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   Chapter 1 that's how we meet(part 1)

Love comes to me By Queen Characters: 2938

Updated: 2021-03-12 16:33

Raj's pov

I am going to my New college but half semester already past I am two months late trully I don't won't to come in this city but my dad want to start his new venture In this city so I have to also my dad promise me that I can handle this project so this is the only reason to come hear but my dad put some conditions like I have to go to college and live normal college life only then take love with me.My first and only love sorry not only love I love three things most in my life my parents they are sweetheart they let me take my decision and support me whenever I them.i love them most.My second love our business ya my business I am 12 year old when office with my dad and the very first moment I know this is my life now I am 23 but nothing is change I still really love my business I completed my graduation in most reputed college but I only went there for exam because I already what I won't so I don't waste my time in those stupid things that is the reason my parents want me to do MBA I don't know why I have to do this I already know enough because I believe practical knowledge is more important than bookish knowledge but I have to.My third and last love my Lamborghini VenenoThe car is absolutely stunning from every angle, I fall in love with my baby this is peace of art I never let anyone touch my baby.So we finally reach college it's quite normal college i don't want any fancy college like big name and all in This college i don't ha

ve to attend all class and I can concentrate in my business so I search for this college and take admission in this college.

So I already cross the main gate one kilometre meter distance from gate to collect building many students roming random because I know there is know class today because it's college faist going on. It's very crowded place actually but good thing is that know buddy know me and I don't know anyone buddy I like this way.

So I enter in college building oh god loud music is playing and many games organized . There is a stage in centre and screen In left side there is a song playing in screen and a couple singing that song. Oh god it's so childesh. Moving onI completed my addimision formalities I think I should check my class to so I think I should ask from some buddy."Hi"... I ask a boy he have a good physic I think he is bearing red colour shirt blue gence and red shoes oh god who wear red shoes ahh I have this very bad habbit of noticing people or I can that judge people by there clothes." Hi ".. he reply plain" Where is MBA 1st class "" 3rd floor right side last room" and he went from there thing he is an hary.So I am going to my class it's pretty quiet in 2nd floor or I can that it's almost empty.I am almost in third floor there big cube king hole I can say that where we can see ground floor. I am going to right side there is know one in this floor

But still I can here music voice from first floor............

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