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   Chapter 5 Threats

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I stared at myself. I looked in the mirror, and I could see my reflection from it.

I smiled at what I saw. It wasn't me. I'm matured enough. I turned my back when someone sneezes. It's Kida.

"Ma'am, Sir Cedrick is calling you. He says you two are leaving." She smiled as she said it.

I could see that she still had something to say but she did not continue, perhaps out of embarrassment.

I smiled at her then replied, "Thank you, Kida, I'm going downstairs. Please tell Cedrick. By the way, do you have anything to say? I can see it in your eyes.”

She looked down, before answering my question. "Ma'am, can I have a day off tomorrow? My mother is sick. No one will take care of her."

I walked over to her and held her two hands. She looked at me.

"Of course, Kida. It's okay, don't worry. I'll give you an allowance so you can treat your mother. Next time, don't be ashamed to tell me what you want to do. We're family, aren't we?"

I saw her eyes light up, at the same time she smiles. "Thank you, ma'am. I was really lucky that you were my boss and Sir Cedrick.”

"We are also lucky because you became our servant. We are just the same." I said at once laughing softly. So she laughed with me too.


I gasped at what I saw. Cedrick is wearing an ash suit with a red necktie, and black slacks, that suit his handsomeness.

He's maybe the god of handsomeness.

"Why are you handsome, sweetie?" I suddenly asked him why he was laughing.

His eyes twinkled as he stared at me. "Since birth, sweetie. Don not be surprised. Get used to it that you have a handsome husband,” he joked.

He kissed me on my forehead which bringing me comfort. His my calmness.

Even just a little touch of his lips on my forehead. That carries a huge voltage of electricity that engulfs my being. I was blessed to have him.

I felt, even more tingling in my chest. I love him so much, and nothing can change that.

"You're so beautiful tonight, sweetie. Beautiful is not the right term to use, maybe a gorgeous?" He said when he finished kissing my forehead. He stared which gave me confusion.

He was the only one who made me feel that I was out of breath when he looked at me.

I was wearing an ash gown, simple but elegant; up to the ankle. The shape of the gown was suited to my body form. It was a tube gown, but I put on a small blazer to not show my bare shoulders.

Cedrick will be mad if I was shown my shoulder at a party. Maybe, he was always by my side when that happened.

"It's a compliment, sweetie?" I raised an eyebrow at him. But there was a smirk on my lips.

"Yes, it's a compliment. It's an honest opinion, it's not only a compliment." He admitted.

He took me to the garage at the same time. We're going to the Star Hotel, where Apalima University's high school reunion will be held.

The reunion begins.

When we arrived at the hall, our batch mates immediately looked inside. Awkwardness filled my entire system. My whole body was trembling because of the kind of stare they gave. Some of them are happy to see us, but some of them are full of insecurities and hatred.

I know that they hated me that much. Some of them, still don't accept that Cedrick and I are married. But, it does not matter.

Cedrick holds my hand; it was cold and trembling. "Remember sweetie, you're the Miss P."

Yes, I'm the Miss Ugly that they have known.

That is why I looked into his eyes. In an instant, my negative thoughts disappeared. I smiled and held his hand tightly.

Yeah, I was blessed to have him in my entire life.

Cedrick and I, holding hands, walked over to a vacant table for the guests.

Cedrick and my other batch mates approached us and said hello. Some of them were happy because we all saw each other, but others were just plastic.

"Did you see, Medel and Deigo?" I suddenly asked Cedrick.

He was looking at me and he looked around. "Not yet. Looks like those two aren't going to be here."

"Just make sure they don't make me mad again," I said and smiled at the same time.

"Cedrick, Ena? It's that the two of you?" Asked of a familiar female voice coming from behind.

Cedrick and I looked at each other, and we saw the smiling faces of Kersten and Dav

id. My forehead is wrinkled.

"Kersten? David? Is that you?"

"Yes, we are!" Kersten replied with a wide smile. Suddenly we hugged each other.

Cedrick and David punched and hugged. I looked at David and so did Kersten and Cedrick.

We're becoming friends when I started to forgive them both. They regretted what they have in the past so I have nothing to worry about.

"How are you? David and I are having children.” Kersten asked cheerfully again.

Yes, she's a happy go, lucky woman. That is who she is. She only became a war freak during her high school days because of her parents. But, it was before. She has been married to David for three years. They also have a son— Tyro Escovel.

"We're okay, as well as the twins. How are you? Is Tyro, okay?" I answered while drinking the juice that the server had just put on our table.

"It's good then. We're okay, also Tyro. He is so naughty." David answered.

We all laughed at David's answer.

I was lucky that they became my friends. Because I got to know them better.

"Of course, did you see Medel and Deigo? Ena and I didn't see them around. Maybe you saw them both?" Cedrick suddenly asked them.

David frowned and seemed to be thinking. "Those two wanted us to be here. But they are the one who's not coming."

I just stood up suddenly because of what David said.

"I told you, those two have a plan," I said while my chest heaved with annoyance.

The question is what did those two wanted to do?

What kind of nonsense do you plan, Medel and Deigo?

"Hey! We have no plans, Ena. We were just late." Medel shouted in front.

We all looked behind and my eyes narrowed when I saw the two of them in front of me.

"Yeah, as always." I refer to their late coming to the hall.

Kersten and David laughed as well as Cedrick.

I saw Medel pout while Deigo fixed his hair. These two did something foolish. I am sure.

"You are old, you are not children anymore," I added. The table was filled with laughter even more.

"I'm sorry friend when Deigo and I are late. The important thing is that we are here, right?" Medel smiled at me and asked as she held on to my shoulder.

I let out a deep breath. I could not stand my best friend. "Are you sure, Deigo did nothing to you?"

"Yes, promise!" At the same time, she raised her right hand as if swearing-in.

"Haist. . . All right! Sit down."

Noise filled our entire table again.

I looked at Cedrick. He smiled at me while uttering 'I love you'. I just shrugged, at the same time secretly smiled, which did not escape his beautiful eyes.


In the middle of the party, Cedrick danced with me. Medel and Deigo went first, followed by Kersten and David. As a result, Cedrick and I are also on the dance floor. Accompanying Lea Salonga's friend of mine song.

"You're so beautiful, sweetie. I will never tire of staring at you every day."

I felt my cheek warmed up at what Cedrick said. Even though, here on the dance floor he still makes me shiver. That was one of the ones I loved most about him.

"Even though, I will dance every day, as long as I can be with you " He added.

"Sweetie, you just want to please me, right?" I asked, smiling.

That's all I said to him.

"Why sweetie, are you tired?" He asked like a child at the same time as he rubbed his two hands on my waist causing me to sigh.

"No, because. . . you. . ." I looked down at the same time.

What do I want to say?

"You're thrilled, aren't you?" I suddenly looked up to see him. I saw his eyes twinkled.

"Yes, I was shaking." I smiled and said, at the same time my cheeks were heating up again.

We went back to the table where we had been sitting before. I was about to sit down when my cellphone suddenly vibrated.

I looked at it and scan the text message. But, I was surprised by what I read again.

From: unknown

Are you and Cedrick happy at today's reunion? Well, I hope so... Because the day is near, that you and Cedrick will also suffer. Are you scared? Never mind, I have never done anything wrong.

Then something popped up in the message with a photo of Cedrick and me. Not only that but there's a dead text written on the photos attached.

"What. The. Hell.” I mumbled.

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