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   Chapter 2 Be My Wife

The Wedding Ring By AlexandraDiane Characters: 5107

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“Resign from that cafe and be my wife.”What did he say? To be his wife? Is he serious? We just met a while ago. Is this day lucky for me or not? She’s suddenly confused, and I do not know if I will cry or be happy with what this man said.“I will pay you $5000. Do not worry, I will not control you, we can make an agreement. We just need to get married for two years. After that, we can divorce. You are free.”She’s still can’t believe if this person is in the right mind. I wonder why somebody offers marriage suddenly, is it a chance of grace or misfortune.“Okay, listen, woman, or should I say, miss Diane.” His voice was impatient when he can’t receive any response from her. “I need a wife to introduce to my family. Since you’re not married and no boyfriend, I guess there’s no conflict. You just need to marry me and be my wife. You just need to stay home, accompany me to any party I will attend, travel with me, and be a submissive wife. Don’t worry, we can live in a separate room,” he patiently explained, hoping that this woman would understand and agreed with what he said and from what he wants to happen. “It’s only for 2 years but for this year you are not allowed to have any relationship. Don’t entertain suitors and be lawful wife,” he added. “And for your money, I’ll pay you monthly directly in your bank account. I’ll provide for all your needs. And after 2 years, I’ll give you more money for compensation.”Diane was still standing there, pinching her wrist, waking herself because she might be dreaming. And at the same time trying to absorb in her mind what the man was telling her. She can feel the pain when she’s pinching herself, so this all real.“It’s a win-win game. I know you need the money. That’s why you here for a part-time, and I need someone to be my wife for two years.” After that, he fished out his wallet in his pocket and took out the money. He gives the money to Diane. “Here, take this $100. I need your answer tomorrow at seven in the morning. No need to finish cleaning the house. You may go, take a rest and think the deal I offer you.”Diane took the money and stepped out of the house. Her mind is in turmoil. She can’t believe what’s happening—what’s going on. As soon as she reached the end of the corridor, she pressed the elevator button down to the ground floor. I pass by a convenience store. I feel hungry and thirsty. My throat is parched.Yesterday I asked my friend, Jenny, if she knows any part-time and she recommends this one, only to clean the house and do some ironing

of clothes but it doesn’t happen. What happened is suddenly the proposal of marrying this man—that I don’t even know or what he’s doing in life.After she finished eating her sandwich and drink the bottle of water, she took the bus home. When she arrived home, it’s already seven p.m. She needed to cook for dinner while waiting for her friend, Margie. She is on an afternoon shift. For sure, at 10, she will be here.Margie is her friend. They met at the airport when I arrive at this place. She came here to find work to support her family back home. They apply for the same café. Diane is on a morning shift while Margie’s in the afternoon. My duty is from 7am to 3pm while she’s from 1 to 9pm were living in the same room they share for everything from rent till food.Diane took out the chicken from the freezer. It was marinated last night. She will cook fried chicken and prepare some vegetables for soup. She learned to cook because of my mom. She taught her how to cook. I miss my mom. She felt the warmth of the corner of her eyes until she could no longer control the flow of her tears. I miss mommy. I have no one else to blame, if not just daddy. It’s all his fault. She took a deep breath.“I need to call Jenny and ask about the man,” she said. After five rings, the call connected. “Hi, Jenny!”“Yes, Diane?”“May I know what’s the name of that man you gave me for a part-time?”“Oh, that’s Sir Alejandro Smith. He’s from Italy.”“What’s his occupation?”“My friend told me he’s a businessman. That’s all I knew. Why Diane, is there any problem?” She heard jenny’s voice getting worried.“No, nothing, I’m just asking.”“Did you come today?”“Yes, I went there.”“So how is it? Is it messy? Did you do a lot of work?”“No, actually, the house is clean. It was not a lot of work. Have you been to that place?” She asked because she knew Jenny is doing part-time cleaning also.“No, I didn’t. My friend gave it to me. When you’re asking for a part-time job, I ask my boyfriend if he knows anyone looking for a part-timer, so his friend recommended it.”“Oh, okay. By the way, thank you very much for your help. It’s a tremendous help.”“Don’t mention it. What our friend’s for?”“Don’t worry, if we have time, I’ll treat you for a meal,”“How about on Friday night? It’s my day off the next day,” Jenny replied.“Okay, it’s a deal.”At almost 10 in the evening, She’s done cooking, and the food is all set on the table—this is my routine. She never ate alone, even it’s late. She will wait for her friend, so they’ll eat together.***

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