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   Chapter 2 Mission

The Hot Detective By Sario Julian Characters: 4167

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A COLD stare greeted me as I entered an expensive room. I don’t care about my colleagues. I have my world.

I laid my attache case on my private deck and immediately opened it. I took some important things there and then put them in the pocket of my shirt and pants. I even put it on my shoes.

I smiled as I started to walk towards the old man's whereabouts. His deep and cold eyes immediately greeted me. An old man wears thick glass that is only for the elder who can no longer see.

He raised an eyebrow at me when he saw me sitting directly on the couch in front of him. I don't have time to respect him. I am not in the mood right now, especially, he is disturbing my sleep. I looked at the person who entered the room and instantly saluted me.

"I thought you were not coming," she said while smiling at me. My Kirsten Barba.

The corner of my lip lifted then I ignored him. I turned to the old man who was now in front of me. "What do you need and you want me here? I think you don't need me anymore, your good servants are here."

He laughed as we together seat in the swivel chair he was sitting on. It will support the expensive cane on the side. I rolled my eyes around the room.

I smiled angrily when I saw who I was with now. Detective 701: Adgo, 702: Gerin, 703: Heides, 704: Meroune, 705: Chaves, and 706: Kirsten. Well-known detectives throughout our country, except for me who keep my identity secret. It just because I don't want to involve my real world in my job.

"I called you all because of a tremendous and difficult mission," an old man began. Our detective general is Mister Bodge Hedalgo, my one and only grandfather.

I smiled when I heard what he said. Whatever it is, I can do it.

He clapped his hands at the same time as his staff approached and arranged the long table in front of us.

One of his staff instantly turned on the laptop, and another old man's face immediately appeared on the screen.

"Based on our investigation, Mister Caline died at around 7 pm. He was poisoned based on the police report we gathered ”

Suddenly, 70

1 Agno stood up. "If that is the outcome of the investigation, what else do we need to do?"

Grandpa looked at all of us with a serious face. "We need to investigate it so far. Because I do not believe he was just poisoned. We also need to find out who is the mastermind behind it all."

Grandpa returned to his seat earlier.

"So why did you call us? One of us can do an investigation about Mister Caline's poisoning. Maybe this investigation is not that difficult," 703 Heides replied.

Grandpa folded his arms and then looked at us one by one. It looks like he was taken seriously during the meeting.

I also do not wonder why we are all here.

"If you think this investigation is so easy, then you are wrong. This is the most difficult investigation we will face. Even the authorities do not know who initiated the death of Mister Caline. So I called you all. We need to work together because if only one of us acts, we will not find the truth. We will not know who plotted this crime or rather who is the killer,” he said in a sharped tone.

I stood up then took my attache case. "Then it's time to work."

"No one leaves until there is no step in issue, 707. Don't be in a hurry," he stopped me which caused me to sit back in my seat.

I felt like I could not breathe properly so I loosened my necktie. I'm pissed.

"So whats the plan, Mister Bodge," 706 Kirsten asked.

I stared at her too. It was as if my foot had left this headquarters. I do not waste time on their planning and steps. Nothing happens when we planned well. The bullying is still the same, it is better not to plan, the case is even more solved.

"Just make it quick," I said bored.

Grandpa's staff also acted. They put what we would need on the long glass table. The corner of my lip was raised. This is exciting. I think. Maybe. I hope.

I will no longer be 707 if I am not that hot. Laird Hedalgo, and I am known as 707: The Hot Detective.

A hot detective that will burn the heart of a woman through a bullet. The hot detective, who is willing to risk his life to solve the crimes.

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