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   Chapter 3 Twin

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"You will stay here at home, huh? Mommy and Daddy will be going to the mall; buy some foods to eat. Behave with nanny Kida, okay?" I ordered the twins when Cedrick and I were in the living room.

We have planned to go to the market today. It's the weekend, so Cedrick and I will go to the market first. We will also pass by my boutique later, to measure sizes for what we will wear for the high school reunion.

"Yes, mommy and daddy be careful!" Rick cheerfully agreed while Cedrena giving us small smile.

"Rick and I will be careful too!” Cedrena added as she laughed softly. I shook my head.

I turned to Kida, "Take care of the twins, Kida, while we are gone."

She nodded. Cedrick and I smiled meaningfully. "Yes, ma'am. Enjoy!"

I nodded at what Kida said. What that woman was thinking?

"So? What are we gonna do now?" Cedrick suddenly asked as we sat in the car. He started the engine and drove it.

"What, do you think?" I raised an eyebrow at him. I smile mischievously and wiggled my eyebrows.

Cedrick laughed and smiled back. "I think, we're gonna have a new twin again?"

I punched him on the arm when I heard what he said. His naughty minds always give me a heart attack.

"Stop right there, Cedrick. Cedrena and Rick— our twin are enough. I don't want to get pregnant again! It's hard to give birth! When that happens again, I'll make sure you go bald!"

I remember the day when I having labor on Cedrena and Rick. Cedrick and I were still in the car, and then my stomach suddenly hurt. I still blamed him for that.

I remember that day.

"You bastard Cedrick! What did you do and it hurts to give birth like this ?! Ha ?! Take me to the hospital! Hurry up!"

Earlier, I shouted and slapped him but he was still like a dumbhead while looking at me with an abyss. He was an idiot when I told him that I'm going to give birth.

I'm already writhing in pain that I feel in my abdomen and stomach, but he has still no reaction. I don't know if my hip hurts or my stomach hurts.

When I felt my water burst. I shouted because of panic and nervousness. I felt that at any moment, the twins are coming out.

I did not know that this is how painful to give labor. What even more exciting is that I will give birth to twins.

"Cedrick! Are you taking me to the hospital or are you just kept standing there?! Cedrick! Ah! Cedrick! Oh my gosh!”

In annoyance, I kicked him in his legs. Then he realized that he is not dreaming. "Sweetie ?! Sweetie ?! What's wrong with you?"

"I'm going to give birth! So take me to the hospital! You dumbhead! I don't want to give birth any more!" I cried out loud.

He was carried away by my threat and he started to drove the car to St. John hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital, he started to help me. Instead, I am the one being nervous, it was as if he was the one to give birth.

Maybe this time, I don't give birth I will laugh at him because of his reaction.

We were in the delivery room, while I was urinating I was tweaking his hair on his head. He is annoying! If I knew that giving birth is this hurt, I would not have agreed to make love

with him.

"You can never do it again, Cedrick! If I only knew it was so painful, I wouldn't have agreed! You!" I screamed as I hold tightly in his hair.

I saw that his whole face was red because of what I said and maybe also because I tweaked him. And, maybe because all the nurses and my ob gyne heard everything that I said. Even me, blushed when I finally realized that someone had heard what I said.

"Sweetie, there's no second time?" He growled like a child as he asked me. I'm still ashamed of what I had been said earlier.

I teased him. "No more! Keep it on the rocks! Ahhh! You're annoying Cedrick! You will go bald when I get out of the hospital!"

"Don't, sweetie, the world will lose another handsome creature when you cut my hair,” he replied with a grin.

"I do not care!"

I even heard the laughter of all the nurses and my ob-gyne inside the delivery room because of what I declared, which echoed throughout the room. The next sound we heard is the crying of a child.

"Are you thinking of something, sweetie?" My thoughts returned to reality when Cedrick suddenly spoke.

I stared at him for a moment and turned my attention back to observe the surroundings outside the car.

"I have remembered something. Don't mind it, you might just laugh when you force me to tell you."


"Finally, we are done. Let's go to the market. We need to put it on the back of the car, then we will go to your boutique for the measurements of our dress and suit to wear in reunion. Are you ready, sweetie?"

I nodded at Cedrick's question. "Uh-hu! I'm always, ready. You know that, right?"

He smiled sweetly at me and suddenly brought his face closer to mine which made me startle. "Yes, sweetie. I know it."

Then he kissed me on the lips. It was as if I had been attacked by fire because of the embarrassment and warmth of my face. Many people watched us and noticed what Cedrick did.

We are still in the mall, so it is embarrassed in such a situation. But I will not be ashamed when Cedrick is the one who did it.

We left the mall quickly. He immediately put everything we bought in the back of the car park. He helped me to get inside and kissed me again on my cheeks.

As soon as he got into the car, he immediately drove it. We quickly reached the boutique.

I am the one who made the design for his suit and my dress. And it was sewn by my staff when they get the sizes of my measurements and Cedrick.

When we entered the fitting room, some of my staff were already there to measure the two of us.

It easy to complete the measurement. I immediately asked Cedrick to look at the designs that I had made for the suit he was going to wear for the reunion.

While Cedrick was busy examining the design for his suit, my phone suddenly vibrated.

Someone texted me.

I looked at the message. Shock, panic, and nervousness that I felt when I read the message. Abruptly, I let go of the cellphone I was holding.

From: unknown

Hi, Ena. I miss you. Do you miss me too? Four years had been passed. And then four years ago again, I'm finally back. How are you? Do you still remember me?

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