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   Chapter 2 New Day, New Life, New Friends!

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Today was my first day of university. I took a shower early in the morning and dressed neatly with a crop top paired with a washed denim jacket, high waist jeans, and boots. Tying my hairs in a high ponytail I was ready to venture out of the house, practically towards my new life. 

To be honest, I was super nervous. I didn't want to read people's thoughts, which has always been my biggest concern.

Yes, you guys got that right, I am telepathic. Sometimes, if I concentrate a bit, I can read people's thoughts, with an accuracy rate of 99%. 

It is pretty much exhausting and well, downright annoying.

I always feel like I am invading someone's privacy and I hate the idea of it. 

Till the age of 16, I didn't even have any friends, because of the sole reason that I would always find some fault in their attitude and thinking by reading their thoughts. 

After that, I tried controlling this gift/ curse of mine as much as I could. And now I can read someone's thoughts only when I want. 

Earlier I didn't have any control over it and most of the time I would come home screaming in pain and agony because of my head pounding with unbearable pressure.

Sighing loudly I locked the door before breathing in the fresh air.

Since the university wasn't that far away from Marla's place, barely 10 km. I decided to walk down there. 

Walking had always helped me to clear up my mind and looking around towards forests and this naturally beautiful place, I feel more at ease.

Plugging in my headphones, I was tuning my favorite songs when I saw a blur of something passing in front of me. It appeared like a silhouette of a giant animal to me.

Pausing my song I looked to my left where it went nervously but didn't found anything suspicious or any sign of a big animal going there. 

'It's just my hallucination' I consoled myself.

Maybe because this place is named pearly canines and Marla had been telling me ancient stories about why this town was named so, I am imagining things now.

Wolves living with humans as their friends? Really? Give me a break!

Looking at my old-fashioned watch, which was gifted to me by my mum, I noticed I only had half an hour left to reach there and thus, I decided to sprint the rest of the way.

However, the image of that blurry figure kept popping in my mind.

Reaching the university the first thing I noticed was the grandeur of it. I don't know why a university this big and reputation isn't popular and is in a secluded town like this. 

I heard from Marla that it only takes selective students in, and the criteria of that selection is a mystery to everyone.

And here let me make it clear, I am not an academic type of person, though my IQ is always said to be more than average making it easy for me to score marks.

"Hey? Victoria right?" 

I turned around to see who called me and saw Daniel walking along with his friends, in my direction.

" are Daniel if I remember correctly." 

"Yup! That's me. Last time you left in a hurry. Let me introduce you to my friends. This is Kayla, this is Aiden, this is Chris, this is Angela and this is Tina. And that two guys who are rushing towards us are Sean and Matt." He introduced.

I just gazed politely at everyone before muttering my name.

"I am Victoria, Victoria Gibberson." 

With that, I turned around to leave for my class when I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder.

'Let's talk about personal space.' I thought rolling my eyes at that.

"You live in our town and we have a rule that no one is to be left alone. If you are one of those geeks who like to live in their bubble, you are in the wrong place, dear. And thus, we proudly include you in our group." Sean muttered.

I looked at others who were just smiling shaking their heads at him. To be honest, it was really sweet how they wanted to include me in their group without even prying about my whereabouts and whatsoever. 

"Haha..he is right. We heard about you. You recently moved here, to pursue your further studies because you wanted a so-called less crowded place. However, we don't like any person living in our town all alone and shady and we will make sure to take you out of your shell. Because we believe we are a family." Daniel said gazing at me deeply as if he knew my darkest and deepest secrets.

Breaking the staring contest with me, he looked at his phone and then at his friends before shouting,

"Guys! Guess what? Alexander is coming back from his trip. He should be here, by tomorrow night or the day after tomorrow. This calls for a celebration ain't it?" 

Everyone started cheering at the mention of this new person Alexander and I unknowingly felt a shudder run down my spine. 

This name, why am I having a weird feeling about it?

Reaching the class was a chore for me. 

Even though I was moving with this group, it didn't stop people from hitting and commenting on me.

What was much worse was that, because of me trying to avoid those comments, I had to concentrate on walking which resulted in me hearing more colorful thoughts about myself.

One was even thinking about an aisle and me being his bride. That made me laugh internally.

I was naturally gifted with light brown long hairs that reached below my hip with a lot of volumes. My height was 5'10" and I had curves in all the right places.

I won't call myself extremely skinny or fatty, I was in between I guess. My eyes were an amber-brown color that would look like hazel in sunlight or bright light.

To be honest, I was soo used to getting those sympathy gazes that I for

got, I once had that life where I was a party girl and a girl that most of the guys in my high school wanted to have.

"You got some pursuers, Vic." The girl, I guess named Kayla said while bumping into my shoulder playfully.

"I don't understand, I am walking with the hottest girls I presume then why am I the only one who is being commented on?" I asked genuinely confused. 

I was an average girl in my eyes, and compared to these hot girls walking beside me, I must be looking like a beggar walking with celebrities.

Why were those guys not even looking at these girls? Do they suffer from myopia or hypermetropia?

"Hahaha…that's because these girls are already taken," Matt said as if annoyed by the fact that he didn't have a girlfriend yet.

"Yup! And you are kind of fresh meat in the town, right now." Chris said, earning a glare from Daniel.

I chuckled awkwardly at this comment. This was the same line I had used to describe myself in front of Marla.

I entered the class with Daniel, Kayla, Aiden, and Sean because we had the same lectures.

Before I could even place my book on the table, a guy randomly came to my side and asked me.

"Hey, babe! You look hot! What do you think about coming to my party tonight at the beach? We'll be having a lot of fun with everything you could ever imagine. And we too can have some fun, if you want." He said suggestively.

I looked in his eyes and could read nasty thoughts about me, that made me feel squeamish.

I wanted to cringe and roll my eyes at this. Like really? Can you get any more straight to the point?

I saw Daniel standing from his seat and coming towards us with an angry expression maybe to help me out of the situation. 

Looking back at the guy, I answered him politely.

"Sorry, mister. You are handsome as well, but I only want to use my reproductive organs with the one I want to reproduce. And you surely are not that person." I said, clicking my tongue to show my dissatisfaction.

Everyone around me paused and started looking at me as if I had grown two heads. Suddenly the chit-chat of the room stopped and there was a pin drop silence, until, Sean started laughing.

He was laughing soo hard that he would've fallen out of his chair if not for Aiden using his hand to hold him still.

Everyone in the room started laughing at my remark.

I don't understand what was soo funny about it, I mean, I just politely declined the guy. I even took the pain to call him handsome.

Rolling my eyes at his retreating angry figure, I opened my textbook and focused on the text written on it, while keeping my mind barrier up, so that I won't be hearing anyone's thoughts around me.

The rest of the 3 lectures went uneventful with only professors giving me weird gazes because they don't expect many people to shift in this town.

I don't understand it. 

Well, this town is covered with forests from all sides and wasn't the safest place to live with all those rumored wolves and wild animals, but that doesn't mean it wasn't beautiful.

I found it extremely beautiful, calming, and tranquil when I came to university today.

Currently, I was sitting in the canteen with the soo called group I was added to without asking my permission, though I never minded that and I kind of liked them already. 

They were like a fresh gust of breeze for me right now. And the most important fact was, that, they weren't too judgemental or prying.

Right now, I was busy sipping my chocolate milkshake while Sean and Aiden were busy recreating the scene of me rejecting that boy earlier.

I still couldn't find what was soo wrong with the way I rejected him. I know I was too straight forward but I don't think it was rude or anything.

"Hahahha…. that's soo funny, I wish I was there to watch the scene unfold with my own eyes. These skunks had been too proud about themselves hitting soo many girls. It's good to see someone rejecting them." Chris laughed.

"You are one hell of a sassy girl, I must say that," Kayla said laughing along with him.

"True. From her face, can anyone judge that she would come up with a comeback like that? More like softly saying no with a sorry. But you amazed us." Angela said winking at me.

"Okay stop it guys. Look at her face, she is getting all red by soo much attention. Let's change the topic now." Daniel said.

And I smiled at him thankfully for that.

The rest of the day went in a blur for me.

Going back home, I decided to take the path of the woods. I don't know why I felt like, something was calling me and me being the dumb ass followed my heart even though my mind knew that this wasn't safe.

Yes, I was probably acting like the heroine of those chick-lit movies where she knows there is danger out there but still goes in the woods because she is probably dumb as fuck.

Telling myself that it was the shortest one with only 3-4 km distance, I started walking along with the tall trees with my headphones plugged in. I set the volume to the minimum so that I can also hear any other sound near me.

It was not dark yet because it was only 4 pm, and thus, I had plenty of time to wander around. So I decided to take a look at the lake that Marla had once told me about.

Reaching the lake I inhaled deeply in the fresh scent of the water, wet soil, and different flowers.

It was beautiful scenery.

After standing for 10 good minutes, I decided to go back home when I felt a shiver run down my spine because of the cold wind of the evening.

Sighing loudly I started walking in the direction of my home, promising myself to come back.

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