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   Chapter 6 Gamble with life

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Nisha's Pov,

I just looked his back as he left. As I saw the file on table, the scene from 50 shades....came to my mind. I was excited as what could be in this document. I just opened the file when a person came wearing uniform. May be his bodyguard.

"Rishi sir left and want you to leave too. You can read the document at your home." He respectfully said.

I nodded and went out of cafe. I saw Rishi talking on the phone and was about to sit in backseat of car. His car was surrounded by two cars probably becoz of his safety.

I went deep in my thoughts, as one day my life would be like this.

"Mam" the voice trailed me off my dreams.

I saw the bodyguard who was following me and then saw towards Rishi's direction and realized he left.

That bodyguard asked me if he could drop me. I denied as I have my car.

As soon as I reached my home, my mom asked me what happened.

I just told her everything went well and rushed to my room. I locked the room and sat on bed. My heartbeats raced fast. I couldn't forget his charming god like face. Although I have seen many handsome boys but no one could compare him.

I just want to have him once. As I thought of this my body turned hotter. I laid on my bed. My hands roaming around my body as if he was touching me. My one hand was on my breast and the other on my ass. I moaned with desire.

Suddenly I remembered the document. I quickly sat up on bed and opened it. It was the paper for the conditions to marry Rishi Sen.

As I read the conditions, my excitement faded away and my face lose its charm. After that there were tears in my eyes.

I couldn't believe there would be such conditions. I sat there like a dejected piece.

I am not a bad woman but I have my own way of living. I always wanted to marry a rich guy so when mom told me that the guy is Rishi Sen, I was more than excited.

But how could he propose such conditions. 'Ofcourse he could, he is the legendary Rishi Sen' my brain racked.

I leaned backwards on the headboard and thought about my answer.

From childhood I have been compared to my cousin sister. Yes my aunt's daughter Angel. I don't want to accept but it's a fact that she is far more than just beautiful. Her beauty always allowed people to compare between us. I felt bad and I stopped being with her. She is two years younger than me but she had surpassed me in everything. I just hate her.

She is the only daughter of her family so she is pampered like no end. My monthly pocket money was ten thousand and hers one million. Even whe she was studying here, my bua asked my father to let me be in best college like her. So we were in same college and I suffered every possible loss.

I don't have any enmity towards her but yes I was jealous of her, jealous of her beaut

y, jealous of whatever she got. Why was I not at her place?

So in my jealousy, I stole her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was a poor guy but at that time I just thought if I suffered loses becoz of her, she should also suffer becoz of me. So I seduced her boyfriend and that poor guy gave in to my seduction.

After that she used to ignore me. Wtf I can also ignore her. We never talked to each other after that. But on family occasions we would smile at each other to not let them suspicious. Her three brothers also started ignoring me from that day so I don't have a good relationship with all of those cousins.

After that she left India and went to Paris for business studies . But even then I was compared to her.

And now for the first time in my life I had an opportunity to grab something that she couldn't. I don't want to compete with her but this society had made me like this.

I don't want to lose the man like him who would let people stop judging me but these conditions told me I couldn't win him ever.

Should I gamble with my life? May be one day these conditions would change.

With that thought I decided my answer and opened the door to let my parents and aunt know what happened.

I told them that I will meet him tomorrow and we will decide tomorrow.

The next day I reached on time and he came.

"So what's your decision?" He asked with cold and emotionless eyes.

I nodded and said, "I am ready to marry you."

He smirked as if he knew my answer. He kept pen on those papers and asked me to sign. I quickly signed those papers.

He then stood up and walled towards the balcony door. He then slowly said, " if I am marrying you, it clearly means I had investigated you"

My heartbeats stopped. He then said, "don't try to play tricks on me like you played on other mens otherwise your image will come to front foot that you hardly secured it infront of everyone."

I was completely afraid from his cold voice. Then he said, "as long as you obey me, I will not disappoint you. I will provide you social status, the name of Mrs. Sen , and ofcourse money"

I was looking downwards when he stroded back to me. I looked upwards and saw him looking at me. He then said, "I normally don't do this but I will give you another chance to back off. If you don't want to, you can still deny."

This time his eyes were not colder. I stood up and made eye contact with him. He looks more charming at a nearer distance. And I decided to gamble.

"No Mr. Sen I won't back off" I said confidently.

It was like a challenge for me to win this man's heart.

He nodded and said, "Happy co-operation"

"Happy co-operation" I replied and he left.

I smiled and felt relieved. This is the new chapter of my life.


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