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   Chapter 3 Stepmother can also be mother

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Rishi's pov

At that time I was 13.

I was in the garden sitting on bench doing my own work on laptop. Suddenly I heard a sound. I looked around but there was nothing only our main power house. I ignored it and continued my work.

After a while, the sound again came and it was as if a blast sound. I quickly walked towards the power house and the next moment it was on fire. I was stuck in between the fire. I coughed as the fire was rapidly spreading. I was finding a way to come out when I saw my mom running towards the room with bodyguards probably due to the sound.

She shouted my name several times. She then ran towards the room and spotted me through window.

She shouted my name with the fear written all over her face. I looked at her but I couldn't answer as it was even difficult to breathe.

But the next minute, my heart stopped as she broke the window with her hand and came inside. Blood was gushing out from her hand but she didn't mind and hugged me. I could feel her body trembling while she hugged me. I want to scold her but no words came from my mouth as the fire was continuously spreading even faster.

Bodyguards were also shocked by her move. They started pouring water through pipes but there was no effect on fire. There were the sounds of blast from electricity box. She would hug me tightly on every sound.

She then slowly led me towards the window. There were sparks of fire. She suddenly draped her shawl over me. She held me tightly and jumped from window. Bodyguards poured the water towards window and we came out. We were almost out when suddenly the roof burnt with fire fell down. She pushed me away and then she rolled away but...

But her arm got burnt. I was hell filled with shock. I quickly ran towards her and crouched down. She gasped in pain and was on verge of losing consciousness.

What happened next was something that even I didn't expect from myself.

I shouted, "mom please don't lose your consciousness."

I shouted towards bodyguards to prepare a car. Then I lifted her up and ran. I didn't had much strength due to exhaustion from fire but I don't know from where I got energy I didn't lose until she reached hospital.

She was looking at me with tears. And I just said, "mom don't worry, you will be fine."

After that she undergone surgery. My father rushed to hospital the moment he got news. He sat beside me. We were waiting for the light on OT to turn off.

After a while, it turned off and we both stood up. A doctor came and said she was safe. We both relieved a sigh of relief. At that time I lose out my conscience.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I realized I was in a hospital room. My father came from outside. I immediately asked him, "how is she?"

He nodded and said, "she is fine. She will wake up tomorrow."

He rubbed my head and said, "you take rest

. If you want anything I am just outside."

I nodded and he left. That night I didn't slept. All the memories from three years were running in my mind. Two years of hatred towards her and one year of respect towards her. I didn't realized when my heart accepted her as my mother. But my mind was constantly opposing him.

The next day when she opened her eyes, the first word came from her mouth was Rishi. I came into ward and she looked at me from up to down probably finding any injury.

I sat beside her bed and held her hand. Then I said something that she never expected from me.

"I am fine mom. I also want you to be fit and fine. Recover faster, I will be waiting for you at home mom."

Her face was covered in tears. I wiped her tears and hugged her. My father who was standing was also wiping his tears.

From then on our strange stepmother and son relationship turned into beautiful mother and son relationship.

I never called her aunt again. And the once awkward relation turned into casual and friendly relation.

But there was the scars left on her arm. Dad and I found many doctors who could remove the scar. The scar was healed but not completely. And from then on she stopped sleeveless dresses. I felt bad for her but she said this scar gave the precious gift ever. And yes that gift was me and my love for her.

When I turned 19, my mom was pregnant. It was a miracle for everyone. But my mom decided to abort her child without telling me and my father. And that time I caught her and made her understand that I don't have insecurity. It took me a week to make her understand.

After that she didn't abort but assured me that I will always be her first priority. Actually I didn't need that assurance. Every mother have right to love her child unconditionally.

And then came our little drama queen who is 8 years old. According to her, mom loves me more than her.

I walked towards my balcony and wondered if I didn't heard their conversation on that day, my life wouldn't be such calm as it is now. I would never had considered her as my mom.

I sighed. Things changed according to time but there was something that didn't changed. And that was my sleeping habit. I could not sleep more than 2-3 hours. Mom is always worried about my sleep. This happened after my biological mother passed away. My mom feels bad for me but she couldn't help. She had contacted many doctors all over the world but to no avail. She also did fasting for me... yeah that's a superstition.

And from three years she is constantly poking me for marriage. According to her, my wife can calm my heart and give me happiness and love...but she also thinks that my wife could change me.

Now, I finally decided to marry not for that immaterial thing called love but for my mom's happiness.


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