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   Chapter 2 The day they both met

The Agent's Bad Boy By Cassandra Davy Characters: 7380

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Five years before...

"Yes Sir, I'll get on it." Karla was still new to her role in the Main Directorate for Drug Control in the Ministry of Internal Affairs back in Russia. She was surprised when she was called in and briefed on a case then saw familiar names on her copy of the documentation. 

She carefully contacted Luka, her long life friend from the orphanage. He was searching for his biological parents and out of the blue, she has a piece of detailed information about his never knew about the half brother.

"You have a fucking brother, no! I'm not kidding. And he's wanted for drug and human trafficking. I'll send you my copy via our secure line in a moment."

"But I'm not looking for a brother, how the hell..."

"Shit, Luka your brother is why your mom joined the agency and married your biological dad. She was married to Russia's biggest crime lord and she left your brother behind. There was so much more information about your parents hidden deep in this building..."

The young agent blurted out the information on a secret line Luka had created for her and renewed every couple of weeks. The tech geek said that he would look into her information but he didn't have time for his brother, he thanked her for his parent's info then both friends ended the call just before it could be traced back to any of them.

Growing up in an orphanage she had limited options for what to do after she gets out. So she decided to make a career in the law enforcement field, thinking they would always need new recruits. Karla had always been the brightest and the most promising student since she was back at the academy. And she was plucked and quickly immersed into the pool of the young and the promising.

It was not until months later when she was deep in her investigation that she realized how dangerous the line of work she decided to take.


"Good evening Mrs. Lebedinsky,"

" dearest Karla you have a package, the nice young man leaves it with me after I told him you're still at work. Wait, let me get it for you."

The little old lady was about to leave her unit when she bumped into Karla. It took her a couple of minutes to came out with a little brown box. She took the box and thanked her, then both neighbors parted in the hallway.

It was just after dinner when she remembered about the box, then she decided to open the package. It was a disposable phone with one unknown number on the contact list.

Out of curiosity she makes the call and waited, it didn't take long when a man answered the call.

"The beautiful Agent Federova, it took a while for you to call. I'm glad you're back at your apartment."

"Who's this?"

"Well, you've been studying me these last few months. I'm surprised you don't know my voice already."

She felt the sudden chill, goosebumps were forming on the back of her neck. She didn't expect anyone would reach out to her private residence.

The young agent took a deep breath and replied to him in her most calming manner.

"I've been studying a lot of cases,"

While in reality she has been assigned intensively to the Sokolov cartel and keeping tabs on Yegor. And up until a couple of days ago she almost had him, but somehow he was one step ahead of her. Again.

"Kiska, you've been studying me. I have eyes on you, now here's what I'm proposing..."

His calmness, his words, his well-disguised threats were slowly rattling her until she decided to end the call abruptly.

Her hands trembled and she was quick to reach for her gun. She took her stash Vodka bottle and drink it straight and she hissed when it burns her throat, but relaxed as it warms her previously cold insides.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she cur

sed and paced back and forth trying to deal with the situation.

The phone rings again startling her, and her panic state was back on full force until she decided to dunk the phone on her water jug and leave it on her kitchen counter.

She decided to sleep it off and think about her issue tomorrow. It has been a very stressful day for her. But that night a man was sitting on her vanity stool and was watching her sleep when she woke up as she felt a breeze from her window which she did not open.

"Who are you? how the..." the lights were off and it was too dimmed to see who the familiar voice belonged to. She sits up and hurriedly tries to reach for her gun when the cocky guy smiled at her.

"You're looking for this?" he put her gun on her vanity and walked calmly to her bed.

His manly aura invaded her senses when he got up and decided to sit by her side. The bed dipped and he caressed her naked thigh up to her white cotton panties.

He studied her reaction and pleased to see the goosebumps on her upper arm. She backed away only as far as her headboard and was about to make a run when she saw that it was the wanted man who was touching her.

Karla was quick to recollect all his victims that he visited, and the sudden chill crept onto her and she cursed on the inside when she couldn't control her body as the goosebumps started to appear making him look satisfied with her fear.

"I tried calling you. I didn't realize that you like to dip your phone in your drinking water."

" you want?" she tried to voice out her words calmly but it still came out a bit shaky.

His eyes were looking at her, scanning her tight white cotton tank top. He never knew seeing a woman in white cotton underwear was it for him, he saw much less and much more revealing lingerie but none was making him want to caress her toned and supple body with his hands in urgency. 

"What I want, is for you to stay away from my business." He said it sternly while tracing his hand to her inner thigh.

Karla gasped with his audacity that she didn't think twice when she slapped him, well...more like tried to slap him. The wanted man was quick with his reflexes and grabbed her hand inches from his handsome face. 

"Karla, my feisty little kiska..." he lowered himself, his breath fanning her ear while his hand was still holding onto hers strongly. She told him to stop when she felt his other hand was trailing further up her inner thigh, he did just that and whispered huskily into her ear.

"I...want you to stay away from my business." He grabbed and squeezed her thigh in a way that made her actually aroused, and she was hating herself for feeling it. And Yegor, the young drug dealer who was experienced with women knows exactly that what he just did had sexually enticed her. 

And he did not hesitate when he lowered himself to kiss her neck, her cheek, shoulder while his hand move from her thigh to her waist and hold her firmly. The young agent didn't believe herself when she moaned to his little kisses.

"Fuck!" she was back to her senses and pushed him away.

"Not now kiska, I don't have much time," he smirked and got up from her bed. He closed her window then was back to her side within moments, he lowered himself down and cupped her cheek, and kiss her temple. 

"Be a good girl and stay away from my business." 

With his last words, Yegor left Karla still astound, not believing her luck that she had slipped through the hands of one of the most brutal killers in the country. While he couldn't believe that he had just let the agent unharmed, it was the first for him and he wished that it would be his last.

After all, he has a reputation to uphold.

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