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   Chapter 3 Moina

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I have carefully observed Mister Caline's body from head to toe. There is nothing special about his body and even his skin. I watched it closely and stared intently. There is nothing more remarkable than its darkening skin due to the effect of the poison on its body.

I stepped closer to my attached case and opened it with great care. It was hard for my colleagues to notice me. Grandpa ordered us nothing, except to observe the corpse. And what I plan to do now is contrary to his command.

Sorry but not sorry, Lolo Borge Hedalgo.

I took the spare syringe I was carrying in my attache case and immediately injected it into Mister Caline's cold body. The corner of my lips lifted when I saw blood inside the syringe I was holding.

I immediately adjusted my equipment when Detective 703, looked at my behavior. He frowned as he looked at me. I gave him a grin which caused him to shake his and go back to his writing.

I could feel the strange nervousness engulfing my entity when I noticed a small object on the head of the corpse. It's a ring with a small diamond on it.

I put the white gloves on my hand and took that thing — the ring. I put it in transparent plastic. My actions are easy, and maybe someone notices my weirdness. We need thorough research about this case that we are facing today.

It is not as easy to solve as the cases we have faced in the past. I do not know what could be the scenario of killing the culprit.

If I look closely at the corpse, there is nothing strange about his body. Except for the tanning of its skin due to the poison. I frowned and then stared at the ring that was now inside the transparent plastic.

Could it have something to do with the death of Mister Caline?

I put it inside my attache case when I noticed Grandpa approaching. His mere stares seemed to make me shiver. Could he saw what I was doing?

"707," he called, trying to get my attention.

I straightened up as I stood and stared at him. I smiled as if nothing had happened. I'm sure even though I haven't done anything yet, Grandpa already knows the flow and content of my mind.

It tapped me on the shoulder and I felt the pressure there. I winced at the pain I felt. "You always disobeyed the rules, 707. You need to take the rules seriously. You must follow the rules, if you do not, it will harm you."

I took off the white gloves I was wearing and then tucked them into my slightly open attache case. "Grandpa, you know me. I am no longer 707 if I wasn't to be as 707."

He took a deep breath and shook his head as I passed. He leaned Mister Caline's head. He stared at its pale face.

I don't know but I felt something strange when I stared at Grandpa's serious face.

"Caline is my best friend, we've been together for a long time. We've always been together since we were kids. I've known him for a long time, ever since. I don't understand why this happened to him. He is a virtuous person, to the point that he will just give all his wealth to those in need, " he aforementioned.

I frowned, "As you said, Grandpa, he has no enemies. How did this happen to him? Why was he poisoned? Where in fact, he is kind. What was that? Does this accidentally happen to him? I thought there was a hidden story, that you do not know, Grandpa. "

He patted me on the shoulder, then stared at me directly. "That's why we need to investigate this case, grandson. I approached you, because I know, that you can find the culprit behind this incident. Please do

not disappoint me, especially my best friend Caline. I will not be silent until I can give him justice for his death."

"You can count on it, Grandpa."

He nodded and started walking in the direction of my other colleagues. I was left staring seriously at Mister Caline's cold corpse.

If he had no opponent, it would not have happened to him. But how could this happen to him, when he had no enemies?

There is something wrong with this. Unless he is hiding something from Grandpa. If so, that should be the hint to find the secrets of his death.

I took a small notebook in my attache case and wrote down the developing scenario in my mind. No single event should be missed. If that happens, the outcome of the investigation will be erroneous, and I will not allow that to happen.

I fixed my attache case then looked again at Grandpa and my colleagues talking. I did not call them anymore and I continued walking out of the morgue.

As I was walking down in the hallway of the hospital, I suddenly stopped when I met 706 Kirsten. Her forehead creased.

She looked behind me, where I came from.

"Are you planning to run away again, 707?" she asked, but it is more on the statement.

Her eyes are full of doubt.

I answered back. "I have a bad condition today, 706. So I need to rest. Especially since I had a good night's sleep earlier. Then I have another job at eight (8:00). It's already two (2:00) in the morning, so I have to go. "

It made her laugh. She is irritating!

"I already know what you planning to do, 707. You can no longer manipulate my mind. Don't worry I do not report you to your Grandfather, just include me in your plan. I think I will enjoy it," she teased.

I restrained myself from getting angry with her speech. It makes me pissed.

I like her, but at the same time, I hate her.

"I do not want you to feel sorry for me, Ten. So please, as long as I endure you, do not force me. I do not want you to get involved in this. I can not let that happen," I gently told her.

I could see how she swallowed deeply and turned her eyes in another direction.

I approached her and took her hands and kissed them. "I like you, Ten. So, please. Don't break my heart. Promise me."

Her eyes stared at me dimly. "I promise, Laird. I promise."


"Mister Caline's death has been all over the campus. The one with the big shares in your university, have you heard of that, Laird?"

We are here now in Miona's canteen. I'm wearing disguised as geek again. I need to hide my true identity so that no important people in my life will be affected because of my job.

If I have not already said, Miona and I will be graduating next year.

I looked at him with a frown. Suppose I do not know, for it is not obvious. "Huh? I don't know him, why did he die?"

She spilled spaghetti in her mouth before answering me.

She had no proper eating etiquette. S

"I know you already knew, Laird Hedalgo. You are good at mystery or crime thingy. Are you not interested?”

But I was wrong. She knew that I was just pretending to ask her that question earlier.

I laughed, causing some diners in the canteen to look at us with astonishment.

She rebuked me, "Get out of there, Laird. You look like a monster because of your laughter."

"I am sorry, I can't help it," I apologized.

She just shrugged and ignored me.

She ate her spaghetti again and continued.

Moina. I whispered in the back of my mind.

I was stunned and stared at her with intensity.

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