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   Chapter 4 Detective

The Hot Detective By Sario Julian Characters: 5244

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"I have news that you have something to do tonight. What else are you planning to do, Laird? You are not still changing? What are will aunt and uncle going to say about you?”

I just smirk when I heard again the voice of my long best friend. It's irritating especially since she's starting her speech again. It wouldn’t be funny sometimes if she only knew.

I sip a coffee from my mug before I stare at her. "I have nothing to plan for, Miona. You are thinking again that much. Stop preaching me, it's not fun anymore."

She raised an eyebrow like she has been doing ever since. "You mean you don't want to accept the truth again? How long will you be a hero? Until you will realize that yourself is in danger?

"Can you lower your voice? Someone will hear what you are saying, Miona."

I was stunned by what I said and looked around. I sigh, it looks like how was before. I have no escape from this woman's mouth.

"I'm sorry, I was just carried away by the nervousness I fee. Why don't you want to leave your Grandfather's organization?" She whispered.

I took a deep breath then wiped my face because of the annoyance I was feeling. "You don't know, Miona how I feel. How much I want to help people seeking justice for their deceased relatives. So I hope you understand why I do this."

"I know your intention and you want it, Laird. I understand your reasons too, but I can't help but worry about your safety. What if you perish? What if I will lose my best friend?” she sobbed.

Her eyes widened as she stared at me. I could not help myself but make my chin hard.

I held her hand that resting on the table then I met her strange stares.

"Miona, don't worry about me. I will never let go of myself, I will no longer be a hot detective if I can't knock them all out."

She also held back my hands. Her eyes were sprinkling.

"Then one more thing, I will make sure they are the first to disappear, before Laird Hedalgo," I added.

"Just always be careful with your missions, Laird. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask me, and the laws that are ready to help you. Sometimes we also need the help of others, not that you always kept all in yourself," she said with a smile.

I also couldn’t stop myself from being infected with her real smile. She is so innocent. A fragile thing that I don't want to be broken.


WE are at Mister Caline's house where the poisoning took place last night. I bent down then marked the marks for the crime scene. I was with my co-workers and we were almost serious about what we were doing.

It was a mistake to make a little noise and to call their attention. On

a quiet night, it should not be done anymore because there will be doom and someone will tax life at an unexpected time and place.

I bent down and stared at the carpet where Mister Caline fell during those hours after being seen. I sliced ​​the little cloth I was holding there and wrapped it in transparent plastic.

"We need to finish what should be finished tonight, guys. We are running out of time. We should be able to identify the culprit as soon as possible," 703 inspired us.

I smiled then shook my head. Suddenly 701 approached us. "We can also end this case. I just wonder, why is this? We do not see even one evidence against the culprit. It looks like he has planned it for a long time, it's difficult to find any hint.” he said.

Some of us let out a deep sighed. "You have a point, 701. There seems to be something wrong with what is happening." It was 705.

If so, they think the same as I do. But they have one more thing to think about. There is something wrong with Mister Caline's body and the method of his death.

"Do you think that Mister Caline was poisoned?" My attention was aroused when 704 suddenly interrupted.

He looked at me. I was waiting for what he would say next. Our all eyes were only at him.

"What do you mean 704?" 706 Kirsten asked.

He slowly approached a glass table in the living room of the Caline's mansion. He laid down there a sketch pad. It has had drawn.

I was stunned to see it. But my other colleagues frowned. They probably did not understand those sketches again.

Drawings and lines in different directions are pointing. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring, but if you look closely at it, you can see what is drawn there.

The corner of my lips rose then I immediately wrote down what I saw in the small notebook I was holding. Thanks to 704, I have a whole scenario that will connect with everything that happened.

"What's with the incomprehensible you drew that, 704?" 706 asked again in surprise.

Before he could answer is to give us a serious look. "Mister Caline was not poisoned," he said bluntly.

Everyone breathed except me. If so, my suspicion was correct, that Mister Caline was not poisoned.

"What do you mean?" 702's question could not be stopped.

"Mister Caline isn't dead, because—”

We were almost stunned by what happened next. Suddenly 704 fell to his stand with wide-open eyes while bathing in his blood.

We trembled as another gunshot approaches us.

We lost another person and the most important member of our group. This case is crucial. I need to find who is the culprit and make him suffered.

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