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   Chapter 3 The day she went on a date

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On the previous night she was left to handle her own business making her extremely cranky, then the morning after her boss told her that she was assigned to another case. Stating that it was more important than the Sokolov cartel.

"Look, let someone else tidy that loose ends for you. I got people upstairs asking a favor for one of our best detectives to help them with their embezzlement case. They'd like the guy to be apprehended before he decided to flee the country."

"Embezzlement? you want me to do an embezzlement case rather than catching the guy who would ruin our future generations?"

"Agent Federova, are you being picky with your assignments? or did you forget that as an officer of the law you take orders from your superior?"

Her superior looked pissed that she was questioning his decision.

"I'm sorry sir, I'll be waiting for the details."

She knows it was Yegor who had just made her assigned to another department, he was making sure that she didn't meddle in his affairs. She knows he had a connection deep within the bureau. He would do this every time she costs his operation a great deal of money.

And because of that, she decided to piss him off by going on a date that night. She knows he has a thing for her and that he was keeping an eye on her. Yet she couldn't care less and keeps on being the upstanding officer and kept on gunning for his downfall.

So, that afternoon she decided to call Simeon Alistratov, one of the city's most well-known, richest, and eligible lawyers.

He has been trying to take her to dinner for the past couple of months. And she has been rejecting him telling him that she was too busy with work, but that night she was going to kick it up a notch with him.

At least that was what she thought.

"You look beautiful Karla," he kissed her hand as he greeted her at the bar entrance where they would wait while drinking before heading out to their table.

They flirted throughout dinner and she was liking him. He looked very polished with his tailored designer suits, clean-shaven, short hair, even his fingernails looked manicured. He was strikingly different from Yegor who looked rugged, mysterious, with a couple of tats peeking from under his sleeves and on the chest.

Karla hated herself because she was comparing the well-accomplished lawyer in front of her with the drug kingpin.

Dinner was finally over, and they were waiting for his driver. He had offered to take her back. She was thinking of taking him up to her place and show him a good time. But when his car arrived, Yegor suddenly appeared.

She tried to appear calm, but she cursed on the inside. And was not surprised when Yegor greeted her date. Obviously, he would've known the lawyer. She studied the drug dealer and knows he has a very good relationship with the country's top lawyers.

And Alistratov included. Damn...

"Thank you for keeping her company Alistratov, but I will take her home."

Her date looked at the man then to Karla, while she squinted her eyes to Yegor hoping that her stare alone could put him behind bars. She knew she couldn't arrest him at that very moment, not with a top lawyer at his disposal. He too will sell his soul if not he would be too afraid to go up against the country's most notorious drug lord.  

"Of course, I had a very nice evening Karla. I will talk to you later." The top attorney was about to kiss her cheek when Yegor pulled her to his side and shook his head at him, silently telling him that she was off-limits. 

"I think it's best if you stay away from her."

Her date just nodded and get in his car when his driver opens the door for him. He didn't even glance at Karla, which made her boiling on the inside. 

She was hailing for a taxi, completely ignoring the badass wanted man beside her. And he pulled her to his side again, when a taxi pulls over for her.

"I'm sorry, she will be going home with me." He told the driver nicely and let an older couple get her taxi.

"See, I can play nice." He whispered after kissing her cheek softly. She could never resist his charms and she blamed her sex-deprived life because of it.

"So what? Do you want an award from me? if you really want to impress me, come with me, turn yourself in

," she wanted to get away from him, but she didn't want to make a scene which she knows that he would definitely do. Karla realized that he would not hurt her and that knowledge irritates her the most. 

He ushered her to his sleek black Lamborghini, he opened the door for her and she gets inside and follows his lead. They reached her place in less than twenty minutes, he greeted her doorman and told him to park his car without a scratch, and tipped him generously. The young man lit up like a Christmas tree and was gone in a flash, leaving both of them to their privacy. 

His hand was to her waist as if he was claiming ownership over her, and she was not confirming otherwise. Years chasing after him, somedays she would feel that all might not be worth it after all. With all the money that he has, he could easily run for president if he wanted to.

"What's on your mind?" he finally asked when they arrived at her unit. 

She greeted her fat cat and refill his bowl with more dry food. Yegor just watched and waited for her answer, which she then replied with another question.

"Why? you're stinking rich already. Why not stop?"

He thought she would ask about why he was so infatuated by her. Thankfully she asked an easier question instead. He helped her with her coat and silently admire her toned and beautiful body wrapped in the most simple evening dress, making her looked like the one piece of art that would forever be out of his reach. 

"Well, my beautiful kiska... you should know by now that it was never about the money, well it has a bit to do with the money..." he said taking off his coat then joined her as she was pouring both of them a glass of red.

She sipped her glass and sits on her spacious couch.

"...but the power, the influence, the drive, the high of getting all the things, and there's also the simple little joy of being envied at by your rivals."

He wrapped his arm to her shoulder and caressed her gently. She relaxed in his arm and rests her head on his shoulder. That night she was really tired, she had been chasing him for years and failed constantly. Today with her being transferred to another case was one of those days, she couldn't even unwind with another man.

"Must be nice."


"Having those feelings?" she asked as she put her glass and back to rest on his broad chest. She was hurting and he didn't even notice it. Or maybe he did...

"It is, hey...why are you asking me this?"

"Nothing, look I'm very tired. We should catch up another time." She sighed and got up from her seat and told him to lock the door on his way out. She knows that he had memorized her alarm code and there was nothing she could do about it. He would've killed her a long time ago if he wanted to.

She heard the closing of her door and her alarm code being set on. Then she went to her stash and prepared the lines, she snorted one and decided to pour herself another glass.

Karla decided to call her boss lying about her being sick, and was taking her sick days for the next couple of days. He was a bit stunned by her call, but wish her to get well soon.

"Asshole." she cursed after she ended the call with a thank you.

She was feeling the high minutes later, then decided to snort a longer line. It was her second time in more than six months inhaling the powdery substance, she never thought she would dare to try the drugs but the stress was catching up to her.

"What the fuck are you doing to yourself?"

Karla didn't even hear him coming back, but there he was looking at her pathetic self. One of the best drug-busting government agents taking drugs in the comfort of her own home.

"Having my sick days, mean this? I'm sampling your non-existing cocaine. And they're right, you only sell..." she was still being chatty when he left her talking to herself in front of her bathroom mirror.

Looking at her dilated eyes, the tracks left on her bathroom counter, he knows she was seriously high.

And for the first time ever he didn't like seeing someone that high.

"Come..." he was back with bottled water and swiftly carry her in his arms.

She snuggled closer to his chest and told him that she was tired, really tired.

"I'm sorry kiska...I'll take care of you."

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