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   Chapter 3 Antsy Wolf

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Texting the message to my alpha-beta Daniel I relaxed back in my chair. I didn't want to tell him, that I am already in the town and had been living in the wooden cabin at the outskirts of the town for the past two days. 

I didn't want to alert them and wanted to observe the security of my pack and how things have been managed in my absence.

I know my father was there to guide them, in my absence but I also know that he been relying too much on him to see if he was capable to become the alpha-beta of the pack or not.

That was the sole purpose of me staying in this wooden cabin, to observe things and also, to relax a bit. 

However, now I was feeling a little bit confused and the sense of yearning for my mate was increasing with each passing second from the moment I smelled that intoxicating scent.

I don't know what it was, but I have been smelling this alluring scent coming from near the town or inside the town, I don't know from where exactly. I had tried to follow this scent multiple times already, but after a few steps, I always lose the trail of it, which has been keeping my wolf on edge. 

For a wolf, not being able to follow a smell trail was like the biggest shame, because this was how we catch prey and protect our loved ones from our enemies.

My wolf or my other half side was on edge and agony not knowing what exactly this scent was. 

Yes, that was right. 

I am a werewolf and a strong one at that.

We all are a pack of werewolves and yes this wasn't a fantasy, we existed. However, because of our natural blending among humans, no one ever suspected anything. 

The sheriff of the town, the professors even some students, and many other people here are werewolves like me and are a part of my pack. We are spread all over the world. It's just hard to distinguish one from a human if he doesn't tell himself.

I wanted to have a break from my alpha duties. Work had been increasing these past days because of the intruding rogues in the nearby packs and the alpha demanding me for my help and suggestions, along with constant pressure from my parents about finding a mate for myself. 

Sometimes I just want to y

ell at them to give me a break. 

But I can't blame them for it either. I am not a normal alpha, to begin with. I am their alpha king who is above all the alphas. They look upon me for many important decisions not only regarding packs, rules but also about their household matters. And an alpha king without his luna was like an alpha king with only half his power. 

Plus, I want to find her, my mate. I have already passed the age of finding a mate two years back. And now, I was getting edgy about the matter. 

I have heard about the stories of people not finding their mate for the rest of their lives and then settling for someone who didn't belong to them as compensation.

I didn't want that. I want to settle down and have four, no, eight children with my mate. 

Sometimes I try to imagine, how she will look? Will she belong to the werewolf community or will be a normal human?

That's also true. Humans can also become our mates. And in the last decade, the cases of humans appearing as mates of werewolves be it a woman or man were more prominent than a werewolf being a mate of a werewolf.

Looks like the moon goddess wants to make the two species live with togetherness peacefully.

I leaned on my chair inhaling deeply, closing my eyes while remembering that alluring scent. 

Before I could relax properly, a gust of wind hit my face, and, I smelled that same intoxicating scent coming from near me. 

My wolf purred with pleasure and urged me to hurry up and find the person from whom this alluring scent was coming.

Changing quickly into my wolf form, I strutted down the forest, heightening my sense to follow the trail of the scent. The scent was fainting with each passing second and my wolf was getting antsy again.

I reached the lake to calm my nerves, however when I reached there. I smelled the same intoxicating scent and the trail this time was leading inside the town. My wolf was now getting angry at me.

'Okay. okay. I'll cut my observations period short and go inside the town to check who this person is.' I said to my wolf before going back into the cabin and changing back to my human form.

Looks like the holidays are over.

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