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   Chapter 2 Husband

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I hurried into my office. There is a lot of work on my desk. I have my boutique— Miss P. Boutique. It also has many branches in different parts of the world.

"Ma'am, you have a guest. They are waiting in the lobby." My secretary reported to the intercom.

I pressed the intercom before speaking. "Alright, thank you. Please tell them to wait for a few minutes."

I got up and arranged the papers scattered on the desk. I started walking towards the door, carrying my small pouch bag.

I went to the lobby and two people were waiting for me with a kid. I frowned, wondering who they are.

"Medel ?! Deigo ?!" I was shocked when I known them.

I hugged them immediately due to the excitement that I felt.

"Friend! You're really beautiful! You're even younger!" Medel said, at the same time losing my hug with her.

"You too, you get younger and look better. It's not just me." I said as I spanked her arm at the same time.

I did not expect, now that Medel and I are back here. "You never said that you are here so that I'll pick you up at the airport.”

"It's okay, my friend." Medel smiled at me at the same time.

"Come to my office, I will text Cedrick first that you are here. So that the four of us can talk and get along." I smiled at them while wiggling my eyebrows.

"By the way, this your son? Liance Salvador?" I asked with a smile as they sat on the sofa in my office. The boy looked at me and smiled as if he already knew me.

"Yes, friend. He is. Do not wonder why he seems to know you. Deigo and I often tell him stories about you and Cedrick." I nodded at Medel's explanation.

"How are you and Cedrick, Ena? The twin; how about them?" Deigo suddenly asked.

I turned to him, then glance at him.

He seemed surprised when I gazed at him. "It's good that you now speaking. I thought you would be quiet there forever. I guessed you wouldn't talk anymore.”

Medel just laughed at what I said, even their son Liance. This kid looks like a mama's boy.

"I was just adjusting, so I was kept my mouth shut. But now I am not. Because I have adjusted." Deigo explained with a smile.

I was just nodded. These two couples have not amended. I thought, they've changed a lot after four years but it's not, they still what they are. I hope Cedrick and I too, will not change.

After thirty minutes, long stories took place. Cedrick also came with the twins. Medel and Deigo immediately greeted him with a hug and fist bump. I just shook my head because of that. They even gouged the twins.

The twins and Liance are already closed. They were playing with toys on the carpeted floor of my office. While the four of us kept looking for them.

"Deigo and I would have had a plan this coming month. It's almost May. It's been a reunion at university. So, we thought we'd have a reunion too." Medel's prelude.

I thought about it and looked at Cedrick. I am waiting for his response and reaction to what Medel said. Whether he wants to or not?

"Ahm, for me. . . your idea is fine Medel, but th

e problem is. . . how do we invite our batch mates? We have no communication with them. It's been four years, maybe they've changed mobile number or what. " Cedrick agreed. When he understood, the way I looked at him.

I also thought about what he said to Medel, he also had a point. "That's why there is a so-called social media and that internet; to communicate with people around the world."

We laughed and were shaken by what we heard from Medel. "Of course not, why didn't we think of that?" I laughed at the question.

"Because you only have Cedrick in mind," Deigo replied. I stared at him.

"Stop there Deigo, it looks like Medel doesn't even think about you?" I was pissed back at the question.

"Bro, until now. Is your wife still the same? Nothing has changed." Then he laughed out loud. I looked at him badly.

"As if I know, you don't change either. You still look like a monkey." I said annoyingly.

Medel and Cedrick just laughed at what they hear.

I looked at Cedrick and glared at him; giving him a warning. "If you still laughing, I will wreck your neck,” I threatened him.

"I won't laugh anymore, promise! I'm sorry, sweetie." He approached me at once and hugged me tightly.

Medel and Deigo were silenced. Cedrick and I just laughed.

"You're jealous, aren't you?" I teased them.


Time passed quickly, Medel and Deigo with their son Liance are leaving. We ended up our conversation at a high school reunion.

"You two get ready for the high school reunion. You two need to be there. We need to go, whether we like it or not. Okay?" Medel reminded me when they left.

"Of course, friend. We go there. We can still be ready. We have seven days to prepare." I said, and at the same time smiled at her.

I looked at Cedrick. "Maybe you can go. Deigo is there."

"Oh, Cedrick. Do not to be lost at that time, Deigo and I are always present.” Medel finally said. They wave their hands and left.

Cedrick and I looked at each other, and both shook our heads. I looked at Cedrick and to my twins. The twin also looked at us. My husband just shrugged then walked.

"So? We need to go home. It's already five in the afternoon. For sure, the kids are hungry." I nodded at what Cedrick said.

"Ah, yes. Just wait for me, for a couple of minutes. It just quick."

I have put away my belongings. So that we, the children, and Cedrick can leave.

"Mommy. Daddy. Will we come to the reunion?" Cedrena asked suddenly.

"No! It's just for adults, Cedrena. You're not grown-up yet, you can't go there,” Rick replied with a statement.

I looked at Cedrick, when our son explained it to her twin.

"Yes, your twin is right Cedrena. That reunion is only for the elders. The children can't go there, maybe next time you can go there.” Cedrick added.

"Yes, Maybe next time?" They asked and smiled.

Well, Cedrick and I smile for each other.

"Yes, baby! Next time." Cedrick and I answered at the same time, and he started the engine of the car.

We need to prepared for the reunion.

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