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   Chapter 5 I Am Married

The Wedding Ring By AlexandraDiane Characters: 4302

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Chapter 5

Alex saw the woman come out of the cafeteria. She was wearing a plain v-neck white t-shirt and black pants. She was straightforward, and her shiny black hair was ponytailed. The woman was coming, so he turned around to open the door for her in the passenger seat.Diane saw the man turn around and open the passenger seat door. She went straight and got in the car. “Thank you,” she said without even looking at the man.“You’re welcome,” he answered in a low voice.He got in the car and drove away in front of the cafe. They were five minutes away from the cafeteria when he speaks, “did you bring your documents?” He glimpsed to her.“Yes! Why? Where are we going?” she replied.“Getting married,” he replied in just two words as if nothing happened.The speed of events is making her dumbfounded. I haven’t had a boyfriend yet, but I’m getting married. Can’t we be at least a girlfriend and boyfriend first? But it’s okay, you’re handsome too, I don’t think I lost it any less, she smiled like crazy.Alex saw the woman in the corner of his eye. He saw her smiling. “Are you okay?” he asked. He saw the sudden seriousness of her face and sudden reddening of the cheek, and she suddenly lowered her head from embarrassment.“Yes, I’m okay!” she replied in a low voice. He suddenly spoke, so she was confused and suddenly lowered her head. She felt a sudden reddening of her cheeks. He was looking at me did he saw me smiling- oh, it’s so embarrassing, she said it to herself.After a few hours of staying in a queue, the processing was fast. After signing some documents, now they’re finally holding their marriage certificate.In just half a day, I am married.She is married. She doesn’t really know if she’ll be happy or cry at the current happening in her life. She married a man. She did not know his name. She just heard his name from Jenny, and now she has proven his real name in the document that she’s holding.I want to shout that I am married. How’s my Adrian? What if he finds out, stupid woman! It’s only been two years, no one can know that she got married, after two years she will also separate, Just think that she m

arried for convenience. She’s consoling herself. After that, I will go back to see Adrian.“Let’s go,” he said. After they exited the registration office and holding their marriage certificate, she followed him towards the parking lot. They got on the car. It was done. They are certified married, welcome to the life of being married.“Tell me, where is your place? Let’s go get your things,” he said after he started the car.She said where she lived, but after a while, she noticed that the car stopped in the parking lot of an expensive restaurant. She looked at the man next to her. He also looked at her and spoke.“Let’s eat first before we take your belongings to your place. It’s almost lunchtime,” he said.She just nodded in response. They entered the restaurant, she felt that the people inside the restaurant were looking at them, she knew not because of her, but because of the man next to her. In his modeling stance, who could not be distracted? Hello, I married him. If you want him to wait for the end of the two-year contract, she smiled to himself at what she was thinking.Alex pulled out a chair for her to sit before pulling out a chair for himself. The waiter came for their order. She let Alex order food for them. The only thing she requested was her favorite lemon mint juice.They were sitting next to the glass window, so she could see people passing by on the side of the road as well as cars running. She noticed two men hurrying to ride inexpensive cars. She seemed to know them, even if she wanted to call and chase them. She knew she could not be heard. Even if she ran to chase them, she could not catch up, she sighed.All her movements did not escape to Alex. Since they sat down, he was looking at her. Are you okay? He asked in a calm voice.“Yes, I’m okay!” she uttered with a low voice.“It’s like you’ve seen someone you know,” he said.“Maybe I just made a mistake,” she replied.It was too fast for John to know right away that she was here, except if the dorm called them, but no one knew she was here. She said in her mind quietly, I don’t want to go home first. I’m not ready to see my father.***

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