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   Chapter 5 The day he cursed

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"Where are you taking me?" she smiled sweetly with her cheek rests to the backrest of his passenger seat.

He glanced at her while taking her hand and kissed her knuckles but didn't reply to her question, suddenly he felt bad for her as if he was the reason why she was using the damn stuff. He saw the traces previously on her bathroom counter and knows that it was not her first time using, he was just glad that she was not addicted, at least not yet and he intended to keep her away from the stuff. 

"You know, I always curious after the night you...that we did it for the first time..." she was babbling, and he was taken back to four years ago. He had remembered that night, the night where she had given herself for the first time.

Yegor was suspicious when he first kissed her. The awkwardness was evident as if it was her first kiss. But then she adjusted fast and was kissing him back with eagerness so he just thought maybe it has been a while for her.

But then he felt it, the barrier and from then on strange feelings arises and the way she looked at him had shown that she trusted him, wanted him and they both mold into one as he made a promise to himself that he would not let any danger comes to her.

Remembering that exact promise he caressed her face gently while she just looked at him with an empty stare, her smile was wide indicating that she was still high.

It didn't take long when they finally arrived at one of his mansions and she smiles quietly when his car passed through the guards at the gate. Karla kept on her blank stare through the passenger window, up until Yegor was to her door and took her arm in his.

"What are we doing at your place? did you know that I've memorized the blueprints of this place?" she blurted out her words then almost slipped when she didn't see the last step of the stair to his front entrance.

"I'm sure you did, and we will have dinner then some decaff and then when you're sober we can talk about the why."

He actually didn't want to talk, he just wants to keep his little tiger safe. He had pulled his strings and killed some of his rivals just to keep them from killing her first whenever she gets too close to their operation.

His thoughts were blurred the moment she latched onto his muscular frame and started kissing him. He lost his self restraints when he kissed her back eagerly. He knows he should wait but the devil in him wanted her badly.

"I want you for dinner." She whispered seductively as she pulled his neck lower and pressed her body flat to his front. She moaned when he squeezes her ass, but then abruptly pulled back when she heard a woman calling out his name.

It was like someone had poured a bucket of cold water on her and she was instantly alert. Yegor cursed and called out his guard.

"Darko! what is she doing here?" his voice cuts the tensions in the room and his right-hand man Darko was there within moments.

"You know what? I forgot to feed GusGus, so I'm just gonna..."

"You're not going anywhere," Yegor told Karla, interrupting her words and she was held to his back as if he was shielding her from the woman's view.

"Who is she?" her voice was a bit shaky and Karla felt angry for Yegor in an instant, thinking that he had made her as the other woman.

"She's none of your business, as we have none. Darko will take you back and you're not welcome here."

"Our fathers had an agreement, we're supposed to strengthen our family."

Karla could see that her eyes were red, not sure if it was anger or sadness. But she was still looking at Yegor when Darko took her arm and tried to usher her away.

The woman was about to say some more when the drug lord dismissed both of the

m, and Darko was quick to follow his boss' demand.

"I should go, I'm..."

"You're not high anymore, great. Let's get something to eat."

Once again he cuts her words and she was starting to get annoyed.


"You're right, I'll get the chef to prepare our dinner." He called out another name then a man dressed in a chef uniform appeared and listened to his orders.

" the meantime." He took the beautiful agent to his shoulder and carried her upstairs, while she screamed to his caveman attitude.

"Yegor! put me down!"

Her fist punches his broad shoulder, but he kept on carrying her until they entered his bedroom. She recognized the layout but she never went there before, and when he put her to stand in front of him she decided to take in her surroundings and memorized them for her referrals.

And he noticed her observation instantly.

"You know you can't just barge into my residence with your minions right? come on...stop working for a second." His voice was deep and manly when he chuckled and stepped closer to her.

His hand was to her neck as he pulled her closer for his deep sensual kiss. It has been a while and she had missed him, hence her eagerness to kiss him back but then she remembered about the young beautiful woman then pushed him back.

"Yegor, stop it!"

"Why?" he asked while he kept on trailing his kisses and whispered huskily into her ear.

"Her, she's your someone right? I don't want..."

"She's no one! I had never agreed to anything!" he finally backed away and trailed his fingers to his strands in frustration.

Karla looked at him tilting her head to her side, that was the first time she ever saw him irritated because of something.

She had arrested him last year, though he was released within hours but at that time, there were no signs of annoyance in his facial expression. He just smiled at her and followed her men who had him apprehended. That day he lost millions of dollars as they bust him while he was meeting his top buyer, though his lawyers bailed him out because of a simple technicality issue.

The young woman must've really meant something to him Karla had thought, and the feeling ensuing it was not pleasing to her.

She was nothing to him but a very driven agent to wants to lock him up for eternity.

That was when she decided to walk away from him and go towards his door, she was about to reach for the knob when he pulled her into his arms. Harshly.

"You're not going anywhere."

"Yegor, it's obvious that you're..."

"That I'm what? I'm not with her! I don't want her!" his words were full of anger as he grabbed her waist and took her neck and latched his lips and kissed her vigorously.

And Karla couldn't make herself resist him and kissed him back. His hands were to her back and hold her possessively, she moans to his sweet sexy kisses which he trails down to the opening of her blouse.

"Yegor..." she moaned his name louder when he stripped her top off and sucked her nipples one by one.

She knows that he had his women and fucked them regularly, her heartache each time she saw him on the surveillance camera seeing him with his woman, and sometimes more than one.

But at that time she wants no one else but him and his touches. He was the only person she ever wanted, he was her first. Karla had two steady relationships after she lost her virginity to the drug kingpin, but none could come close to Yegor and she hated him for it.

"Kiska, you're making so hard baby..." he groaned when she unbuttons his shirt and slipped her hands to his tattooed chest.

She was already wet for him, and she moaned his name louder when he reaches between her legs and found her wetness.


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