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   Chapter 5 The Wild Wolf-Bear

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I looked towards my wardrobe and then at my bed at the mess that I've created.

Currently, I was thinking about what to wear to this party, which I was invited to.

Was I excited? No.

However, due to some unknown reasons, I was feeling super nervous about this whole thing. I was not a nervous freak who would become nervous just because she was invited to a party.

Maybe I was feeling this way because I haven't been to a party for more than a year and my friend from my home town wasn't here to give me some sassy girl motivation.

Huffing in frustration, I decided to go with a washed denim thigh-length shorts with a white top and my favorite black jacket. Wearing my medium heel boots, I think I was ready to go after applying some lotion to my face. 

I didn't go with the makeup, because doing makeup wasn't my thing. For all I know, I might as well turn myself into a panda if I tried doing it on my own.

I pulled my front hairs in a side wave and pinned them properly, while the rest I decided to leave open.

Satisfied at my image, I locked the door before going out in the left direction from my house. 

I was good with directions and thus, I knew exactly where the party was when Aiden gave me the directions from that cafe.

Reaching the party, I noticed the grandeur of it. The garden in front of that mansion-like house was soo large but it still appeared crowded.

There were huge stalls placed on both left and right sides with different dishes placed on them.

Let's talk about why it wasn't exactly a small get to gather like I was told.

I scrunched my eyes at this and thought of leaving before anyone sees me here. However, before I could turn around and leave, my hand was grabbed by none other than Sean.

"Where do you think you are going, beautiful lady?" He asked me flirtatiously.

"Uhh...look Sean this is a really big party. And sorry to say, but this isn't something I imagined when I said yes. Please let me go. Crowded places aren't my thing." I said feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Victoria, I know you don't like crowded places, but how can you judge a book by its cover. This is a normal party, which is being held outside. The real get to gather party is inside and only a few people apart from us are there." Sean said while trying to pull me in.

"Okay. Let's make a deal. We go inside, and if you still feel that it is too much crowd for you to handle, I'll personally drop you at your home? Okay?" He said looking deeply at me, trying to get me to agree with it.

I felt myself relaxing when I looked into his eyes and thus, I smiled at him before muttering "okay".

Since I am already here, there is nothing wrong with giving it a last try.

After getting my approval, he started pulling me inside the house at a great speed as if eager to bring me there, while muttering a 'sorry' or 'get aside' occasionally.

When I reached inside the so-called house, I felt like I was standing in an ancient mansion or some fantasy palace. It was soo big and beautifully designed. Like a movie set.

Is this the place where they do all the parties? If yes, then it was great.

They had invested a lot in making such a place. Maybe it is used for other meetings too when the crowd of the whole town is needed to gather. 

I looked at the people who were dancing softly while laughing at each other's jokes. It was a different thing from what was going outside.

I spotted Daniel talking to some girl and as if he sensed my presence he immediately looked towards me with a polite smile.

"So what's say? Do I still need to drop you there, beautiful?" Sean whispered in my ears.

I shook my head at his words, looking around still dazed when he placed his hands on me while pulling me closer to himself.

I felt a shiver run down my spine. A good kind of shiver. 

It didn't felt right when I suddenly started feeling a warmth creeping my body, from where his hand was placed on my waist.

I looked at him wide-eyed before he winked at me and pulled me towards the dance floor.

I don't know what was happening to me? Do I like Sean? Is this why I was feeling this way? 

The questions suddenly started popping into my mind.

Deep in my thoughts, I almost lost my balance at the twirl he made, but he grabbed me at the right time. Pulling me closer to his chest, he looked into my eyes, gazing with soo many emotions crossing his eyes.

I don't know if I should do it or not, but thinking I needed to know what was going on, I put the barrier around my mind down a bit and tried to read his thoughts.

[So beautiful. Maybe if I try my best, I can have her. I am not finding my mate anyways. And she is a good girl. I feel attracted to her. Is she, my mate?] 

I heard the thoughts in his mind.

However, I couldn't concentrate much.

As if sensing something wrong with me, like he knew I was trying to read him, he looked at me with shocked-filled eyes, before leaving me from his grip.

I stumbled on my boots, already expecting a fall when someone held me. The pleasant electric shocks were there again.

I think I knew who held me. Standing straight, I turned around and was met by an angry face of none other than Alexander.

"What are you doing here, dressed like this? Couldn't you wear something appropriate?" He suddenly muttered with anger-filled eyes.

I looked at his eyes. They appeared so dark at the moment as if trying to suck on your soul. A total contrast to what I rememb

er from the morning.

Suddenly remembering his words, I looked at my clothes. There was nothing wrong with my clothes. 

I have seen girls wearing shorter shorts than mine and a crop top that is more like a sports bra. But why the hell, am I the only one being reprimanded?

"Look, Mr. Alexander, if you got a problem with my clothes, you can just turn around and go on. I was invited to this party and thus I am here. I am not interested in a party of a psychopath anyways, I was here just because Daniel invited me. And I can see, girls are wearing more fancy clothes than mine, so if you've got a problem with only my clothes, then let me phrase it, ' Go see a doctor!'" I said not knowing why I was feeling so much angry at this.

I took a deep breath in to control my anger and noticed something was wrong with this. I looked around and saw that everyone has stopped doing whatever they were, and were now looking at us bickering.

Just great! Because this couldn't turn any less humiliating.

Smiling in Daniel's direction, one last time I decided to leave the party. I was not one of those pushover girls, who would stay at a party even though they were insulted like that, just because there was a guy you like at the party.

Running out of the area, I finally felt relieved.

Sitting on a random rock, I massaged my head, which was pounding heavily. This was the first time my head was in pain just because I tried to read someone's mind.

Usually, it won't take a toll on me to read 100's of minds in a go. Maybe it's just because my mind hasn't read anyone since 6-7 months and now that I used it, it took a toll on it.

Sighing loudly, I was about to stand, from the rock when I heard the rustling of leaves. 

It was only then I noticed, that I was currently sitting in an area surrounded by huge trees. From what I remember, it must be the forest I visited last time.

"Who..who is there?" I asked.

The rustling of leaves got louder and louder.

Before I could find myself a stick or something in my defense, I looked at the thing that has appeared in front of me. 

I dropped the idea of finding a stick because, I wouldn't be able to defend my sorry ass, even if I was holding a large wooden log.

In front of me, a giant wolf was standing. His hazel brown eyes were set on me as if I was his prey. He was taller than me from what I could see, and with his bulky body, I didn't stand a chance against it.

Taking out my phone with trembling hands, I tried to call someone while keeping a look at the wolf who was observing my every movement.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw the wolf has suddenly started walking towards me, resulting in me dropping my phone.

Is he angry at me, because I took out my phone to call someone?

And guys, this is how you become the food of a giant animal!

God this isn't how I wanted to die. 

From all the things that I have suffered till now, you can't just make me die by making me the food of some giant wolf bear.

I know I should run at a moment like this. But this wolf was soo big, that running was futile. Plus, don't wild animals like things, like chasing. Maybe...maybe if I plead to him to not me, he will leave me?

I was still contemplating what to do when I noticed he was only a few feet away from me now.

'It's now or never Victoria. You can do it.' I pep talked myself.

Immediately sitting on my knees, I started my begging.

Seeing me sitting on my knees, the wolf tilted his head as if confused or thinking something.

It was a good sign I guess.

"Wolf bear, please don't eat me. Look I am so skinny and you are soo big. You won't be able to feed your hunger properly if you eat me. Why don't I give you an address where a party is being held? If you like vegetarian food you can eat anything from the counters and if you are non-vegetarian then you have the choice of eating soo many people. It's a good bargain, please, please spare me?" I pleaded with my closed eyes.

I was still pleading thinking what else to say when I felt a lick on my thighs that made me squeal a bit.

'Is he tasting me? Maybe he wants to taste if the food he is going to eat is up to his standards or not.' I thought in my mind nodding at my explanation, before praying to God.

'Please don't like the taste. Please don't like the taste. I have applied body lotion today. Wolves have good smelling sense, maybe he won't like the chemical in it. Please think that I am dirty and not suitable to eat.' 

Before I could say or do anything else, the wild wolf sat in front of me before placing his head on my lap.

I looked at the large wolf flabbergasted, not knowing what to do. 

Does he want me to pat his head? Or he is looking for a pillow to sleep on? 

Hmm...this could be the case. Sleeping on this hard forest floor must be tiring and rough, and that's why he wants to sleep on my lap.

I looked at his face, and god forbid me to say such a thing to a wild animal but he was soo cute. With his bright eyes opened looking towards me, he appeared like a domestic animal wanting to play with his friend.

Gathering the little courage left in me, I placed my hand on his head, feeling his velvety fur. 

His fur was soo thick that I wasn't able to see my hand once I placed it on him.

I faintly heard a satisfied 'purr' from him and I think it was the cutest and loveliest voice I ever heard in my life. 

For the first time after a year, I smiled, genuinely happy.

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