from.

"No need sister, I will cook. You take rest." I too smilingly said and went to kitchen.

God, I don't know cooking, what will I do. And it's the question of my self esteem and reputation.Damn, Nisha screw you.

I quickly messaged in our siblings group, "I need help"

Ishaan: we are ready. What you want?

Me: I don't know anything...what will I cook?

Ashish: when Ashish is here, not to fear.

Me: shut up penguin. Tell me solution.

Shaurya bro: don't worry. Just try to act. I will bring Veg biryani from restaurant.

I heaved a sigh of relief. My brother is really my Angel.

Me: good bro...please bring faster.

Shaurya bro: Just ten minutes. You stay at Kitchen's window.

Me: you are my saviour you.

Ishaan: dii, start acting. You also need utensils and all vegetables.

Me: yeah...

I quickly searched the ingredients and acted accordingly. The usable utensils and other things I needed.

After 10 minutes, bro gave me packet from window. I quickly filled the utensil and after 15 more minutes I asked servant to take this to dining table. I took the wrapper and stuffed in my


Then I quickly washed my hands and headed towards dining table. Surprisingly my mom was also sitting with us to eat probably in presence of Sen's.

"What did you cook princess?" My grandpa asked.

I crossed my fingers that were on table and answered, "veg biryani grandpa."

My grandpa smiled and opened the lid, "wow, it's smelling nice"

My grandpa looked at my grandma and then they both looked at me and smiled meaningfully. They knew very well, I didn't cooked and my crossed fingers confirmed it.

My family Ofcourse knew. They are well aware of my habits and mischievousness. Like I used to cross my fingers whenever I have to lie. But they didn't said anything and smiled sweetly.

But I little bit knew mami won't let me off. She ate and praised with a fake smile, "it's tasty Angel"

"Thanx mami" I smiled and said.

Everyone took biryani in their plates and I hope no one would recognize which restaurant.

"I had tasted the same biryani at restaurant" Nisha said and I was doomed.

"'s delicious. How did you cook it Angel?" Nisha asked with a fake sisterly bond.

"I cooked the way it is cooked" I answered and ate my food.

"Yeah...but tell me recipe. I also wanna learn" she said and I looked at her with cold eyes. She smirked.

"Yes Angel, tell us what is the recipe, I also wanna cook for your mama" mami as I expected joined with her daughter.

I looked at Ashish and he immediately understood. He stood up, "I forget to send e-mail to my teacher. Excuse me." He went and I sighed.

"Mami, it's too easy. There is nothing to learn but even if you want, I will send you the recipe."

"Yeah...but I wanna ask one thing. You cooked the rice first or directly cooked the biryani?" Mami asked and I know she is trying to embarass me but how would I know what's cooked first. I didn't even know how to cook rice. Damn penguin, where are you.

As God was there to listen me, Ashish called. I pressed the bluetooth earpiece without letting anyone know.

"Dii...tell me what do you want? I have full recipe." Ashish said from other side and I wiped my unshed tears. I will definitely buy him a sportscar.

"So mami, what did you said? Either I cooked rice first or directly biryani?" I repeated her words to let Ashish listen and help me.

"Rice cooked first" Ashish replied and I repeated same to Mami.

"Then what did you added from usual that it is tasting differently?" She again asked. Didn't she said Only ONE Thing? I rolled my eyes and replied as Ashish was giving me answers. She asked a few questions in name of ONLY ONE.

"What vegetables did you added?" She again asked but this time there wasn't any reply from other side. Damn Penguin, his phone must have been switched off.

"Angel, now you have to use your own mind and answer" I thought and looked at biryani.

"I added chilli.... green pepper." I answered with pauses as I was finding evidents of vegetables in biryani.

"Only these?" Mami asked and I frowned. These are only vegetables seen right now.

"Do you want more?" I asked with frown.

"Yeah...I mean there are so many taste of flavours in your you added only these." Mami again...

I sighed and ragged my brains to answer. A bulb lighted in my brain and I answered, "look mami, an art offff...exploring." I said with much exploring my brain.

Then I started explaining with the actions of my hands with a frown, "how to your choice....soooo whatever you want....add it....and ifff , iffff you don't want....don't add it. You can do whatever you want, it's your cooking, your dish...add anything you want" I completed and was praising myself in my mind but the next moment everyone burst into laughter and my shoulders sank...


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