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   Chapter 5 Gold digger

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Rishi's POV,

After a week

I asked my mom to fix meeting on sunday at 11 AM. I came on time and entered the decided cafe room and there I saw a girl sitting on chair probably waiting for me.

As I entered she looked at me admiringly and then smiled. I hate when girls look at me as if I am their prey. I frowned and I was about to sit when Rohan called me.

I excused myself and walked towards the balcony to answer call.


Nisha's POV,

A couple of days ago my father called me to his room and told me about the date his sister fixed for me. I was angry that how can she decide on behalf of me. It's my life.

I was about to retort to my father when my mother winked at me and said, "Nisha, your aunt loves you. She would not find a wrong guy for you."

"But mom why is she not looking that guy for her own daughter?" I retorted stubbornly

"Nisha, mind your tongue. I will not listen anything for Inayat dii." My father angrily shouted on me.

"Relax Mohan" my mom said and rubbed my father's arm.

"Nisha first listen and then react. She also said if you didn't like that guy, you can say no"

I calmed and my mother asked me to back to my room.

I went back to my room in frustration. My mom came after few minutes and locked the door.

"What the hell mom! How can she decide for me? She has her own daughter. Why is she interested in disturbing my life?..."

"Shut up Nisha. Do you even know who the guy is?" My mom asked.

I sat on bed angrily and didn't answered.

She sighed and sat beside me, " that guy is the legendary Rishi Sen."

As soon as my mom mentioned the name I was hell shocked. I couldn't find my voice. My anger turned into complete shock.

" talking..... abou.....about the billionaire Rish ...Rishi Sen?" After a while I found my voice and stammered.

My mom nodded. I couldn't believe. I pinched myself and it hurt. It means I am not dreaming.

"Stop being shocked and listen to me"

I nodded and my mom continued, "your aunt's brother-in-law Kishan is friend of Rishi Sen's father. Kishan definitely wanted such a best guy to marry his daughter like niece but Inayat dii said you are elder than her daughter and you should be married first. But there is also one condition that if you rejected him then they will ask Angel..."

"How could I reject him mom? No...never. After a long time something good happened to me how could I easily give up"

"That's like my daughter. But remember one more thing Nisha, never say anything bad about Inayat dii. Your father loves his sister and I also respect Inayat dii. She had helped us so many times. Don't disrespect her."

"Alright mom...I was just angry when father told me. But now I am fine. If I married Ri

shi then I will definitely thank bua."(Bua is the word used for father's sister in Hindi)

I couldn't keep my excitement until today. I have been surfing on Internet for few days and I have only googled Rishi Sen. Damn, he was so hot in photos.

I came early to the cafe for date. As soon as he entered I was gawking at him. He is so damn gorgeous in real than in photos. How would he not! He is a billionaire. Although I am also rich but he is the richest like Bua's family.

I controlled my emotions and smiled towards him. He was about to sit when his phone rang. He excused himself and went over balcony to talk. I looked at his back in excitement. Damn, his voice is so pleasant. He is just like a walking hormone.

I only have one thought in my mind that to have sex with him. As the thought came into my mind, I lowered my top to show my cleavage. My slightly bulging breast were visible and I was satisfied.

I just thought, "I fucking want him"

He came back and sat in front of me looking into my eyes. His eyes were colder. I was hell frightened and lowered my head. I couldn't see into his eyes. Then suddenly he asked me, "do you want to marry me?"

I looked upwards to him but couldn't make eye contact. I nodded and he said, "fine"

What! I was so shocked. Is it that easy to marry him? brain racked. Then he took a file from his jacket and placed on table.

Damn, his every action is full of charm. I just want to pounce over him.


Rishi's Pov

As I was talling on phone, I saw through transparent door of balcony that she pulled her top downwards to show her cleavage. My eyes turned colder and I everted my gaze. I really hate such girls.

I had thoroughly investigated her. She is a bloody gold digger. But that doesn't bother me becoz I want a woman who could obey my conditions and the gold digger is a best choice becoz she only loves money.

I was definitely not interested in her personal life but Rohan forcefully told me she had 4 boyfriends in her past. Interesting thing is that the first one was poor and also the boyfriend of her cousin, Sharma's only treasured daughter.

She had stolen her cousin's boyfriend by wrong means. Rohan asked me to tell truth to my mom that although the family background is good but the girl is completely a cheap woman.

She dated the other three boyfriends becoz of their money. She is in relationship with the fourth one and she came to date me.

I asked her if she wanted to marry me and she agreed. Then I placed the document on table and asked her to read it carefully and answer me tomorrow at the same time.

I also warned to not leak about today's meeting details with anyone.


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