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   Chapter 4 The day they both wanted it

The Agent's Bad Boy By Cassandra Davy Characters: 8175

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Four years before...

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"One year, one fucking year. I almost had him and then..."

Bang! Bang! Bang!

She was talking to herself, she was letting out her frustrations at the paper target ten feet away in front of her.

"If only we got there faster!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

She took another breath of frustration and shoot again. 

"Someone must've tipped him off!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

She was the last one at the range, and she kept on shooting up until she emptied the last of her magazine. Then she decided to wrapped her day and was just going to sleep it off. She was about to enter her car when she found him sitting in her passenger seat.

"How the fuck?" she cursed and tried to find out how he managed to get into her car unnoticed.

"I didn't realize that I've upset you that much."

She dropped her stuff and reached for her gun, but he was faster as he points his gun at her. "Kiska, come on...I would kill you by now if I wanted to. So, why don't you return the favor and put the gun away?"

She grunted and get inside her car and was surprised when he told her to drive.

"Where are we going?"

"I don't know, I just want to talk to you." He smirked when he saw the feisty little kitten in front of him clenching the steering wheel tighter as if she wanted to punch him so bad.

"How long have you been chasing me?"

"One year." She answered quickly hating that he could easily find his way to her but she could not catch him.

That night was the second time he talks to her face to face but she had glimpses of him. She knows he was watching her.

"Aren't you tired already?"

"Yes," she was tired and angry, and that was when she decided to take a right and speed off to the nearest Police station. Then in seconds, she felt the end of his gun to her temple.

"I'm not afraid to die, I'll shot you right now and we will both be dead."

She instantly lowered her speed as they were meters away from the police station.

"Good girl."

"What the fuck do you want?"

"I also asked myself that question, you know what? pullover I'm hungry."

"That's a hotel!"

"So? I like to dine in peace, don't tell me you're too scared to walk into a hotel with me?" he smirked at her and deliberately pushed her button and made her parked the car and turned off the engine at the hotel lot.

"Come on, I'm thinking some steaks and some red. You can choose the wine."

She was boiling on the inside was ready to blow at any given moment. She hated how he could easily toy with her, and how she managed to get out of her car and followed him into the hotel. How she quietly stay beside him as he gets the key card and ushered her to the empty suite.

Karla finally calmed down when she saw the breathtaking view. She rests her side to the big windows of the hotel suite overlooking the cityscape while Yegor was busy with his steak order. She knows how the wealthy live but she never realized it offered a very beautiful night sky view.

She had been struggling with money her whole life. What she owned she never splurged, even after she works as an agent and earns a decent salary she always gives back to the poor.

Yegor gave her a bottle of cold beer, it looked so good that she took it and asked him what he intended to accomplish by talking to her.

"I want you to back down," he said softly while looking at her beautiful feature. He had looked at her pictures, his men had shown her profile he would get a monthly update of her work. He knows she was good, he realized that she would stop at nothing. Not when she had nothing to hold her back, not even a single family.

Unlike him who was dragged down by his father's name, no one knows his struggles in building back his father's legacy after he died and his mother left him for another family. He was only fifteen when he took over his father's reign, and he aged ten years too quick with all the money and the responsibilities.

He was not going to give up all his hardship for anything, not even the beautiful agent in front of him.

Karla was still looking at the outside view and tensed when s

he felt him pulling her to his front. She was too tired with everything that she let him slithered his arm to her waist. She would imagine that it would feel exactly like that if she ever has a man. Yes, the beautiful young woman has always been a hard worker. She didn't even have any friends and didn't see the need to befriended anyone at the office.

Life has always been a big joke to her, she would get up in the morning and do the same thing over and over again. And that same thing, that focus, that drive, had put her to where she was exactly that night. In the arms of the most wanted man in the country.

She mocked herself on the inside for giving into the drug lord's arm and let him pull her closer into his embrace. But she was too tired to resist after a year giving her sleepless nights, trying to strip his operation and failed miserably.

The agent finishes her bottle and puts it aside. She turned around and looked him in the eyes, he has the most striking blue eyes. They both looked at each other in silence, she didn't back away when he lowered himself down to kiss her.

Her first kiss.

She was awkward, but she watched enough movie scenes that she imitated and learned quickly. The young agent had guys at the office whispered behind her back, telling everyone that she was frigid. And one even told his buddy that she was a lesbian, just because she refused to go out with him.

Karla didn't realize what she was missing, until when she has surprisingly enjoyed the kiss. 

"You're really good at this." Her words came out surprising her.

"Thank you, you're not so bad yourself." His facial expression was new to her as if he was showing her his playful side. 

She let out an unexpected laugh which made him stopped and enjoy hearing it, never in his life has he heard something so enticingly beautiful. His hand caresses her flawless cheek and her plump lips. Their intimate moment was interrupted by room service arriving with their dinner. Karla let him take care of the hotel staff as she was back to looking out the window until Yegor called her to join him.

They talk throughout their meal, some people might say they were having a romantic dinner while in reality, they were talking about how she should slow down on her work, and she kept on telling him to give himself up, that she would cover for him and give him witness protection if he gives up his entire operation and his overseas partners. 

"You are one ambitious tiger aren't you?" 

They continued their talk long after dinner, she didn't even care about the time anymore. She was actually enjoying his company as he poured the steaming hot coffee while she let out another laugh to his silly praises. He would give her little touches and kiss her here and there and she would let him, thinking it was her off night and tomorrow she would be back in gear and try her best to haul the sexy man to jail.  

That night she wanted what she had been missing in her life, the instant connection that was portrayed only in movies. He was keeping her close, kissing her seductively until they were both ended on the very plush comfortable bed. She was learning very fast as he was starting to kiss her back in eagerness. They were both naked when she started doubting herself knowing that he was going to find out that she was still a virgin. 

"Hey, what are you thinking?" he asked the moment she retreated as if she was worried about something.

"Nothing, just...let's just do this before I change my mind." She started kissing his neck then lower her hand and start stroking his length. He groaned and grabbed a condom from his wallet and position himself between her legs, she was wet from all the foreplay already but then he stopped and looked at her when he felt her barrier. 

She looked at him and bite her lip knowing that she was busted, thinking that he didn't want her, that he would mock her for being an old virgin, that her V card would be discussed with his drug-dealing friends. Her thoughts were all over the place and that those seconds felt like hours.

"My kiska..."

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