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   Chapter 4 Unknown

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"What's the matter, sweetie?" I looked at Cedrick because he suddenly asked me. I looked at my phone on the floor. I could not speak because of nervousness and panic.

Suddenly my whole body trembled. I wondered who that person was— the one who texted me. I looked into Cedrick's eyes and shook my head.

"My phone." That's all I told him.

He also looked at my cellphone. He is confused. He approached me and hugged me. Suddenly, the nervousness that I felt was gone. Cedrick is truly my savior and home.

He let go of me, then picked up my cellphone that landed on the floor. He looked at me first, before checking my phone.

He opens it, and like what I expected. . . he's still calm and speechless. No reaction, no doubt, and no fair. But, he has confidence, bravery, and a tough face. That is my husband. The one and only Cedrick Villaurel.

He looked at me again and suddenly hugged me tightly. "It's gonna be alright, sweetie. Don't mind it, okay? Maybe, it's our batchmate in high school or college, just texted you. Do not worry. Okay?”

I nodded at what he said. "Thanks, sweetie. I'm sure it was just our batchmate in high school or college."

He smiled and held my cheek with both hands. Then he kissed my forehead. . . up to my nose, cheeks, and lips. He conveys, that I am not alone, that he is there always beside me.

“Please protect me, do not let me down” I pleaded.

"Right, let's go. We need to go home. Maybe the kids are looking for us." he assisted me while holding my hand.

I also lost my nervousness in my chest and the bad thoughts running through my mind. Cedrick and I held hands. Boutique show. We also chose what we would wear to the reunion, and my staff would take care of the rest of the work.

That's all, not sure if it will end in a week. But, I believe in my employees. I am confident that they will finish that soon as possible.

I got in the car, and Cedrick followed. Before he started the engine, he held my left hand. He smiled and kissed it.

"Are we going to take the twin to the reunion or are we just leaving them with mama and papa?" I asked Cedrick as I looked at him. I was referring to my biological parents because I consider them as my true parents even though they just adopted me.

"It's up to you. If so, shall we include the twins or not?"

"Okay, I'll let mama and papa know first if they will let us leave the twins with them."

"Of course, sweetie. After the reunion, there will also be a celebration on the anniversary of Villaurel Club Corporation. I hope I will take you as a design manager? If it is okay with you?"

"Well, of course, I'm in, sweetie. Since I'm not busy in these coming days. The launch of my boutique is still far, so I can stil

l manage the design for the anniversary of the V-club." I smiled in response to him.

"Thanks, sweetie. I know, that you will accept it whether you like it or not. Because you love me and you will never reject me." He said as he winked at me.

I gazed at him. "Of course, sweetie. And stop winking, since then, that doesn't matter. It does not affect me."

I secretly smiled when he kept quiet.

"You're serious, sweetie. I'm your husband. What am I still doing to you, is making me shiver" he admitted then he pouts like a child; a child who wants candy.

"Stop doing that, okay? You look like a child when you do that kind of childish way.” I told him.

Of course, in the other back of my mind, he is still handsome. Why Cedrick even he did such a childish way he is still hot?

I secretly smiled, while looking out of the car. Will he also believe what I said? I shook my head and wanted to laugh because of the imagination I was thinking.

"What are you thinking, sweetie?" I turned to him when he asked me that.

I was about to answer when the car suddenly stopped in front of the house. The guard immediately opened the gate and Cedrick entered the car inside the garage.

When the car was able to park, I immediately got out and called Kida to pick up our groceries.

When Kida arrived at the garage, she was accompanied by two other helpers.

"Good morning, ma'am and sir!" They greeted.

I smiled. "Good morning, too." Cedrick and I greeted them at the same time.

They immediately took our bags in the back of the car and put them inside.

When Cedrick and I were left, I turned to him and looked at him seriously then smiled sweetly at him. "I love you always, Cedrick. So, don't doubt my love for you. Maybe you are the one who you don't love me anymore because I'm ugly."

He approached me, and he held me in both arms. "I love you. I can't say how much I love you, because there is no measurement of how much that love I have for you.”

. . .“Even when we grow old, I will still love you, okay? Even if you are the ugliest woman in the world, I will still choose you and I will still love you.” He pinched my chin, as he smiled sweetly.

I hit him on the chest because I felt like I was about to cry over what he was saying. I just shook my head and hugged him. It's irritating because he makes me shiver again.

He never tires of thrilling me. "You're shaking, aren't you?"

I slipped out of his arms and looked at him intently. I stared at him and angrily slapped him again. "Who wouldn't be thrilled by what you said, Cedrick?"

"Did I mention that you are the woman who made my heart beat fast?" He asked as he slowly pulled me inside the house.

I laughed. Oh, how I miss teasing him.

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