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"LAIRD! What the hell did you do? Why did you not go to our next class? Did you know that Mrs. Deguzman was looking for you earlier? Did you know what did I answer to her? I said you have LBM, " Miona immediately greeted me when I saw her in the corridor of my locker.

Coincidentally, she also went to her locker, that is why she saw me.

She was wearing thick reading glasses, like me. She was also bullied by the bully on our campus. That's why we became friends.

I frowned at her. "What? There's so much reason that you are free to choose, why would that LBM thingy?”

I was pissed because of her reason. LBM? Seriously? I have never had LBM. It would have been better if she had reason out to Mrs. Deguzman that I have a headache, or, if not, she had many options to tell our professor.

She crossed her arms and stare at me. "You know what, just thank me, because I saved your ass," she said and raised her eyebrows.

I remembered what she told me before we became friends. She kept her promise.

I shook my head and then smiled. I adjusted my thick reading glass then brought my face closer to her. I stared into her eyes. Out of sheer shock, her eyes widened, and stepped back away from me.

"Thanks, Miona. Another debt from you. Where do you want to eat?" The corner of my lips lifted when I saw her swallowed.

I'm a geek. But she cares about me. Who would have thought? Am I that attractive? I shook my head, about the thought running in my mind.

I put my books in the locker while waiting for her answer. I locked my locker and put the key in my pocket. I turned to her, she's still stunned until now.

"Miona? I'm asking you, I need your answer," I woke her up causing her to look at me.

She was out of her mind as she stared at me. What is happening to this woman?

"W-what? What is your question again?"

I scratched my nose. And my eyes widened when I closed my eyes and open them again. What is happening to this woman she is not in herself? While how could she shout at me earlier like that?

I ignored her question, instead, I put my arm around her waist and pulled her out of the locker.

"Let's go to the cafeteria, I'm free."

She does not reacted and did anything but follow me.

Miona Park is my best friend here on campus. Since my first year of high school, she has been my friend, thus she is really important to me. I also treated her like my sister. So if there is anything wrong with her I can not hold it.

I immediately looked for an empty table when we got inside the cafeteria. Almost the eyes of some students were on the two of us. We just ignored them, we used to treat us like that.

I was about to go to an empty table in a corner when Miona suddenly overtook me.

"Let's just eat outside, Laird. I don't want to be here," she stopped me. I could feel her hand trembling a

s she touched the hem of my shirt.

I immediately grabbed her wrist and then pulled her to the empty table. "Don't be afraid to them, Moina. Show them that you are not affected by their judgments. Do not let them put us on their feet."

"But, Laird. They looked so creepy. It looks like any moment they will go kill us, aren't you afraid of them?"

I pulled out of the chair and forced her to sit there. She could do nothing but to obey me. I took off my bag and put it on the seat, it's for me.

I stared at her intently, "The person who will kill me is not yet born, Miona. And for your information, I am not a coward just to be afraid of them.”

Miona could do nothing but smirk and believe in me. She looked up with serious eyes.

It's hard to believe but that's the truth. I'm a geek and I look like shit, but I'm not afraid just because of bullies. They are nothing.

Nowadays, oppression is no longer fashionable. And at my stage, I am not like that. I am no longer Laird Hedalgo, if they only oppress me.

Even if I do not beat them, it does not mean that I am a loser. There is also time for them, at the right time rather. They just wait for that, because they will see the real Laird Hidalgo at the perfect time, once I remove my thick glass.


"LAIRD! I was calling you earlier. Why did you answer it now?" I stared into the air when I heard her voice on the other line.

I always hear her voice, every night.

"What do you need? It's midnight, Ten! Don't make me look like a sleepless."

I got up from my bed angrily and then adjusted myself. I know what is her purpose when she calls. I heard her loud sigh on the other line.

"He has been looking you, earlier. So come here. I am still the source of this old man's anger. I feel sorry for you, Laird Hedalgo."

I shook my head then slowly lowered. "What does that old man need? And why in the middle of the night? It's confusing?" I asked.

This makes me pissed off.

She annoyingly replied. "I don't know, so hurry up. Come over here, before he'll kill me.”

I laughed at her hysterical voice.

Kirsten Barba is always Kirsten Barba. She still hasn't changed. That is still her habit as before, I doubt she changed a lot but I was wrong. She is still Kirsten Barba that I know.

I button up my pants while straightening my hair. After that, I faced the large mirror in my room.

"Tell him, I will be on time. He needs to do is to wait," I said and ended the call.

I put on my rolex watch. I set the time at the right time. I heard the alarm tone for a moment and it disappeared for an instant. I took my expensive shoes under my bed. I blew air to change its color suddenly; from brown to black.

I also put the Bluetooth speaker in my ear. I even smiled to myself before leaving my room while carrying the small attache case.

This is it.

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