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   Chapter 5 Work

The Hot Detective By Sario Julian Characters: 5220

Updated: 2021-03-13 15:23

IN an instant everything is gone. Finding the truth puts one's life in danger. A desire to know the truth, someone laid down his life just for the salvation of all. One of the best detectives in our group.

Bang! Bang!

The perpetrator was not satisfied with shooting one but he was still shooting three times.

My head heats up and then I pull out my gun that is on the side of my waist. Almost all of us are ready for what might happen. I stared at 704's bloody corpse.

I do not know what to do. I was wondering what I should prioritize. 704's bloody body, or, to find out who fired the gun from outside.

Eventually, I decided to put my gun back in my waist and approached 704's body, which was now dying.

"Shit! This is not happening," I mumbled.

"Find the one who shot from the outside! I think the gun shooter is not that far!” I heard 701 shouts.

He approached me and helped me lift 704's dead body. My other colleagues went out and looked for whoever fired that gun.

"How can this happen? How 704 was shot? What was that man's intention and he did it?" 701 asked, then sighed.

I shrugged.

We hurried out of the mansion and put the body of 704 inside the car.

This is shit. I can kill the perpetrator when something bad happens to 704. I will never let run away the culprit.

"I'm sure he did it because 704 will soon know the truth. He doesn't want us to know the truth, thus, he makes sure 704 will be deade,” I said angrily as I clasped my hands.

There is something wrong with what is happening now and I am sure there is.

"You take care of it first, I will just take 704 to the hospital," 701 said goodbye to us.

I sighed as I looked around the outside of the mansion. Nothing looks strange. How did the shooter know we were here tonight? Could he have heard all our conversations?

701 was speeding down his car carrying the dead 704.

Don't give up, 704, we still need him. People who love him still need him. His wife and children still need him.

This damn. I can kill the perpetrator any time.

I marched to where they were 706, 705, 703, and 702. My lips quivered as I approached them.

"Did you see anything?" I immediately asked as they shook their heads one by one at the same time.

I fisted my hands and let out a deep sighed. Their eyes glazed over as I looked around. "Let's just find hm, I know the culprit hasn't gone far yet. I know he's just here."

I stepped back to the back of the mansion. I pulled the gun to my waist then pointed it to the front. I will not hesitate to shoot the person that I see first.

I did not stop. I felt that someon

e is around me and I could hear. That is the only way to find out where the culprit is hiding.

I took two steps before stopping my walk. My forehead furrowed when I heard a faint sob from a corner of the mansion wall.

I tightened my grip on the gun and searched for where that moaning voice was coming from. My eyes are musculinity when I saw a woman hiding in a corner while crying.

"No! Have mercy on me, don't kill me!" She shouted at me when she felt me ​​slowly approach her.

I was a little disappointed because she was not what I was looking for. "What are you doing here, Miss Jennifer? Aren't you supposed to be there on your dad's hill?"

When she heard my voice she immediately looked up. Her eyes were blurred by the tears that flowed from it. Even her cheeks and lips were red from the loud crying. The light from their mansion helped a lot so I could see her posture and conditions.

"D-detective 707, w-what are you doing here? Did you catch them ?! Did you catch the men with guns ?! The one who fired earlier ?! The men who were chasing me and looking for me?" She sobbed as she slowly slid down from her stand.

I violently let out a sigh of relief. "No, we didn't catch him up. Where did you last see him?”

"There! He go to the woods, to those households," she automatically replied while pointing to the houses around the back of their mansion.

My jaw tightened as I stared at the distant households. They are gone by this time. My hands were clasped because of the prostration I was feeling.

"Get up yourself, we will take you to your dad's hill. You shouldn't be here, especially since your life is in danger and now that your dad is gone, they will follow you," I said after she was blindfolded.

She trembled, and slowly approached me. I immediately grabbed by her elbow and instantly guided her to my colleagues.

"Miss Jennifer? What are you doing here? You can't come here until the culprit has not been caught. Your life is still in danger," Detective Kirsten immediately said.

Miss Jennifer sobbed and bowed, "I just wanted to take some pictures of papa here at home when I saw the men with guns. They peeked inside the mansion from time to time. I am sure they might be watching you all. When they started to dogunfire. I immediately hid myself, so that they could not see me, " she explained at length.

I smiled, so the culprits watching us earlier. I did not even notice him.

But how did they know we were here; when no one knew but us seven that we were here?

If that is, then our opponents are not just one but many of them. This is rediculous!

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