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   Chapter 4 I Will Marry You

The Wedding Ring By AlexandraDiane Characters: 3881

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“No need to go there. I will wait for you inside the black Maserati parked in front of your working place,” Alejandro said in a very authoritative tone.“But I still need to give a resignation letter,” she insists while she’s starting to get annoyed by the man in the other line.“Whether you give a resignation letter or not. You will not work there either.” Alex is getting irritated. “Don’t wait for me to go in there to tell your manager to fire you from your job, so you have no other choice.”This man is too arrogant. Something plays in Diane’s mind, “I challenge you! Let’s see if you can really fire me. If you can fire me, I will marry you,” she answered the man and cut off the call.After two minutes, the cafe’s door opened. A tall, muscular man who was 187cm tall entered. His blue eyes were sparkling like a crystal gazing at her. His face was round and clean shaved. His nose was broad, and his lips are lush. He has a dimple on his chin. I can see his Adam’s apple, which attracts me a lot. His gaze was unfathomable. He went straight inside the manager’s office. After a few minutes, the manager came out, followed by the man.“Miss Diane, I’m sorry your fired!” the manager uttered.I was surprised by what the manager said. I was more surprised by the speed of events, he answered my challenge, I was fired immediately, worse I had to marry this man. Am I dreaming? I pinch my hand. If everything is just a dream, I have to wake up. Still, I feel pain after I pinch myself. Everything that happens is real.The man is quietly staring at her, standing next to the manager in front of her. She regained her consciousness when she heard the manager speak.“Take your belongings and go to my office to get your salary for the few days you worked,” said the manager.“But sir, what is the reason I was fired?”“It’s simple, you went for a part-time yesterday without permission from the company. You know that it

is illegal—that is not possible in this country,” the manager responded.No wonder for sure it’s the reason why this man was too confident to accept her challenge.Alex just stared at the woman who was surprised by what Daniel said when she was fired, he has no intention of dismissing her at work. All he wants to happen is her to just marry him. If she asks to continue working, he will allow her, but she challenged him and cut off the call because of the case. This is unacceptable to him.She frowned as she put down the paper and ballpen she was holding. It was still early. Hence, there weren’t too many customers. She walked into the locker and took her belongings. She went to the manager’s office to get the salary. Everyone with here at work was just quietly looking at her.In a flash, she lost her job, which should be blamed for her part-time or because she challenged the man. Just for her to marry him, he needs to ask the manager to fire her! He did It In only a few minutes. She sighed.When Alex saw that she lowered the ball pen and paper she was holding and went to pick up her belongings, Alex went out of the cafe to just wait for the woman outside.Excellent, he did not even have a hard time, he accepted her challenge, maybe this man is already laughing at me, he is celebrating because I lost. I have to fulfill what I said I will marry him, she took a deep breath, anyway in just two years.She needs to think, it’s like she’s just on vacation, and after that, I’ll go home to the mansion. I still have money, she consoled herself.From outside the cafe, he saw the man standing next to the fancy black car, his hands in his pocket, he was wearing black cotton pants, and a blue and white checkered shirt, as the sunrise already in the east, the man is wearing his branded sunglasses, which further adds to its beauty, he can be a model of a car or a model of sunglasses, this man can really drop her jaw.***

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