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   Chapter 3 My Proposal

The Wedding Ring By AlexandraDiane Characters: 4429

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Chapter 3“Alejandro, I’m sorry! I’m going to marry Dan. The time you are busy on your business abroad, there’s something happened between Dan and me, I’m already pregnant, and it’s Dan’s child.”I thought it’s a happy day, just like how the weather is so cool. Today is my plan to propose to Catalina for two years in a relationship; I just left for almost two months to open a new branch of a restaurant abroad and decided to come back to propose to Catalina to surprise her. But it looks like I’m more surprised. Is this why she never answered my calls these few weeks? I thought she was just upset because I promised to stay there for only a month. I was speechless for her revelations.What’s the use of staying here? I need to go back abroad and forget the woman I love. Catalina is my first love. I’ve known her since primary to college. We attended the same school, and we’re classmates in primary to high school. We separated when we were in college. I took business management.In contrast, she took nursing. After we graduate, I courted her for more than a year. Now we’ve been in a relationship for more than 2 years.As soon as I left the restaurant, I call my assistant to book my ticket to go back abroad as quickly as possible.Why she’s here? Is she not on duty?” Alex was shocked when he opened the door and saw the woman in front of him.“Hi, sir, I’m Diane, your part-timer.”I was back to my senses when I heard the sweet voice of the woman. “Come in,” I said after opening the door.I went straight to the fridge to get a bottle of water. I have a severe headache. I finished 2 bottles of red wine this morning. Upon arrival from the airport, I just pass by the cafe to check for the employee. How is it going? And just saw this lady at the counter while she’s taking orders from the customer. For sure she doesn’t know that I’m her employer, since the cafe been opened, I never introduce myself as an owner. It was Daniel who hired them. I’ll just check the documents to sign it up.My plan after opening this café is I’ll be back in Italy to settle down, but it doesn’t happen. I guess I need to stay here more to forget her and move on.He heard his phone ringing. After he put down the bo

ttle of water, he noticed the woman still standing behind the door, looking at him. “Is there anything you want to ask?” The woman was startled and left. He shrugged. Am I that scary? He smirked at the gesture of the woman.“Hello, Alejandro, what happened? I thought you will come home and bring your wife? We’re waiting for you. When will you introduce your wife to us?” It was his mother’s voice.“Mom, don’t worry, we’re coming soon,” he responded with no idea who is the woman he will introduce to his family.“Your grandparents are distraught.”“Just tell them we’re coming soon, mom. I need to go. I have meetings to attend.” He did not give his mother a chance to answer. He hung up the phone and put it on his bed’s side table, then he went to the living room.He saw the lady mopping the floor in the living room. He looked at the woman’s slim figure wearing a loose shirt with skinny blue jeans that just curved on her perfect butt. Not too big but not too small. Her shiny black hair was in a ponytail. Her height must be 167cm.Alejandro has an idea, and he smiled mischievously. Then he called Diane._____________

The next day, as an everyday routine, I woke up at six in the morning and prayed. After I get off the bed, I went straight to the washroom to take a shower. I need to prepare myself to work. I wore a plain white t-shirt and black pants.After she fixed herself, she went to the small kitchen and make a coffee. She took 3in1 coffee from the cupboard and sliced bread. She stuffed it with Nutella. I need to go now. It’s almost 7am anyway. It’s just a 5minutes walk only from here to my working place.It’s precisely seven, while I’m preparing myself to go to the counter, my phone rang from an unknown number. She was hesitant to answer, but it might be an emergency call, so she decided to answer it. “Hello?”“So, have you decided on my proposal to you yesterday?” Answered a cold voice from another line.I forgot about this matter. All I thought was maybe he just out of his mind due to having a hangover from drinking those two bottles of wine.“Sir, regarding that deal, I’m sorry I can’t decide right now. I need to submit a resignation letter to my present employer.”***

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